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Majestic , who played at Terrastock 1! After playing together for a year, Aaron and Adrienne asked Dick formerly in the post-rock band Perth Amboy , and Daron of the avant-rock band Forty Nine Hudson to join what at that time was just a home recording project. Dick started played bass, even though he was a guitar player and Daron played drums, although he was a bassist. Dick Baldwin — Guitar, Bass. Daron Gardner — Drums, Bass.

Also runs the Music Fellowship label, which released several Landing recordings. Aaron Snow — Guitar, Vocals; Synths. Baldwin, Gardner and Snow are also in Surface of Eceyon. Adrienne Snow — Synths, Vocals. Snow also have a side-project called Paper. Larkin Grimm, based in Providence Rhode Island, was born in a Memphis, TN commune and grew up in Dahlonega, Georgia in the foothills of the Appalachians with a family of singers and fiddlers.

Larkin's intense, ecstatic voice with swirling multi-tracked patterns recalls the richness of Illuminations-period Buffy Sainte-Marie and the sparkle of Linda Perhacs. Her instrumentation includes dulcimer, pennywhistle, bells, drums and guitar. Larkin was previously a member of the Dirty Projectors Western Vinyl where she astounded audiences with her mesmerising voice.

Larkin Grimm - voice, guitar, dulcimer. Annelise Grimm - voice. Antonia Dixon - voice. Sophia Dixon - voice. Lara Polangco - autoharp, voice. The Selected EP is a stylistic mix of the best of the '90s. Some tracks on the disc were staples of early Lilys sets, but never made it onto record. Here, they appear in full glory. Unusual, but very appealing. From: Pennsylvania USA. Kurt Heasley — Guitar, Vocals.

Over the course of their 14 year non career, this five -to-seven member quartet of post-graduate miscreants named after a world-famous chemist has waved the flag of wasted higher than just about anyone else. Words: Kevin Moist. Building off the solid foundation of straightforward, no-nonsense jazz drumming, Miller and Doherty attack their guitars with something close to inspired malice.

Both men strangle inspired and surprising sounds and textures from the necks of their guitars, producing an astounding experience that is both out-jazz like and deeply psychedelic. Is also in Borbetomagus originally known as Industrial Strength , and runs the Warpodisc label. Not content with the humdrum club scene in Boston, lockgroove teamed up with local musicians and video artists for a series of eclectic "happenings" dubbed "Deep Heaven.

Landing between the ecstatic droning of Spaceman 3 and the powerful simplicity of the Velvet Underground , Lockgroove creates dramatic soundscapes that range from gale-force neo-psychedelia to subtle one-note minimalism. Mixing track layers of sound with basementtrack recordings, lockgroove create soundscapes that defy origin and leave their destination up the the listener's ear. Whether they're exploding into simultaneous sonic cacophony, changing directions on a dime, or crashing a towering wall of sound down to a whisper, the band possesses a music-telepathy that borders on the supernatural.

Adam Brilla — Guitar. Daniel Finn — Keyboards. Dave Goodman — Bass. Martin Rex — Drums. Ryan Rex — Guitar, Vocals. Marty and Ryan are identical twins! Boston folksinger Mary Lou Lord has been i n and out of the spotlight throughout the last decade.

Coming off a publicity hiatus due to the birth of her daughter two years ago, Mary Lou got back to performance basics, spending the time busking in the street after her major label release "Got No Shadow". Mary Lou is now ready to emerge. She has recently provided the music for a Target commercial.

The first artist signed to the Sony subsidiary, Work. Lenin back in the days when a new art for the masses required new instruments, The Lothars conspire to create a monstrous edifice of noise. Scott Miller, veteran California popster and patriarch of the Loud Family, counts Jacques Derrida among his favorite writers, but he also loves all six albums by the original Monkees.

That isn't as much of a contradiction as it might seem -- like much postmodern lit, the Monkees' big-screen movie Head is mostly about its own process -- and it goes a long way toward explaining Miller's songs, which embrace the pop craftsmanship of the psychedelic 60s even as they aggravate its artifice. But like former dB's guitarist Chris Stamey, Miller has grown progressively more interested in subverting the sound with experimental electronics, avant-garde flourishes, and just plain weirdness.

Attractive Nuisance Alias is the fifth album by the Loud Family, and its moderately catchy tunes are cut with all manner of strange noises: eerie horn samples fade in and out of "Soul D. Loud Family photo by Robert Toren. The Lucky Bishops are a 4 piece band from the West of England. A combination of skillful songwriting, superb 4 part harmonies, inventive arrangements and outstanding instrumental work insured that they wouldn't remain unsigned for long.

They were so impressive that Nick and his partner Adrian Shaw signed them to Woronzow immediately. Styczynski and Nacher use a plethora of ethnic instruments from Asia and Europe. Performing as a duo, Nacher and Styczynski occasionally enhance the sonic spectrum of their music with a didgeridoo, bass guitar, tabla or electric guitar.

The Magic Carpathians Project is known for skillful improvisation built around the patterns of traditional music of Central and Eastern Europe. Also in B. All four also performed as Children of The Rainbow at T4. Combining an interest in mid's folk rock, free jazz and Hendrix-oid guitar riffage, the Major Stars create tuneful compositions that rapidly lift into the stratosphere on the waves of guitar amperage supplied by Wayne Rogers and Kate Sunshine.

Wayne and Kate have been purveyors of obscure musics for over a decade, first off in the bands Crystalized Movements and Magic Hour, then as operators of the Twisted Village label and store. Bassist Tom Leonard has been at one time or another a member of every non-Magic Twisted Village ensemble, and Dave laid down the big beat in Vermonster. Major Stars aim to take higher-key improvisational wizardry and clobber you on the head with it while simultaneously caressing your mind.

Also solo; B. They unexpectedly lay low for the next eighteen months, losing long-time drummer Dave Lynch along the way and ending up with an empty bass spot when Tom Leonard joins Kate Village and Wayne Rogers in the guitar frontline. Casey Keenan drummer turned guitarist of local pop heroes Carlisle Sound is roped into resuming his place behind the drumkit.

Dave Dougan , already a veteran of the band as bass understudy he was the unfamiliar figure on stage at their Terrastock '02 performance , returns to claim the position permanently. The new sextet is completed by the arrival of lead singer Sandra Barrett , formerly of local art-punk legends LA Drugs. Barbara Manning is considered one of the leaders of the independent rock scene.

During her multi-album career, beginning in Northern California with the highly acclaimed neo-psychedelic group 28th Day; San Francisco's semi-legendary edgy pop band, World of Pooh; Matador recording artist, SF Seals; her numerous solo albums, and now with the power trio, The Go-Luckys! Also performs with The Go-Luckys, brothers:. After 31 albums and more than a quarter century in the public eye as a folksinger, Country Joe McDonald qualifies as one of the best known names from the '60's rock still performing.

