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Tcs company history pdf torrent

tcs company history pdf torrent

In addition to the Company's contact details provided above, the investors may reach out to the Investor Service Centre of Link Intime India. In addition to the Company's contact details provided above, +91 22 and [email protected], details of which are. The TCS IT Wiz quiz book is a researched study material for students to prepare for the questions and enhance their knowledge. Download the books here. COMMENT TELECHARGER LES FILMS AVEC UTORRENT Yes, I can been locked by basic help desk installation with openhabian. Cisco Wireless Controller. It can administer that you wish start the Remote freeware also. Capabilities, a Little around the issue allow incoming connections on all ports, extending the benefits path you want to connect to. Virtual Apps and video codec.

The Company continues to invest in meritocracy, which allows the organisation to develop employees who become ready to accept new challenges in the future. A sound system has been designed that has resulted in improved implementation of the HR processes leading to better work environment and greater employee job satisfaction. During the Pandemic period, health and safety of employees were the most important priority for the Organisation.

Focused efforts were undertaken to improve employee connect. Regular surveys were conducted to understand the difficulties faced by the employees and their families and the same were resolved in time. Fresh expertise, both seasoned and new recruits to the workforce, were acquired and aligned to the Organisation''s ethos through consistent initiatives.

The HR team continued to coordinate training and development activities that have assisted in the nurturing of talent, as well as sharpening of new management skills. On the Job training, meaningful interactions with senior professionals and development programmes, aid employees to build the right competencies in their work arena, be it technical, managerial or behavioural. Periodic job rotation programmes are undertaken enabling every employee to understand the nuances of the function, thereby developing to take a bigger role in the future.

This helps to empower everyone in the Organisation leading to job enrichment and satisfaction. On the Industrial front, the Company continued to foster cordial Industrial Relations with its workforce during the year. Various gender diversity initiatives, such as exi-shift hours have aided female workers in balancing work and other duties. Special events promoting a woman''s personal and career development are often planned, with an emphasis on fitness, well-being, and a stress-free life.

The Company has a diverse workforce of 12, employees as on 31 st March, vis-a-vis 12, employees as on 31 st March, The Company has built a reputation for doing business with honesty and integrity over the years, and has shown zero tolerance for any sort of unethical behaviour or wrongdoing. The Organisation has in effect a rigorous vigil system to report unethical conduct in order to promote professionalism, fairness, dignity, and ethical behaviour in its staff and stakeholders, the particulars of which are covered in the Corporate Governance Report.

The said system also safeguards the employees who use the vigil mechanism from being victimised and provides them direct access to the Audit Committee. In addition, the Company''s Code of Business Conduct defines essential corporate ethical practices that form the Company''s belief structure and business operations, as well as representing the Company''s valued principles. During the year, no complaints were received under this policy.

During the year , the Company incurred CSR expenditure of '' Additionally, ''1. This has resulted in total CSR expenditure of '' The brief details of the major CSR activities are described hereunder:. Salient achievements are:. Similarly on, Anaemic front, Iron supplement were provided to 6, children without reassessment.

Due to outbreak of COVID pandemic and consequent nationwide lockdown in H1 , telephonic conversations with 46, parents of the beneficiaries across all four PPHCs were arranged for spreading awareness of consumption of healthy diet to boost immune system and maintain proper hygiene to reduce risk of COVID With all precautions like sanitizing, social distancing and avoiding direct exposure to the patients, PPHC facilities at Balasinor and Indrad were started from September, and 7, beneficiaries were served in However, due to COVID pandemic, this activity was not carried out till August, and with appropriate safety measures and also to avoid beneficiaries going back to using conventional practice, health and hygiene kits were provided to around 5, beneficiaries in villages.

This programme covers 13 government primary schools located near SUGEN, Chhatral, Chhapi, Memadpur and Ahmedabad having 4, students and teachers of 1 st to 8 th standard. During , practice assignments prepared for students containing questions and activities based on skills of previous standards and current curriculum. Continuous interaction was carried out with teachers, students and parents to provide support, counsel and address specific concerns regarding education.

Six small sized parks measuring approx. Another two large parks measuring approx. Maintenance of above public parks is also funded from CSR funds of the Company. This model maintains an optimum balance between serving the beneficiaries and not putting any employee at the risk of exposure to COVID The Company firmly believes and is committed in inculcating a proactive and well matured HSE culture across the group.

Sustainable future is essential in ensuring the health and well-being of our colleagues, the people who use our products and the communities we touch. Our sincere and focused endeavours in EHS domain has substantially brought down incidents and thus leading to safe and healthy working environment for our work force at large.

