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Singh ed. Hydrology of Disasters. Water Science and Technology Library, vol Magnitude and frequency of debris flows. Julian, J. Hydraulic erosion of cohesive riverbanks. Geomorphology, 76 , Julien, P. Rheology of Hyperconcentrations. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 3 , Kain, C. A combined morphometric, sedimentary, GIS and modelling analysis of flooding and debris flow hazard on a composite alluvial fan, Caveside, Tasmania. Sedimentary Geology, , Keller, E. Active Tectonics: Earthquakes, uplift and landscape.

Pearson Education. Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Limited. Jones Creek Debris Flow Study. Khan, M. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 62, Kim, S. Alluvial fans and their natural distinction from rivers based on morphology, hydraulic processes, sedimentary processes, and facies assemblages. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 65 4a , Kin, A.

Efectos del viento sobre las plantas. Knott, J. Late Pliocene tephrostratigraphy and geomorphic development of the Artists Drive structural block. Machette, M. Johnson y J. Slate eds. Kochel, R. Holocene debris flows in central Virginia. Costa y G. Wieczorek eds. Korup, O. Geomorphometric characteristics of New Zealand landslide dams. Engineering Geology, 73 , Kothyari, G.

Koukouvelas, I. Treatise on the tectonic geomorphology of active faults: The significance of using a universal digital elevation model. Journal of Structural Geology, , Lancaster, J. Soller ed. Lavigne, F. Contrasts between debris flows, hyperconcentrated flows and stream flows at a channel of Mount Semeru, East Java, Indonesia.

Geomorphology, 61 , Towards the optimal fusion of high-resolution Digital Elevation Models for detailed urban flood assessment. Li, Z. Digital Terrain. Liang, Y. Quantification of debris flow vulnerability of typical bridge substructure based on impct force simulation. Geomatics Natural Hazard and Risk, 10 1 , Lim, K. Effects of initial abstraction and urbanization on estimated runoff using CN technology. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 42 3 , Liu, C.

Research advances of SAR remote sensing for agriculture applications: A review. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 18 3 , Loehr, J. Geotechnical Site Characterization. Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. Predictive network modeling of single-phase non-Newtonian flow in porous media. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 1 , Major, J. Water Resources Research, 28 3 , Marchelli, M. En Landslides and Engineered Slopes. Experience, Theory and Practice.

CRC Press. Marriott, M. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 8 , Mazzorana, B. Hazard index maps for woody material recruitment and transport in alpine catchments. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 9 1 , Medina, V. Landslides, 5 1 , Mena-Palacios, M. Analysis of the extreme indices of precipitation in Colombia and its relationship with the ENSO phenomenon. Meza Aliaga, M. Meza, M. Midgley, T. Evaluation of the bank stability and toe erosion model BSTEM Evaluation of the bank stability and toe erosion model BSTEM for predicting lateral retreat on composite streambanks for predicting lateral retreat on composite streambanks.

Miller, B. Longevity of dams from landslides with sub-channel rupture surfaces, Peace River region, Canada. Geoenvironmental Disasters, 5 1 , Millet, D. A study based on bathymetric data and general limit equilibrium slope stability analysis. Chalmers University of Technology. Mizuyama, T. Prediction of debris flow peak discharge. Internationales Symposion Interpraevent.

Monsalve, J. Naaim, M. Naciones Unidas. Naef, D. Comparison of flow resistance relations for debris flows using a one-dimensional finite element simulation model. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 6 1 , Nasmith, H. Design of dykes to protect against debris flows at Port Alice, British Columbia. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 16 4 , Navas Izquierdo, A. Nicholas, A. Modelling flood hydraulics and overbank deposition on river floodplains. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 22 1 , Laboratory analysis of mudflow properties.

Oguchi, C. En Treatise on Geomorphology, vol. Ouellet, M. Hyperconcentrated flows on a forested alluvial fan of eastern Canada: Geomorphic characteristics, return period, and triggering scenarios. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 39 14 , Oviedo Torres, B. Palmer, R. Waterdrop Impact Forces. Transactions of the ASAE, 8 1 , Peng, J. Heavy rainfall triggered loess — mudstone landslide and subsequent debris flow in Tianshui, China.