But McDonald also remains a thriving, working musician who travels the world and continues to sell records. Within months the nascent folk group had exchanged their acoustic instruments for electric, plugged in and were playing the burgeoning San Francisco psychedelic ballroom scene at the Avalon and Fillmore. With the release of "Electric Music for Mind and Body", the band's Vanguard Records debut, Country Joe and the Fish joined the front ranks of the international psychedelic rock movement.

In August , on the spur of the moment, the infamous "Fish Cheer" was invented to introduce the song at a performance in Central Park's Wolman Rink. The following year, McDonald led an audience approaching a half-million at the Woodstock Arts and Music Festical in the cheer. Hailed by the late Raygun magazine as "one of indie rock's sadly overlooked groups" and praised by now-defunct Option magazine as a band that "scratch es an itch that Television and the Stones only tickle," MEDICINE BALL have been perfecting their unique brand of guitar rock for the better part of ten years.

Fresh Ape marks their 4th full-length album. At times punk, at times psychedelic and at times both and neither, Medicine Ball exists to flesh out the 3 distinct songwriting styles of Don Sanders, Mark Stone and Evan Williams. An almost total lack of indigenous record labels and limited homespun press makes Providence, Rhode Island a tough place for a band to get noticed, yet over the course of 3 full-length albums, 2 film scores, compilation tracks, singles, and hundreds of live shows, Medicine Ball has captured the attention of critics both in the states and across the pond.

Even when not playing or recording, Medicine Ball remain dedicated to bringing psychedelia to the masses; the band was instrumental in organizing the first Terrastock, a music festival celebrating the music championed by the long-running magazine The Ptolemaic Terrascope. Mark Stone was instrumental in laying the foundation stones of Terrastock 1. The Minus 5 is a loose aggregation rather lazily led by Scott McCaughey pronounced McCoy , in between trips to Spain with his long-time rock combo The Young Fresh Fellows and his joyous recent duties as a support musician with R.

Live appearances are sporadic and unpredictable o. Martin, McCaughey and Stringfellow have also played in R. With their newest record, Electric Children , they pick up they left off in the early '90s, sounding like a late '60s Rolling Stones- and New York Dolls-worshipping garage band whose members are still reveling in the paisley and diamond wonders of LSD.

Hard blues riffs percolate in the firewater of the Monkeywrench's overall psych-punk fury as Arm does his best vocal impersonation of a deranged street corner priest. Reportedly Steve Turner's inspiration for the title track, "Electric Children," came in a message and melody from God; however that track does not appear on the album because Turner was too terrified to write the music.

The hard and dirty "Solar Revelations" and the eight-and-a-half minute psychedelic opus "In the Days of the Five" do appear, however, and you can listen to both right here to discover how out there the Monkeywrench's crusty feedback-blues really is. Epp and the Calculations.

Also runs the Super Electro Records label. There are other more popular bands that Mono could be compared to, but the young quartet has already shed any vestiges of idol worship and struck out on a singular path of distorted melodic transcendence, and in the process established itself as one of the finest ambient psych noise bands on the planet.

Call them shoegaze, epic noise psych, post-rock—what have you. We prefer the term thrashgaze for sensitive souls. Words: Lee Jackson. Experimental guitarist Roy Montgomery was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, forming his first band, the teen garage combo the Psychedeliks, in After serving out the remainder of the decade in similarly obscure outfits including Compulsory Fun and Murder Strikes Pink, in late he co-founded the seminal Kiwi post-punk trio the Pin Group; their debut single "Ambivalence" was also the first record ever issued on the now-legendary indie label Flying Nun, its echoing, darkly melodic guitar sound foreshadowing the evocative sonic approach Montgomery would continue to pursue for the remainder of his career.

However, he then spent the next five years largely removed from music, instead balancing his studies of Russian language and literature with his interests in cinema and avant-garde theater. Montgomery returned to performing in after a chance meeting with fellow Pin Group alum Peter Stapleton led to an invitation to join the fledgling noise-pop band Dadamah. After a handful of releases the group splintered in , with Montgomery resurfacing the following year with his first solo effort, Scenes from the South Island ; with fellow guitarist Chris Heaphy, he also formed the duo Dissolve, issuing their LP That That Is Is Not that same year.

Montgomery then spent the next year and a half travelling through the U. They came up with their band name while watching a Russ Meyer triple-feature in London. Demon Box contains everything from brutal pop to long, gliding progressive themes and industrial terror visions. It was voted best album by the norwegian press and was later nominated for a Grammy. Motorpsycho toured extensively across Germany, Benelux and Italy, gaining fans wherever they went.

You can set your clock by these guys: every year they release an album or in the case of Trust Us, a double-album , countless singles, tracks for compilations, even entire country-n-western-soundtracks! And their perhaps strangest release to date was their split-single with old-school-rocker Alice Cooper on Musical Tragedies Records.

The same thing happened in with the release of their latest album Phanerothyme: from 0 to 1 in Norway, and another german chart entry, this time three spots higher than the year before. The US is also finally starting to pay attention to Motorpsycho, as proved during their short east coast tour in October of Motorpsycho at Terrastock 5 - photo Jeanette Gustavus. The Mountain Goats are a one-man band, masterminded by indie mainstay John Darnielle. The first is that Darnielle will be playing his guitar and singing the songs.

The second is that the band will record on a ghetto blaster purchased at a department store. Has recorded with Alastair Galbraith. Nirvana may have been the band that put an entire generation in flannel, and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden both sold a lot more records, but Mudhoney was truly the band who made the '90s grunge rock movement possible.

Though Mudhoney never scored the big payday some of their old-running buddies did, their importance on the Seattle scene cannot be underestimated, and their body of work -- big, loud, purposefully sloppy, a little bit menacing, and even more funny -- has stood the test of time better than their well-known colleagues. Epp and the Calculations; also solo. Runs the Super Electro Records label.

Band has also performed live as Beneath the Valley of the Underdog, named after the song of the same name on the album 'Tomorrow Hit Today'. Text found in: the Terrastock 6 festival program. Matt Valentine - guitar, vocals. Matt Valentine was previously a member of Tower Recordings. Erika Elder - guitar, vocals. Zuma the Dog - teeth, fur. Nemo Bidstrup - guitar, tambura T6. Nemo also runs Time-Lag, one of the most consistently spectacular labels on the planet.

From the packaging down to the music, there are few better. Nemo also has an excellent solo project, Drona Parva. Sleeve design by Erika Elder. Not that My Drug Hell don't deserve some coverage of their own. The surface of their poppy psychedelia is pocked with reminders of the Doors and the Beatles.

And lead singer Tim Briffa croons with a tantalizing wail, a tone his slinky guitar work opposes at all costs. The end result is 40 minutes of fresh, powerful pop. But overall the album teems with frantic mood swings. Fortunately, nothing on this album takes that advice. Marissa Nadler grew up in Boston, and lived in Providence, RI for a five years while going to painting school. There, she started recording records, with three or four unreleased full-lengths to date. With the support of a couple of special friends, she was convinced to try to put some music out.

She did, and lately has been travelling and touring. From her earliest incarnations, her music has always been unique and gorgeous, skilfully and simply hinting at the songs of the sea, the haunting chansons of maidens, the cowboy ditties of ranchers, and the funerary processions of mourners.