We always remain deeply concerned about the cause of the environment protection and in this direction, Company has undertaken initiatives, where we have achieved measurable reduction in waste generation utilisation of waste as an alternative fuel in cement industries. Our workplace environment is designed to make our employees feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired to achieve our EHS goals. Our continuous ongoing efforts in environment sustainability has reduced our water consumption, hazardous waste and energy consumption.

We are striving for continuously bringing down the waste quantity to incineration facilities. As a part of waste to energy concept, we are using canteen food waste and biological waste from ETP for generation of bio gas which has significantly reduced annual waste disposal under landfill category. Rain water harvesting systems are installed at manufacturing facilities with 57 state of art injection wells with large sunken catchment area of approx.

During the year, Company at all its facilities has implemented a COVID guidelines and strictly adhered to it to de-risk employees'' health and uninterrupted and consistent productivity. Department wise core steering team were formed who had individually supervised the COVID protocols deliberately. The Company as a responsible corporate had comprehensively worked in strategising and implementing various government and IPA Indian Pharmaceuticals Alliance guidelines to curb the spread of pandemic disease at large.

It is essential for all contractors to undergo HSE training and follow stipulated guidelines. The Company has neither accepted nor renewed any deposits. None of the deposits earlier accepted by the Company remained outstanding, unpaid or unclaimed as on 31 st March, Details of Loans, Guarantees and Investments by Company under the provisions of Section of the Companies Act, , during the year, are provided in Note 10 and 11 to the Standalone Financial Statements.

The Company has raised an amount of '' crores by way of issue of Non-Convertible Debentures on private placement basis during the year. The outstanding amount of Non-Convertible Debentures issued by the Company is ''1, During the year the Company issued Commercial Papers CPs aggregating to '' crores on private placement basis.

All Related Party transactions are entered in compliance to the provisions of law, the Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions and dealing with Related Party Transactions and were entered with the approval of Audit Committee, Board and Shareholders if and as applicable. The particulars of material contracts and arrangements entered into with the related parties in accordance with the Related Party Policy of the Company and pursuant to the provisions of Section 1 of the Companies Act, and Rule 8 2 of the Companies Accounts Rules, are annexed herewith as Annexure A.

Accordingly, the Company has a well-placed, proper and adequate IFC system which ensures:. The Board reviews the effectiveness of controls documented as part of IFC framework, and take necessary corrective actions wherever weaknesses are identified as a result of such reviews. This review covers entity level controls, process level controls, fraud risk controls and Information Technology environment. Based on this evaluation, no significant events had come to notice during the year that have materially affected, or are reasonably likely to materially affect, our IFC.

The management has also come to a conclusion that the IFC and other financial reporting was effective during the year and is adequate considering the business operations of the Company. No material changes and commitments have occurred after the close of the year till the date of this Report which may affect the financial position of the Company.

The Company has appropriate liability insurance covers particularly for product liability, clinical trials and cyber liability. The Company has implemented an integrated risk management framework to ensure effective responses to strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks faced by the organisation.

As a part this framework, all the risks are discussed and deliberated with the concerned functional heads and business process owners to continually identify, assess, mitigate and monitor risks across the entity, its business functions and units. The Risk Management Committee meets periodically to assess and deliberate on the key risks and adequacy of mitigation plan. Inputs from risk assessment are also embedded in to annual internal audit programme. Key risks and mitigation measures are summarised in Management Discussion and Analysis section of the Annual Report.

As of 31 st March, , the Company has 14 subsidiaries, out of which 2 are step down subsidiaries. The highlights of performance of major subsidiaries of the Company have been discussed and disclosed under the Management Discussion and Analysis section of the Annual Report. The contribution of each of the subsidiaries in terms of the revenue and profit is provided in Form AOC-1, which forms part of the Annual Report.

The details of two associate companies of the Company is also shown in the AOC These associate companies are Section 8 companies and primarily floated with another company of the Torrent group to carry out the CSR activities. The annual accounts of the subsidiary companies will be made available to any Member of the Company seeking such information at any point of time and are also available for inspection by any Member of the Company at the Registered Office of the Company on any working day during business hours up to the date of the AGM.

The annual accounts of the subsidiary companies are also available on the website of the Company at www. During the year under review, Dr. The Board places on record its deep appreciation for the guidance and support provided by him for the overall growth of the Company during his tenure as a member of the Board and its Committees.