Engineering Geology, , Piacentini, D. Internarional Journal of Geo-Information, 9 2 , Piani, C. Statistical bias correction of global simulated daily precipitation and temperature for the application of hydrological models. Pierson, T. Distinguishing between debris flows and floods from field evidence in small watersheds. Piton, G. II: Woody Debris. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2. Portilla Gamboa, M. Posada, E. Pudasaini, S. A general two-phase debris flow model. A multi-phase mass flow model.

Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 12 , Quezada, J. Andean Geology, 37 1 , Reis, D. World Water and Environmental Resources Congress Revellino, P. Morphological methods and dynamic modelling in landslide hazard assessment of the Campania Apennine carbonate slope. Landslides, 5, Rickenmann, D. Empirical relationships for debris flow. Natural Hazards, 19, Robbins, C. Comparison of flood hazard assessments on desert piedemonts and playas: A case study in Ivanpah, Nevada.

Geomorphology, 4 , A, Sandoval, J. Rogelis, M. Regional debris flow susceptibility analysis in mountainous peri-urban areas through morphometric and land cover indicators. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 14 11 , Rouaiguia, A. Numerical Modeling of Slope Stability Analysis. Ruiz-Villanueva, V. Large wood in rivers and its influence on flood hazard. River Research and Applications, 30 1 , Sabatini, P. Geotechnical Engineering Circular N. Evaluation of soil and rock properties.

Department of Transportation. Samadi, A. Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 5 5 , Santangelo, N. Di, Donato, V. Topographic predictors of susceptibility to alluvial fan flooding, Southern Apennines. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 37 8 , Scaioni, M. Remote Sensing, 6 10 , Schneider, J. Self-adjustment of stream bed roughness and flow velocity in a steep mountain channel. Water Resources Research, 51 10 , Schneuwly, M.

Dating Torrential Processes on Fans and Cones. Shi, Z. Catena, 77 1 , Shingare, P. Review on Digital Elevation Model. International Journal of Modern Engineering Research, 3 4 , Sihag, P. Estimation and inter-comparison of infiltration models. Water Science, 31 1 , Silva Medina, G. Skermer, N. Debris flows in history. Smoltczyk, U. Geotechnical Engineering Handbook. Sobota, D. Riparian tree fall directionality and modeling large wood recruitment to streams.

Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 36 5 , Sodnik, J. Using LiDAR data for debris flow modelling. Grenoble, France. Sohn, Y. The Journal of Geology, 1 , Soil Survey. Staley, D. Characterizing the primary material sources and dominant erosional processes for post-fire debris-flow initiation in a headwater basin using multi-temporal terrestrial laser scanning data. Suwa, H. Motion, debris size and scale of debris flows in a valley on Mount Yakedake, Japan. Sediment Problems.

International Symposium, Yokohama, , Svensson, C. Review of methods for deriving areal reduction factors. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 3 3 , Swanson, F. Landslide Dams in Japan. Tacconi, C. Geomorphic indexing of landslide dams evolution. Morphological analysis and features of the landslide dams in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru.

Landslides, 15 3 , Takahashi, T. Debris Flow: Mechanics, Prediction and Countermeasures. Tang, C. Triggering conditions and depositional characteristics of a disastrous debris flow event in Zhouqu city, Gansu Province, northwestern China. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 11 11 , Revista Montes, , Teutschbein, C. Bias correction of regional climate model simulations for hydrological climate-change impact studies: Review and evaluation of different methods.

Theule, J. Channel scour and fill by debris flows and bedload transport. Troiani, F. Tsai, F. Post-disaster assessment of landslides in southern Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot using remote sensing and spatial analysis. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 10, Ulloa, H. Bosque Valdivia , 32 3 , Recommendations and Cautions. Urrea, V. What is a landslide and what causes one?

Van der Sande, C. River flood damage assessment using Ikonos imagery. Vargas, M. Universidad de los Andes. Walling, D. Erosion, debris flows and environment in mountain regions. International Association of Hydrological Sciences. Wang, W. Natural Hazards, 81 3 , Webster, R. Soil Erosion and Conservation. European Journal of Soil Science, 56 5 , Welsh, A. University of Canterbury.

Identification of alluvial fans susceptible to debris-flow hazards. Landslides, 8 2 , Wilford, D. Recognition of debris flow, debris flood and flood hazard through watershed morphometrics. Landslides, 1 1 , Wolman, G. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 35 6 , We are linking to this great article on our website. Keep up the great writing. Doyle Serano. You made some decent points there. I regarded on the internet for the difficulty and located most people will associate with with your website.

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