Marissa was also scheduled to perform at T7, but was pulled out at the last minute in order to finish recording an album. The Elephant 6 collective was formed there by a group of childhood friends who shared a love for music that no one else in Ruston seemed to know much less care about.

It possesses an intimacy, and a sense of purpose, that only comes from shared experience. The result is a very personal, and not always pretty, stream-of-consciousness account of what was gained from the experience. Above-named also performed a supporting role to The Supreme Dicks [T1].

Dwinnel has branched out on his own, and returns now with an acoustic juxtapositioning of Fahey-esque drone-psalms and Drake-like finger-picked emotional odysseys. Dwinell, under the moniker of Nonloc, will be debuting this material on The Plague Tour. Bright has released numerous records on such labels as Ba Da Bing! Mark Dwinell — Guitar, Vocals. Olivia Tremor Control was much anticipated! The stage was absolutely cluttered with gadgets and instruments, resembling a musical curiosity shop.

A very appropriate image. For those not familiar with this outfit, they have an absolutely uncanny grasp of pop and psychedelia, sounding often like outtakes from "the White Album" or "Good Vibrations" era Beach boys every reviewer says this but never sounding either retro or imitative. The harmonies, the intelligence, the theremins! There was so much coming and going of guest musicians from the E6 empire, and so much switching of instruments that I cannot hope to give you any account of movements.

Plain and simple, these people are geniuses, and from an incredible pool of talent, unmatched anywhere. To me, they represent one of the finest bands in the world, of all time. Stretching out in the comfort of playing to the converted, they did less pop and more experimentation for this appearance than you may see at a normal gig. A long extended freakout, a natural bookend to "Revolution 9" or something, brought the show to a crescendo. One wag leaned into my ear and said "they musta figured this was a good chance to get high!

Joe Ross, of the Green Pajamas - himself a master of pop-psyche, said "man, that's the closest to "I am the Walrus" you are ever going to see! In the ten plus years since its inception, Brooklyn based Oneida has built a solid reputation for propulsive post punk psychedelia. Combining the raw intensity of New York City no wave and art punk with the minimal space of prime Krautrock especially early Can , proto-punkers Rocket From the Tombs and other more progressive bands, Oneida is responsible for one of the most satisfying catalogs in underground rock today.

Glam rock stompers, proto punk garage assaults, sophisticated prog folk workouts and more are all present and accounted for across the span of their eight albums, most of which are available on respected indie, Jagjaguwar. Oneida is guaranteed to deliver one of the most high energy punk psych sets of the festival. ONeil often plays many of the instruments herself and has a variety of supporting players rather than a consistent line-up. Her music often works so successfully because of her great voice, strong and soothing, warm from the experience of life, deftly portrayed in her lyrical content.

The guitar playing is delicate but pointed, harmoniously layering several guitar tracks on many of her songs. There is most certainly further exploration of different instruments and sounds, but the voice and guitar playing is often what sets the mood so brilliantly. She has a defined style and her records reflect this consistency. Her paintings grace each of her solo albums. Orans is a band whose origins began some years ago when Julie guitar and Ramona drums met at a Moving Targets show in Boston and decided to start a project tentatively called Kicking And Screaming.

Tentative was as far as the project ever got however, as the rigors of finding a suitable bass player and overcoming stage fright caused them both to seek more established and populated bands. Reunited for a four year stint with the band Twig, they now find themselves back at the beginning, still without a bass player but lacking the paralyzing self consciousness of youth. They are accompanied in this venture by Jerry Kyn, borrowed from the band Toe Tag, who furnishes sonic guitar sounds.

Add to that the type of dexterity on the guitar that is only granted to a gifted few and you have the recipe for success. He recalls how local musicians with their inherent feel for rhythm would play anything that came to hand; hollowed sticks, old pots and oil drums. Even if they couldn't blow or twang it they would hit it, "If they had a guitar it would invariably have the wrong strings on it" says Pat, "and would be tuned any which way but normal".

Ten years later this complete disregard for the conventions of guitar playing and natural percussive feel would emerge in Pat's almost unique style of guitar playing. His music has now developed to a degree that it crosses traditional borders of singer songwriter, acoustic and electric rock. His imaginative use of echo pedals and altered guitar tunings produce a huge and exiting sound from his acoustic guitar; some audiences mistaken in the belief that he is using backing tapes or guitar synths.

In Pat's words, "I think songs should reflect the nature of the emotions they are attempting to express. If the songs are dreamy or melancholy, then I use long echoes to help the picture - if they are social or angry in statement, I'll use the guitar face board as a percussion instrument. I've never been interested in fad or fashion, writing in one particular style is uninspired and lazy! Also runs his own label, Sad Tiger records. Ryan Pritts — Drums. Robert Smith — Guitar. Graphic found in: the Terrastock Five festival programme.

Mere kids at the time, the band's three members - guitarist Tony Goddess, drummer Shivika Asthana and bassist Keith Gendel - have watched each other grow into adults over the intermittent 7 years. During that time they've also released two stellar pop albums, made videos and television appearances, recorded a slew of singles and compilation tracks, toured with the likes of Blur, The Cardigans and The Flaming Lips.

Unforgettable experiences, all. But it is this passing of youth in the face of an inherently youthful artform that most informs their current perspective and latest album, Building and Grounds. PARLOUR What began in the mids as the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Tim Furnish has in recent years morphed into a seven-headed sonic beast that drifts off in all directions. We find Krautrock-inspired grooves, delicate guitar work, jazzy pulses and slow beats tucked in under a comforting blanket of warm drones.

Parlour is melodic, emotive, and deliciously epic in the best ways. I'll embarrassingly admit that I was a little late to pick up on Pelt. When Jack, Mike and Patrick came out with their homemade hurdy-gurdy, prayer bowls, and other toys in tow and then lit two sticks of incense on stage, I was completely unprepared for what I was about to experience.

The boys picked up their instruments and proceeded to launch into a ish minute freeform drone session. They abruptly ceased the noise at the exact moment that the incense sticks were extinguished. I picked my jaw up off the floor, changed forever, and tried to prepare myself for Sonic Youth.

I failed. My fascination with the band grew, and I would religiously flock to each and every one of their shows whenever they came to my area. Their festival-ending performance at Transmissions , including the powerful and legendary to anyone who saw it closing chant of "John in Africa," still brings me shivers when I think about it. Best, Gangloff and Rose also in Keyhole.

A stunning performance by Debbie Saloman, the [then]15 year old daughter of Nick, performing under the name Petrocat. Debbie has a very powerful voice and she sings like a mature woman with great passion and drive. So watch out for Debbie Saloman and her Petrocat, she has a great future ahead of her. An album is in the pipeline, and if you want to catch the spirit you should get a copy of the Woronzow sampler Like it?

It's Yours. It has a great Petrocat song on it written by her dad. Pat's lyrics draw on narrative force, spinning mythology in abstract patterns that stretch moments of clarity between dreamlike sequences. His music, composed away from the bustle of the city in upstate New York, breathes as solemn spirituals.