The brief resume and other relevant documents of the Directors being re-appointed are given in the Explanatory Statement to the Notice convening the AGM, for your perusal. Regular meetings of the Board are held to review performance of the Company, to discuss and decide on various business strategies, policies and other issues. During the year, five meetings of the Board of Directors were convened and held on 26 th May, , 30 th July, , 26 th October, , 8 th February, and 2 nd March, The intervening gap between two consecutive meetings was not more than one hundred and twenty days.

Detailed information on the meetings of the Board is included in the Corporate Governance Report which forms part of the Annual Report. Creating Inventory Masters in Tally. ERP 9 7. Inventory Vouchers 8. Multilingual Capabilities Technological Advantages of Tally. ERP NET and Remote Capabilities Application Management Online Help and Support Bill-wise Details Cost Centres and Cost Categories Voucher Classes Multiple Currencies Interest Calculations Scenario Management.

Banking Order Processing Multiple Price Level Tracking Numbers Batch — wise Details Additional Cost Details Bill of Materials BoM Price Levels and Price Lists Stock Valuation Zero Valued Entries Inventory Analysis Different Actual and Billed Quantities Job Costing Job Order Processing Upgrading to Tally.

ERP 9 Release 6. Start Using Tally. Creating GST Ledgers

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Come check out the 10 greatest torrent websites today! Ten best rated torrent sites. The legendary selection — just a click away! Introduction Is it fair to call torrenting a hobby? Medievalists who have a long-standing interest in horse history, as well as those seeking to widen their understanding of horses in medieval society will find here informed and comprehensive treatment of chapters from disciplines as diverse as archaeology, legal, economic and military history, urban and rural history, art and literature.

The themes range from case studies of saddles and bridles, to hippiatric treatises, to the medieval origins of dressage literary studies. It shows the ubiquitous — and often ambiguous — role of the horse in medieval culture, where it was simultaneously a treasured animal and a means of transport, a military machine and a loyal companion. The contributors, many of whom have practical knowledge of horses, are drawn from established and budding scholars working in their areas of expertise.

How often did they wash their clothes and change them? What did they understand cleanliness to be? Why have our hygienic habits changed so dramatically over time? In short, how have we come to be so clean? See more The Clean Body explores one of the most fundamental and pervasive cultural changes in Western history since the seventeenth century: the personal hygiene revolution.

In the age of Louis XIV bathing was rare and hygiene was mainly a matter of wearing clean underclothes. By the late twentieth century frequent — often daily — bathing had become the norm and wearing freshly laundered clothing the general practice. Cleanliness, once simply a requirement for good health, became an essential element of beauty. Beneath this transformation lay a sea change in understandings, motives, ideologies, technologies, and practices, all of which shaped popular habits over time.

Peter Ward explains that what began as an urban bourgeois phenomenon in the later eighteenth century became a universal condition by the end of the twentieth, touching young and old, rich and poor, city dwellers and country residents alike. Based on a wealth of sources in English, French, German, and Italian, The Clean Body surveys the great hygienic transformation that took place across Europe and North America over the course of four centuries. Using hundreds of first-hand accounts and sources, Smith bring us from the Neolithic age to the present, peppering her engaging prose with enlightening and often surprising details.

Subconscious cleanliness has been with us since the first cell ejected a foreign invader. Even at the earliest stages of human development, our bodies produced pleasure-giving chemical opiates when things smelled or felt clean, inducing us to do things like bathing and removing dirty clothes.

The need to be clean led directly to socialization, as we turned to our fellows for help with those hard to reach spots. In Eurasia during the Bronze Age, an emerging hierarchy of wealthy elites turned their love of grooming into an explosion of the cosmetic and luxury goods industry, greatly effecting the culture and economy of a vast area and leading to advances in chemistry and medicine.

The history that follows, from Greece and Rome, where citizens focused much of their leisure time on perfecting, bathing, or just writing about the model athletic body, through Europe in the middle ages and the following centuries, is full of intriguing customs, convoluted treatises, and many reversals.

Baths were good for you, baths were bad for you, baths were good again--but only if they were quite cold. Even the enlightened medical knowledge of modern times could not stop an onslaught of health remedies, treatments, spas, and New Age nature cures that were to follow. While today we are immeasurably closer--perhaps too close--to knowing just what "clean" means to our bodies, we are still just as far as we ever were on agreeing what it means to our souls.

This engrossing and highly original work will introduce you to the customs and ideas of a myriad of cultures from centuries of human history. Not only will you gain a new perspective on the wonderful diversity of the world, but you'll never look at your toothbrush the same way again. For over thirty years, the work of the French historian, George Vigarello, has been hugely influential on early modern European social history, describing an aversion to water and bathing, and the use of linen underwear as the sole cleaning agent for the body.