With 'The Well of Memory', P. Pat Gubler - vocals, guitar, wurlitzer. Bob Bannister - guitar. Bob Bannister also records as a solo artist. Robert Dennis - drums. Stephen Connolly - bass. Stephen is also in Pothole Skinny. Debby Schwartz - vocals; also projectionist. It was well worth the wait as Pictures of a Changing World Galaxia shows that the band is very adept at crafting emotional instrumental soundscapes and dynamic epics steeped in hope and longing.

It's somewhere in these nether regions that their sludgy take on violent acid punk and mondo heavy scuzz rock can be found. Add to the hard rocking a tinge of cosmic pop and rhythmic psych-folk thrown in for good measure, and you have yourself a band that unquestionably will disturb your neighbors but at the same time is capable of kicking some serious ass. The hand-drawn artwork by bandleader Mr. In both cases it goes without saying that you owe it to yourself to check them out. F rom the Terrastock 7 festival program.

Oneida and Plastic Crimewave Sound released a split single on Jagjaguwar in We played gigs twice. They recorded a single for Origin Music, "This old lady", which John Peel heard and liked but, by the time he tried to book them for a session, they'd been forced to return home to Osaka as their visas had expired.

Undeterred, Peel managed to track them down in Osaka where they recorded the session which was broadcast in July It's a sound that's most definitely not of this world; rather, it comes from some other very cool place whose name no-one knows.

I suggest you buy this as soon as you can lay your hands on a copy" The Satellite fanzine. A relatively spare quartet of these folks recorded the Undermind's all-instrumental expansive fourth album "Beings of Game P-U" for Camera Obscura in summer A mysterious band, whose fragile psychedelic folk tapestries enchanted a host of admirers in the late 60s and early 70s.

Such classic albums as 'One Nation Underground' and 'Balaklava' were never far from any self-respecting freak's turntable. Tom also went on to record a selection of lovely solo albums after the demise of 'The Swine'. However, as the 70s progressed, people, perception and the scene changed, and Tom decided to withdraw from the music world.

More or less turning his back on music, he put himself through law school and became a civil rights lawyer, and actually put into practise that which he and so many of his contemporaries had preached in the 60s. Sometimes you get an opportunity to do something you've only dreamt of. On the rare occasions that this happens, you have to move quickly or the chance may be gone, never to re-appear.

His performance there his first for over 20 years was, for many including us, the highlight of those magical three days. Our paths crossed again at Christmas 97, when Ade and I did an acoustic show in Tom's hometown of Philadelphia.

He and his wife Lynn insisted that we stayed with them, and we were bowled over by their kindness and generosity. A few months later, while the band was on tour, the Rapps once again looked after us. This time for several days. While we were staying with them, Tom played us a batch of new songs. We were blown away by their beauty and lyricism.

Since Ade and I were planning to give our Woronzow label a much needed boot up the arse, it seemed too good to be true that it coincided with Tom's rekindled songwriting efforts. We asked Tom if he'd consider letting us put out an album of his new stuff, and to our utter delight, he agreed.

Tom Rapp is a veteran of the 60's psychedelic folk outfit Pearls Before Swine, and much loved by PT regulars and many of the bands of the [Terrastock 2] festival. Not being familiar with his earlier work, I have no reference point here. I can tell you he was the absolute heart and soul of the festival however, his gentle and relaxed bonhomie defining the general mood. He was joined on stage by his son, ex-wife, Paul Simmons of the Alchemysts , one of the Stone Breath fellows [Prydwyn, on harp], Phil McMullen the festival organizer and all-around nice guy and Masaki Batoh who both clinked wine glasses in absence of finger cymbals!

Gentle folk-psyche. Masaki Batoh - Finger Cymbals. Olivardil Prydwyn - flute, harp, recorder, vocals [T2, T5]. The Bevis Frond. Alastair Galbraith - Guitar [T2]. Sure, you can hear their influence in his choices of instrument and material; and like them, he plays steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and blends American blues and folk styles with Eastern and Western elements.

But Rose, unlike the rest, came to finger picking fairly late in his personal musical evolution. He grew up listening to classic rock and graduated to punk without ever cutting ties with his old school. Jack Rose was formerly a member of Pelt , who played at T2. Doug Morman joined on bass in early The recorded and played gigs as a drummer-less trio until Bryce Kastning joined on drums and keyboards in early With this lineup they honed their twin obsessions with longform psychedelic improvisation and moody song-craft, slowly building the archive that would reveal itself in their first two CDs on the Australian Camera Obscura Records label.

Erik previously performed at Terrastock 4 with Stone Breath. Thousands of different experiments have gradually helped people to understand the world of chemistry. Chemicals can change in many different ways. Compunds can be split into elements, and elements can join to make compounds. Two compounds may change by swapping elements with each other to make different compounds. When chemicals change like this, a reaction is said to have taken place. This Science Kit will help you to understand the world of chemicals, of compounds and reactions.

Formerly ran the Magic Eye label; now runs Secret Eye label, both of which have released Tom Rapp tribute albums featuring several Terrastock performers. Literate lyrics are delivered with soft god-sent vocals over beds of intricate guitar plucking that is melodic, yet complex. In , Simeon re-activated Silver Apples, recording and performing with many musician friends and admirers.

Performed with Alchemysts [T2,3]. Also owns the Whirlybird label named after the b-side of the first Apples' single. Besides that Simply Saucer is simply the master of the extended raveup in the classic Brit Invasion style.

When these lads stretch out and open up the throttle, buckle up tight. Things are sure to get bumpy. Despite a variety of lineup changes and little to no recognition beyond critical acclaim outside their home town, Simply Saucer was active throughout the 70s before calling it a day. Luckily for us, all of the founding members -- Edgar Breau on lead guitar and vocals, Kevin Christoff on bass, Neil DeMerchant on drums, and Ping Romany on electronics -- have reconvened in recent times and released an excellent new album for the Sonic Unyon label and started playing live shows again.

Edgar Breau - lead guitar and vocals. Ping Romany - electronics. From: California USA. Utrillo Kushner — Hand drums [ T4 ]. Tara Burke — Vocals [ T5 ]. Joshua Burkett — Acoustic guitar, Vocals [ T5 ]. Josh also had a trade stand at T7. Gery Davis — Bowed guitar, Percussion [ T4 ]. Steve Quenell — Prepared guitar [ T4 ]. Russ Waterhouse — Electric guitar [ T4 ].

Greg Weeks is now in Espers. He also performed a solo set at Terrastock 5. Floating serenely through the ether, Kendra Smith has inhabited many hues of psychedelia, from the primary paisley feedback scrawl of the Dream Syndicate which the onetime bassist co-founded with Steve Wynn in to the swirly translucence of Opal a group with ex-Rain Parade guitarist David Roback that transmuted into Mazzy Star upon her departure , the stonewashed pale Velvet folk-rock of the informal Guild of Temporal Adventurers to the shiny, thickly applied pop art surfaces of her solo album.

Although the Californian has, on more than one occasion, followed the logic of drop-out music to its ultimate conclusion and withdrawn completely, she keeps coming back, a beguiling semi-precious stone in the not-quite-here and the not-quite-now. Gomez and the moniker borrowed from a Western film character lasted for one 7-inch single, after which the remaining three recorded two new songs to flesh out the lovely and understated Fell From the Sun — on which Smith's vocals meld handsomely with the subtle mood music, a pleasant drone of translucent elegance that resembles the Velvet Underground at their most restrained — and then renamed themselves Opal.

Clinging to neo-psychedelia even as many of their Los Angeles scene compatriots moved on to other fads, Opal recorded a inch, one full album and enough leftovers to fill the posthumous Early Recordings. Northern Line offers the gorgeous acoustic folk-blues of the title track and "Empty Bottles" backed with "Soul Giver" also on Happy Nightmare Baby , which is eight-plus minutes of spacey organ and feedback guitar. Happy Nightmare Baby has its share of nostalgic organ-colored drone contemplations, but adds an unexpected and amusing item to the repertoire: a stripped-down T.

Rex imitation "Rocket Machine" that drifts towards Television. Criticisms: Smith's laconic singing can become arduous, some of the instrumental work is self-indulgent nonsense and the pace is too slow. Qualities: the songs are there, the ambience is affecting and the performances offer enough texture and dynamics to make Opal's debut album ultimately satisfying.

Smith exited the group in the middle of the Happy Nightmare tour, which prompted the posthumous Early Recordings. Draining away much of Happy Nightmare's pseudo-mystical fiddle-faddle, Early Recordings concentrates on Opal's acoustic side; the spare production adds a chilling closeness to Smith's vocals, and Roback's guitar noodlings feel loose and uncontrived. By '91, Smith seemed to have made her back-to-rustic-life hippie move permanent and was through with even gentle rocking and rolling.

The Guild of Temporal Adventurers put paid to that assumption. Recorded as a trio of Smith, Jonah Corey and A. To get to Smith from the sound of Nico, hold the accent and raise the room temperature about fifteen degrees in tone and passion. Also a member of The Guild of Temporal Adventurers. Azalia has traveled the world over, turning the provinces on to her fascinating sui generis soundscapes.

Audience members could come and check out the list and see their favourite bands twice - or just enjoy the total non-organisation of it all. Azalia won the L. Originally fueled by the ripping guitar of Glenn Branca alumns Ranaldo and Moore, Sonic Youth grew into - and maintain their stature as - a rock 'n' roll aural-experimentation unit beyond compare. Sometimes melodic, sometimes atonal, but rarely boring, the band have covered a lot of ground in its nearly year history.

From the early scene-splashing Confusion is Sex to the more polished EVOL , the band's early evolution is apparent. Subsequent albums and tours have served to bolster the band's popularity, even when not establishing any new plateaus of creativity. More recently, offshoot releases like 's Perspectives Musicales series have shown evidence of a continuing interest in experimentation. A perpetually active band, Sonic Youth will surely entertain and challenge for years to come.

Kim Gordon — Bass, Vocals. Kim has directed several videos by The Breeders. She's also modelled in several Calvin Klein advertisements, and. Thurston Moore — Guitar, Vocals. Kim and Thurston became Mr. Lee Ranaldo — Guitar. A respected producer as well, Lee co-produced several Babes in Toyland albums. Steve Shelley — Drums. Band started their own SYR imprint to release some of their more avant garde sonic experiments; six releases have emerged as of The Spaceheads personnel were also in a group circa called "The Honkies".

I sought out a person I trusted and he laughed and told me that the kool-aid had been spiked and that I was just beginning my first TSM experience Their music owes as much to the acid haze of the San Francisco ballrooms in the late 60's, as it does to the unknown areas of space, heart and time.

Brannstrom, Johansson and Oja all ex-Vilhelm Fort. Niklas Viklund — Guitar [ T5 ]. Band also joined Tom Rapp [T3 and T6]. Have also recorded as Sons of the Space Tribe. Steeped in primal experimentalism, the music is a repellant and magnetising swarm of harps, guitars, cello, drums, harmonium, banjo, mbira, spike fiddle, bells and vocals.

Their eclectic, outsider folk has drawn comparisons to Comus, Current 93 and The Raincoats. I tell ya, THIS is a guaranteed psychedelic rock masterpiece, full of lysergic pop songs that float straight thru your head …and on … to the stars!! Joel Crutcher — Guitar. Mark Stone — Guitar. Not the same Mark Stone from Medicine Ball. Scott Telles — Bass, Vocals. Scott released several cassette-only solo works under the name Ignatious Telles IT.

Band played with psych legends, Silver Apples at a local gig in and with Bardo Pond in Philadelphia in And if you were ever in the Paisley scene no need to 'fess in public , such a slice will serve you well" written by Byron Coley in Wire magazine. Saint Joan are inspired by stream-of-consciousness prose, like James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, by the "darkness on the edge of town", flawed beauty and black comedy.

A few musicians have come and gone much like the English summer but we have settled as we are and call on the odd flautist, cellist, vibraphonist? The drum-kit used on stage 2 at Terrastock 6 by St Joan pictured left originally belonged to V.

Played with Tom Rapp [T2,3]. Timothy Renner has designed 4 of the 5 Terrastock T-shirts to date. Subarachnoid Space was formed in the winter of as a casual, improvisational trio aimed at creating free-form psychedelic noise-drone. Since then, it has grown and changed as these things do. Today, the band has become a foursome, whose playing has developed collectively into a group who continue to improvise within loose structures, taking inspiration from groups like Fushitsusha, Sonic Youth, Shizuka and others who share some similar feelings and aesthetics.

Endless Renovation 's tracks are mood pieces, instrumental sojourns that explore both density and delicacy via slowly-building structures of beauty and dissonance. Endless Renovation also marks the debut of the band's current lineup, with the founding guitar duo of Mason Jones and Melynda Jackson being joined by new drummer Chris Van Huffel also of Gay Barbarians and bassist Andey Stephens.

This lineup has been playing together since late , and were grateful participants at the Terrastock II festival in San Francisco on April , , which featured nearly 40 of today's best drone-psych acts SubArachnoid Space live photo by David J. The Sunshine Fix is the recording project of Bill Doss. He began using this moniker back when he was still in high school, long before forming The Olivia Tremor Control.

The band is currently working on their second record tentatively titled Green Imagination. Bill Doss — Guitar, Vocals. See Olivia Tremor Control for related Doss projects. Bill was to have played T7 with Thee American Revolution, but unfortunately had to pull out due to back surgery.

Following The Unexamined Life, their stunning and much acclaimed debut album on Homestead Records, Freek Records release the long-awaited 'Workingmans Dick', the Supreme Dicks' archival recordings - a shimmering reminder of what the Supreme Dicks once were, and could perhaps still be The band were augmented on stage at T1 by members of Neutral Milk Hotel. Dick Baldwin : guitar, heavy trips and blosser. Adam Forkner : guitar, treatments and voice. Daron Gardner : bass guitar, distortion and loops.