However, these concepts do not apply to early modern England. Sweet and Clean? Clean linen was essential for propriety but advice from medical experts was contradictory. Many doctors were convinced that it prevented the spread of contagious diseases, but others recommended flannel for undergarments, and a few thought changing a fever patient's linens was dangerous.

The methodology of material culture helps determine if and how this advice was practiced. Evidence from inventories, household accounts and manuals, and surviving linen garments tracks underwear through its life-cycle of production, making, wearing, laundering, and final recycling.

Although the material culture of washing bodies is much sparser, other sources, such as the Old Bailey records, paint a more accurate picture of cleanliness in early modern England than has been previously described. The contrasting analyses of linen and bodies reveal what histories material culture best serves. Finally, what of the diseases-plague, smallpox, and typhus-that cleanliness of body and clothes were thought to prevent?

Did following early modern medical advice protect people from these illnesses? For the first-century Roman, being clean meant a two-hour soak in baths of various temperatures, scraping the body with a miniature rake, and a final application of oil. For the aristocratic Frenchman in the seventeenth century, it meant changing your shirt once a day and perhaps going so far as to dip your hands in some water. Did Napoleon know something we didn't when he wrote Josephine "I will return in five days.

Stop washing"? Katherine Ashenburg takes on such fascinating questions as these in Dirt on Clean, her charming tour of attitudes to hygiene through time. What could be more routine than taking up soap and water and washing yourself? And yet cleanliness, or the lack of it, is intimately connected to ideas as large as spirituality and sexuality, and historical events that include plagues, the Civil War, and the discovery of germs.

An engrossing fusion of erudition and anecdote, Dirt on Clean considers the bizarre prescriptions of history's doctors, the hygienic peccadilloes of great authors, and the historic twists and turns that have brought us to a place Ashenburg considers hedonistic yet oversanitized. Topics include gender roles and water usage; attitudes, practices, and innovations in baths and bathing; water and the formation of identity and policy; ancient and medieval water sources and resources; and religious and literary water imagery.

The authors describe how ideas about the nature and function of water created and shaped social relationships, and how religion, politics, and science transformed, and were themselves transformed by, the manipulation of, uses of, and disputes over water in daily life, ceremonies, and literature. The Clean Body. A Modern History - Peter Ward. Sweet and Clean. The Dirt on Clean. An Unsanitized History - Katherine Ashenburg.

Maram Ahmed. Clean a history of personal hygiene and purity Virginia Smith. The one here is damaged. See more Based on a large variety of sources, it is a history of a scientific field that is also examined from social and cultural perspectives. Horses, as well as birds of prey used for hawking and falconry, were at the centre of the veterinary literature of that period, but the treatment and cure of other animals was not totally neglected.

The Mamluk period is presented here as the time when veterinary medicine reached its pinnacle in medieval Islam and often even surpassed human medicine. Mamluks and Animals. Veterinary Medicine in Medieval Islam. See more Through the lens of six remarkable people, some well-known, others obscure, bestselling historian John Boyko recounts Canada's often-overlooked involvement in that conflict as peacemaker, combatant, and provider of weapons and sanctuary.

When Brigadier General Sherwood Lett arrived in Vietnam over a decade before American troops, he and the Canadians under his command risked their lives trying to enforce an unstable peace while questioning whether they were merely handmaidens to a new war. Claire Culhane worked in a Canadian hospital in Vietnam and then returned home to implore Canadians to stop supporting what she deemed an immoral war.

Joe Erickson was among 30, young Americans who changed Canada by evading the draft and heading north; Doug Carey was one of the 20, Canadians who enlisted with the American forces to serve in Vietnam. Rebecca Trinh fled Saigon with her husband and young daughters, joining the waves of desperate Indochinese refugees, thousands of whom were to forge new lives in Canada.

In Blood and Daring, lauded historian John Boyko makes a compelling argument that Confederation occurred when and as it did largely because of the pressures of the Civil War. Many readers will be shocked by Canada's deep connection to the war--Canadians fought in every major battle, supplied arms to the South, and many key Confederate meetings took place on Canadian soil. Boyko gives Americans a new understanding of the North American context of the war, and also shows how the political climate of the time created a more unified Canada, one that was able to successfully oppose American expansion.

Filled with engaging stories and astonishing facts from previously unaccessed primary sources, Boyko's fascinating new interpretation of the war will appeal to all readers of history. Blood and Daring will change our views not just of Canada's relationship with the United States, but of Confederation itself. The Devil's Trick. Blood and Daring. Nevertheless, the experiences of defeated forces can provide important insights, lessons, and perspectives not always apparent to the winning side.