Phil Jenkins : drums and percussion. Aaron Snow : guitar, synthesizer, signal processing units and voice. Baldwin, Gardner and Snow are also in Landing. The album was recorded and mixed in two days at Kramer's Noise New Jersey studio.

The group performed at the first Terrastock festival in April and their aggressively psychedelic set won them many new fans and led to a West Coast Tour in November of with fellow Terrastock veterans, Cul de Sac. The Tadpoles' fourth and last studio album, Whirlaway, was released in to critical rave reviews on Australia's Camera Obscura Records. In May of , Todd Parker announced that the group was disbanding and going on a hiatus of indefinite length.

Subsequently released a live album, "Tadpoles Destroy Terrastock! Tanakh is the name for music written and improvised by a collective of musicians; music that is focused towards beauty and experimentation within structure instead of towards a particular musical genre or style. In the last five years this revolving collective has included a large number of musicians headed up by principle songwriter Jesse Poe.

Contrary to popular belief, the tide is not a gentle thing. It is strong and sweeping, slow and sure, a growing force that lulls on the surface as it ebbs, building in size and strength before pulling all things not tied down back out to sea with it. The forceful lull of the music of Tarentel is an ocean of blue-green sound that begins at low-tide and slowly envelops listeners with insistent rhythms and beatiful, repetitive melodies that swell with gentle yet unmistakable mass until the band decides to ease its captive out into the depths in the clutches of its gripping tonal undercurrent.

Here is where Tarentel will either thrash them about like a whale tossing a fishing boat or where the band will take the willing listener under to drown them within the walls of their lugubrious and rich moonlit, glass-sky sonic excursions. Water isn't even a necessity to lose one's self within Tarentel's music. The San Franciscan five-piece employs a gorgeous utilization of space and near-silence on their records, conjuring vast imagery and evoking thrilling emotions from simple, poetic means.

Even the title of their first full-length, From Bone to Satellite is wildly evocative. Layers of atmospheric pressure and cinematic trilling from upwards of three guitarists reverberate across starry skies like streaks of slowed lightning, visible and dry, like a desert plain aglow. Or, to some, it all could represent a torrent of rain. It's wide open. By: Steve Brydges. Jonathan Joseph Hughes — Drums, Percussion left in Trevor Montgomery — Bass left to concentrate on solo project, Lazarus.

Let there be no mistake about it, Thee Hydrogen Terrors are a rock band. One, two, maybe three chords. Consisting of Nick Atocha, drums; Matt White, guitar; Chris Cook, bass; and Guy Benoit, sax and vocals, they summon up some spooky ass sounds that touch the primal surge of the evil rock beast while still giving you that sexy feel of your first time.

The band stretches out on the new Load Records release Terror, Diplomacy, and Public Relations with some of the urgency of the records the band listens to like the Stooges, the Creation, and the Watts rd St. Rhythm Band. Its set to the backdrop of saxaphone squall, fuzz base, wall of sound guitar and story style vocal stylings of cinema-phile Guy Benoit. A lot of the songs deal with plane crashes, people with plates in their head, bike seats. You understand, uh This isn't lazy boy strumming.

The band toured numerous times for this record, going out for a month with Six Finger Satellite. People were amazed at the band. They toured the East Coast a few times, but eventually broke up. Guy moved to Los Angeles and Chris still lives in Providence. Dan St. Jacques — Bass quit to form Olneyville Sound System.

Thought Forms have broken the rules of the typical band outfit and conceived something immense. This deeply thought-evoking music, created by a guy and girl on harmonising lead guitars and a girl drummer, is primarily instrumental with occasional guiding vocals. Self-reflective, suspenseful and sophisticated". T ext found at Moles Club gig review - February Photo: Phil McMullen.

She also sang lead vocals with the Green Pajamas at Terrastock 6. With a beat-up four-piece drum kit and minimalist aesthetic, Moe brought an important like-mindedness to the VU. She shared, among other things, a disdain for hippiedom and a hatred for hi-hats.

Her distinct, cymbal-less drumming style propelled the Velvets' abrasive three-chord rockers, and anchored the band's free-form sonic mayhem. Strictly self-taught, Moe drew on her Bo Diddley and African Olatunji influences to create primal, mesmerizing backbeats. Just audit her playing on anything from "Venus In Furs," to "Sister Ray," and its easy to understand how vital her contributions were.

Moe inaugurated the very idea of the female-as-instrumentalist into the collective rock n' roll consciousness, and set a lasting precedent. Rrrriot Grrrls, Schmmrriot Grrrls. If it wasn't for Moe, they'd still be playing with Barbie dolls and filling high school detention halls. But in , after six years as the rhythmic backbone of the immensely influential-- yet hardly successful-- Velvets, a frustrated Moe Tucker departed from the ranks of what had become the Doug Yule-fronted "Velveteens.

Moe worked at a Wal-Mart distribution center and in quit that job to do a tour of Europe with the able assistance of her friends, Half Japanese. Happily, she has been able to survive and support her family as a musician ever since. Played two songs with VU partner, Doug Yule. A live CD of Moe's performance at Terrastock 4 has been released. After the small distraction of organizing the universally loved Terrastock 5 festival was over, he began to make a year and half of unemployment worthwhile by focusing on his new solo sounds.

Between Two Seconds runs a length of wire between meditative gauze-rock and full-on rocking psychedelia. Joe's song contributions to Abunai! Words: Kevin Moist From: Eire. Two, by name of Jeff and Erin, equipped solely with aged and decrepit Farfisa minicompact and ramshackled drum "kit" and led by a fierce yet loveable dog by name of Parmalee, set out to form a progressive beat combo of sorts.

After working their way through the entire repertoire of King Crimson but in actuality, just one song , new little ditties strained to emerge. Yet something was missing Text found in the T6 festival program. David was also the tour manager for Ignatz at T7! Back in the shadowy days of '73, prior to the arrival of short hair and funny pants, the mighty men of V. Majestic raised figurative lanterns in the tree-lined suburbs, looking for honest, exciting and vital sounds in those subdued surroundings.

Everybody thought they were the strangest fucking cats and all the guys at the hip record store knew them by name. But then, after years of toiling in obscurity, Punk Rock managed to jump out of the bushes and suddenly there was a whole new bunch of "weird music" to check out. The guys in V. Majestic ate it all up. Some dug the poppier stuff like the Buzzcocks and The Undertones. Others found Pere Ubu quite capable of raising the roof.

One embraced The Contortions and Devo like long-lost brothers and sisters. Then strangely enough, in a maneouver rarely attempted by punk rock fans, they asked, "I wonder what Great Music these Great Punk Rock Bands listened to before there was Punk Rock? Tim Buckley and Moby Grape got the twice-over at least.

Majestic said, "Wow - this is great too. What the hell - they were on a roll. They lent an ear to field recordings of Hutus hurling insults at other Hutus in a bizarre wedding ritual. And soon all the Punk Rockers thought they were the strangest fucking cats and all the guys at the store that sold 78s knew them by name. Knowing that, one should realise that V. Majestic are a weird damned band. They're not a rock band. They're not a roll band. They're not a jazz band Majestic' on Edgy Records.

Written by Guy Benoit, Robert was the Band Coordinator at Terrastock 1. Majestic were originally known as The Robert Jazz Quartet. The Seattle quintet tends to draw God Speed You Black Emperor and Sigur Ros fans, but V1's moody slo-mo tsunamis on Monster Zero aren't the kinds of melancholic fugues that bog down those other bands; no, these "tracks" are pointed, unsentimental deluges of sensory overload that hit the head, the heart and the gut in equal measure.

Greg Weeks — Guitar, Vocals. John in Jesse Sparhawk — Bass. Josh Weill — Cello. Wellwater Conspiracy is a mini-supergroup, its founding members brethren of two of the best known hard-rock and grunge bands of the s. Glenn Slater of the Walkabouts is also part of the Conspiracy. Instead, Wellwater Conspiracy has built a cult-like following with a sound that bridges psychedelic and classic rock with punches of pop. While many artists and bands heavily promote each release, Wellwater Conspiracy rarely tours and records music on its own clock, in between Cameron's touring with Pearl Jam and the other members' individual projects.

Like all the best stories, White Hotel's is an improbable one. Records press release "An impressive blend of tense atmospherics, brooding dissolution and scalding musical invective. Eruptive, nerve-shredding guitars allow the psychosis and queasy terror to get hold. But there's discretion at work too, allowing occasional flashes of wide-screen euphoria to flourish.

Seriously minded, starkly compelling and brimming with potential. From: London UK. Carl Hultgren has been recording his own guitar pieces since , Windy Weber joined him in The duo write during the recording process and Carl's mixing process adds layers of effects and distortion to the basic tracks.

Windy sings and plays bass, Carl plays the guitar and both play the odd keyboard. Not too sure on this one yet -- I feel I have to replay his orchestral works for erm, further evaluation. Bartok - Bagpipe Music from Mikrokosmos performed by Gyorgy Sandor on the request front I would love to hear 'dayvon cowboy'. Eddy Grant was way more then a one-trick pony. Fulfilling request from milton p..

I can probably YSI that tomorrow. Anyone care for it? Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue Remix. Hmm, the Cripples links are alright Maybe it recognized "AliceCooper" in the file name and blocked it? Let's see what happens. Way to go, Public Animal 9! Renaldo and the Loaf and Holger Hiller have borrowed from "Visage". The Duren album is great. What year was it released?

The Vainqueur link works fine for me right now. Is there something better than YSI for posting large files? I was going to post a side-long track but the file which should take about an hour to upload still doesn't finish after several hours. If I have time I'll digitize side 1 tonight. It's not as interesting though because IIRC it's mostly piano with a little bit of electronic manipulation. Do you still want to hear some Taj Mahal Travellers as mentioned upthread?

I'd love to hear those. We detected extreme downloads. Sorry about that. YSI wasn't working for me at all on these long tracks. Rapidshare evidently keeps the files up there forever though so you can download at your leisure. Yeah, it's great stuff. I'd love to hear the Catch Wave album if anyone has that handy. I was wondering that same thing. I thought maybe it was just me. Les Rita Mitsouko are one of my favorite pop bands.

Virgin head honcho Richard Branson was unwilling to commit much time or energy to an enterprise which eschewed owning instruments, refused to tour, and loudly announced they weren't a "real" band and had no future in music. This looks like it's acid test stuff. Two more: From the liner notes of Quadruped's album "Entering Eldorado": "the sound is dark and cavernous, full of a spatial ambiance that can only be attained by playing in back lane garages during periods of low barometric pressure".

Walter- yes. One hell of a CD. A year ago I digitised a few of the more rocking cuts from some of the mid 90s singles and will share them once I find and process them. Anyway, this fucking song, this unbelievably great few minutes of music, is hidden on a no doubt limited edition double 7" somewhere, something you can probably pick up for a buck if you stumble upon it. And it's a crime to america, to the world, that not everyone has this. It's made even better by having a riff that sounds like the theme song to Degrassi Jr.

Thanks, I've never heard the early stuff before. I liked the Photograph Burns album a lot when it came out but I sold it somewhere along the line. I think I still have a Vertical Slit album around here though. I have those this heat bootlegs, must check Recommended for minimal techno fans. Garlo - Vent de Guitares No. Several tracks actually do have little flurries of wind noise on them, though they're clearly recording through the pickups so you mainly just get the string vibrations.

As a humble show of thanks: 15mins of doom metal that sounds nothing like sunn0. I slsked some wicked young stuff, some from a 4 cd bootleg, like the excerpt of For Brass and other stuff that I have no idea where it's from. Worth searching for. I'm digitizing that fucker and YSIing it for y'all once this weekend ends, and I can relax a bit. I would be surprised if Mr. Conrad would take offense at that comment, and it's hardly slander when you bother to read the words 'almost felt'.

No one's doubting Conrad's integrity here, if anyone's earned the right to give Young a tweak, it's him. And it's hardly that 'Day of Niagra' is bad -- it's just not as good as other readily available tapes. Friends out here say they were readily available, but I shouldn't assume Conrad had any of them.

McRad - Weakness Public Domain fans out there??? Jason Lee Intro Just ordered Vent de Guitares. Thanks very much for that. Do you know how they tuned the guitar strings? I used to love this. I still think it's a great piece of music on it's own terms.

Now I wonder, however, if there's something problematic about how prominent the guitars and electronics are next to the gamelan. Dominique: That may be the case. I'd wondered if JC stood for John Coltrane, given the sax -like? I haven't read the notes to the set.

Milton, thanks for all the great music. Did you still need Baby Sex? This guy in Iraq is making glitch stuff using war sound samples. Poor guy is from New Orleans, too, so getting home might be difficult. His site has MP3s but for a buck apiece. Seeing as how he's getting shot at I don't feel like posting them here, but I thought I'd point you there if it interests you.

The point though is that they've nothing to sing or do. Instead, they make noises on household items or do vocal exercises this theme of damaged expression is one thing he keeps hitting on. Julio, any performer information on the Kagel? Cool, I did find out that it was on DG but nothing else. Ah, here we go. Well this is all I'm listening to today. There's another Residential oddity called 19 Mysterious Tracks which is demos, etc.

You might want to slsk that up; I don't have the whole thing. You have Santa Dog, right? I remember not liking the '88 version. Ack, I forgot there are a bunch of different ones. I think I have the earliest one, the tracks are called something like 'Die in Flames' or something.

There's a minor glitch at the start of the track. I'm an Ashley fan but I'd never heard of these. They're adaptations of bits from Perfect Lives, right? Are they from this LP? I can't believe Lovely hasn't done the same. I'd love to hear more straight out rock. I liked ddb's comp tracks. Things don't have to be rarities, chances are half of us haven't heard something btw I checked out 'Day of Niagra' for the first time in a few years the other day You want rock?