See more In Wars of Modern Babylon, Pesach Malovany provides a comprehensive and detailed history of the Iraqi military from its formation in to its collapse in Malovany analyzes Iraqi participation in the , , and Arab wars against Israel as well as Iraq's wars with the Kurds during the twentieth century. His primary focus, however, is the era of Saddam Hussein — , who implemented rapid and significant military growth and fought three major wars: against Iran from to , and against coalition forces led by the United States in and He examines the Iraqi military at the strategic, operative, and tactical levels; explains its forces and branches; and investigates its use of both conventional and unconventional weapons.

The first study to offer a portrait of an Arab army from its own point of view, Wars of Modern Babylon features interviews with and personal accounts from officers at various levels, as well as press accounts covering the politics and conflicts of the period. Malovany also analyzes books written by key figures in the Iraqi government and the army high command.

His definitive chronicle offers English speakers new and overlooked perspectives on critical developments in twentieth-century history. He discusses the remarkable transformation of a military dominated by one sector of society--the Christian communities, and particularly the Maronites--into one that is characterized by power sharing among Lebanon's various communities, large families, and regions.

The book develops a new approach to the study of the role of the military in divided societies by examining military institutions from three intertwined angles: first, as major arenas for social coexistence and conflict; second, as actors that are involved in politics but are also affected by political processes; and third, as actors that promote the process of state formation. This comprehensive look at Lebanon will inform the discussion of other divided societies, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, that face the dual challenge of restoring the political system and the security sector after state failure and intrastate conflict.

Wars of Modern Babylon. The Lebanese Army. In this new study of his administration, historian Larry Gara makes no attempt to revive Pierce's reputation. Instead he provides a clear analysis of Pierce's shortcomings as well as his few successes. See more Franklin Pierce's administration spanned a turbulent period in the life of the nation: North-South polarization reached new extremes due, in part, to Pierce's failure to understand the depth of Free Soil sentiment in the North; the Kansas-Nebraska Act and its aftermath made civil war likely, if not inevitable; and Pierce's apology for southern actions served only to widen the rift.

The term "Bleeding Kansas" came to symbolize the failures of Pierce's administration. Pierce's few achievements were in the realm of foreign policy. In fact, Gara points out, the Pierce years were an important chapter in the history of American imperialisma time when Japan was opened to the West, U.

In this twenty-fourth volume of the American Presidency Series, Gara provides a clear, tough-minded analysis of the Pierce administration and a fair, though generally negative, assessment the man and the president. Polk - Paul H. Polk was one of the strongest and most active presidents ever to occupy the office. In the nineteenth century only Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln matched his overall leadership and domination of national government. Bergeron's crisp, insightful narrative shows how and why Polk achieved such stature and yet failed to attract the kind of popular support or retrospective recognition granted other presidential luminaries.

A native of North Carolina, Polk prepared for the presidency by honing his leadership skills as a seven-term congressman, speaker of the house, and governor of Tennessee. Bergeron's summary and analysis of those years shed light on the foundations of the presidency that followed. He provides fresh new perspectives on Polk's relationship with his cabinet, his skirmishes with Congress over domestic economic legislation, and the curse of presidential patronage. Smith disagrees sharply with traditional interpretations of Taylor and Fillmore, the twelfth and thirteenth presidents from to He argues persuasively that the slaveholding Taylor—and not John C.

Calhoun—was the realistic defender of southern slaveholding interests, and that Taylor did nothing to impede the Compromise of While Taylor opposed the combination of the issues into a single compromise bill that could not be passed without amendments to suit the extremists, he would have approved the different parts of the Compromise that were ultimately passed as separate measures.

Most historians have written that Taylor's death and Fillmore's accession led to an abrupt change in presidential policy, but Smith believes that continuity predominated. Taylor wanted the controversies debated and acted upon as separate bills. Fillmore helped to accomplish this.

Taylor was ready to defend New Mexico against Texas. Fillmore ordered additional troops to New Mexico and announced publicly that he would do the same. Taylor had wanted statehood for California and New Mexico with self-determination on slavery. As separate measures, the Congress admitted California and preserved a viable New Mexico as a territory authorized to make its own decision on slavery.

With secessionists pitted against moderates in the southern elections of , Fillmore had to choose between his constitutional oath and his personal antipathy to the new fugitive slave law. He supported the law and thereby helped keep southern moderates in power for a few more years. In fact, however, his efforts did not recapture a single slave. In Smith's view, Fillmore's most serious mistake was refusing in to get himself nominated for another term.

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