You get rock! Thanks to Julio for the pussy classical shit. Fripp's playing here next week! Sundar, FYI, all he does live now is soundscapes. I wish I could go. Daniel brings the Rema Ream to da noise ysi haus! Julio, holy fuck. Zorn's tribute to morricone has been widely and rightly praised but not much on his version of schoenberg's "pierrot lunaire".

There are a few differences: the instrumnetation, the vocals, and I'm sure there's a bit of room for some improv, and def some wacky stuff wind machine. From singer Lhasa's last rec - esp like the way the trumpet line evolves on this - the whole of this is alb is gold. Thanks Jaxon as well for the Dennis Wilson! Could Stormy re-post the Hijo Kaidan? And could someone post some Hototogisu? See thread about here's where we post like our momz.

I just got one of the Dennis Wilsons a few minutes ago. The file downloaded and unzipped fine. I love Braxton. He should write something for them to play with a weird diagram including a vacuum cleaner and a stuffed rabbit. Prolly Monday at earliest. Ooh, thanks Blackmail and William.! Could someone YSI a good selection of fine noise tracks ?

Those four tracks, all with Braxton, are the whole Wolf Eyes set. The track numbers are , so I'm guessing the first two tracks are the Hair Police set. I know milton posted a gesualdo track before but still, i went off to look for more Donimique or whomever , which area records should i get? Hey Julio, where'd you get that long Woman in the Dunes from? The one I have on the Nonesuch comp is 6.

Maledetti is good, but a bit more experimental. Their debut Arbeit Macht Frei is good, but actually too "prog" to me, I like more experimental and fusiony stuff in Area. Ah, I got you. The Rikyu you uploaded is six min. I have all of the nonesuch, i mean Hey, maybe with all this YSIing we can compile our own Takemitsu musique concrete compilation. Dominique, I get a 'server error' on the Fosen Yeah, Julio, there isn't very much Takemitsu in print is there?

Except in Japan I suppose. I wish I knew who it was! Julio, is that the one with Kronos on Ondine? Two acid folk albums from italian Armando Piazza sung in engrish. This field recording is way more amazing than I thought it might be after having just read about it on the Aquarius website. Thank you!

I listened to it about 15 times in a row that night, and I think I broke my last. Kenny Rogers? Let us not forget david booey. And the infernal beat street. Nabisco, don't you have an mp3 blog or YSI thread to start or something? Some more from Lou Harrison. This time its a section of his 'Pacifika Rondo' piece from the mids. I think it's still up but the judges hated it.

It probably really wasn't my best work. It's the only contest I've participated in where they actually sent extensive comments and mostly criticisms to I assume every participant after receiving all the submissions. Good times, bros, good times: Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer n. Unless I f'ed it up somehow. I had loaded to YSI to send it to someone who isn't "rap1dshare friendly. Can I YSI things? I still will! Gate - Ives Count the sabbath quotes for extra fun.

Stormy and others , check this. Kuge Yoshio - "Dr. Relation Last Stand Pt. You're welcome! You guys rule. U are the tasty dijon mustrad on the big turkey sandwich that is my ipod. John from her Thank You For Think you might dig this one. Judee Sill "The Donor". That whole album is great. Their first album. All three albums are worthy but Traveller's Tale is a bit of a drop-off. Oy, I'm afraid I just have the LPs and no ripping equipment.

White Witch rule, by the way. I'd recommend the first, self-titled album first. Second one is more bombastic and virtuosic and great, too, but the musical range of the first album is very pleasing. It took me forever to find the White Witch lp with the symbol on the cover, whichever one that is. I found the one with them pictured on the cover that's SPiritual Greeting, right? Rochester New York! Prototype from Baltimore Club Mix Vol.

Yeah -- I happened to catch a live performance a few motnhs ago where this ws sung all nice but I think this goes quite well with the text. This is Howlin' Wolf's New Album. He Doesn't Like it. He didn't like his electric guitar at first either. MP3 Mix 1. Almendra - Color Humano. One of the longer jams from the first album. Nice sound, singing, etc. Pescado Rabioso - la sed verdadera from Artaud, a later album by Almendra alum Spinetta.

This album is pretty conventional in some ways, with lots more normal folk and pop songs and guitar playing more overtly influenced by blues cliches. The addition of field recordings? Are you allowed to ban? Without note? From doctor? Yeah, that's probably a good assessment, milton.

Haven't heard that Scelsi piece. I'm curious to listen to the Helios Creed, after reading Mark Prindle's reviews of him. Wait, how do I dl from that page? Oh thanks, I guess I was confused by the comment. I thought that was a different mp3 of some found sound recording! Anyone got Drum's Not Dead? Not me. I guess I'm a japanophile I don't have that one, would love to hear.

Marble Sheep xpost: btw jess remember those reviews i said i'd write? Not sure if these links are still up, but … courtesy walloftape. It was actually at a club called Galia now known as 12 Galaxies. I highly doubt that's the whole show either as they played for over 2 hours with no stopping. I blogged about it but it's gone. Maybe Jack Cole had something? Chaya Czernowin 'Afatism'. She's an Israeli composer who teaches in the US, been playing it alongside Webern's 'Konzert' for - just like 'afatism' - nonet.

Brotally worth it, they were great. I missed it though. But the songs are great. You would like them, I think. They don't really sound like Skip's solo stuff, he wasn't the leader or anything. February on Table of the Elements, yeah. Peter Maxwell Davies 'eight songs for a mad king'. Richard Pinhas "Paul Atreides" from Chronolyse Liked that Morricone posted by jaxon on the march listening thread so here's a cpl more: track 7 , and track 1 from 'il Serpente' ' The first is noise board material, the second ain't but these demonstrate what we all know - the remarkable range he had.

Godz II or Jaxon. I can't find an image of it. It is catalog number LF I own copies of most of what I post, but props to DD for loaning the hard to find Jones. There's some other stuff of his at ubu. There's another performance of it from I just ordered online. Does anyone have any of those solo Bangalter 12 inches? I went on a serach for more info on that miss luba and i found this blogger ripped the LP sounds like the lp with the crackling - this is really great. I love techno.

Thanks for 'Outrun', I just ordered 'Irreversible'. My old old copy of 'TB Rescuscitation' made it to the car this weekend and it's got me feeling retro. Not to push it, but you might have this one track as well -- Laurent Garnier's 'Astral Dreams'? Matt John: Golden Wedding JON L - roule - thomas bangalter "trax on da rock vol. There are two lift boyz 12" that I know of; that might be the side I listen to less. The good song sounds like Eye MCing over some loud Technotronic type shit. Are you sure?

Anyway, has anyone heard anything legit about the Vice box? I didn't notice the link to Liftvooyzzzz above. I picked up that 12" at Kim's last week! Here's another one. I didn't have that one. What is mixi? I thought this thread was gunna be about "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps". I've got that one. And the Identify 7". Looking for anything else. Kudos for the quality camo that kept me from realizing that the Noise YSi thread was still around

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