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Ben hogans five lessons pdf torrent

ben hogans five lessons pdf torrent

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I hope you are all doing well. I would like to apologize for not replying to your messages and not posting books recently. I made this community so I can share books and give everyone a chance to read them for free. However, I have other responsibilities as well that's why it became an inactive community. I wish I can post daily. Thank you to those people who are still waiting for me. I will share books whenever I can.

Lots of love. Mustafa Maharvi. Khana Son. Ahmad Ahmado. Community posts Search. Fool Me Twice By Carrie Aarons When my best friend died of cancer just before her eighteenth birthday, she left her coveted bucket list to me.

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I was switched over to doing things right-handed when I was a boy but I started golf as a left-hander because the first club I ever came into possession of, an old five-iron, was a left-handed stick. I stopped being a left-handed golfer for what might be termed local commercial conditions: the boys in my home town, Fort Worth, used to buy their golf clubs at a dollar perclub at a five-and-dime store, and there simply never was any left-handed equipment in the barrel where the clubs were stacked.

When I changed over to the right side, possibly as a hangover from my lefthanded start I first used a cross-hand grip. I experimented next with the interlocking grip, and at length -- I must have been about 15 at the time -- I finally arrived at the overlapping grip.

I was working then in the golf shop at the Glen Garden club, and I copied the grip of Ted Longworth, the pro. I recognized quickly that this was the best of all grips, and once I had persuaded myself of that fact, it took me only a short time to familiarize myself with it. Over the years since first adopting the overlapping grip, I have made two minor alterations. Right after I came out of the service, I changed from what is called the "long thumb," the left thumb fully extended down the shaft, to a modified "short thumb," contracting my left thumb and pulling it up a half inch.

The "long thumb" let the club drop down too far at the top of the backswing, and it was really rough to get my timing right. I made my second alteration in , moving my left hand a good half inch to the left. I was working then to find some way of retaining my power while curbing my occasional tendency to hook. Moving my left hand over so that the thumb was directly down the middle of the shaft was the first step in licking that problem.

I regard both of these changes as personal modifications or adjustments. That is, they were beneficial for me and I would advocate them as sound measures for golfers with the same natural swing pattern and hitting action as myself. Let me make it clear, though, that I look upon them only as adjustments and not as fundamentals. The truly fortunate golfer is the player who needs to make the smallest number of adjustments. The golf grip is bound to function most effectively when the hands and fingers feel thin.

Some days they do, some days they don't. Interestingly enough, drinking some ginger ale, because of its effect on the kidneys, seems to prevent the hands from feeling too fat and puffy. If the weather is cold, of course, it always affects your feel. To make sure my hands were warm enough at Carnoustie, I carried a handwarmer in each pocket. These are Victorian gadgets that work something like a cigarette lighter; the small metal containers covered with heavy cloth are filled with a fluid that, once the wick is lit, smolders for about eight hours.

These hand-warmers, incidentally, also served to keep the golf balls in my pocket nice and warm. A warm ball, you know, flies farther than a cold one. In our next lesson, we will take up the modern fundamentala of the stance and posture. But don't go too fast. I want to stress again that intelligent application is required to learn the golf swing, but how self-rewarding this application is!

The average golfer will finally learn how to put all the elements of the swing together. He will be able to repeat that swing and to hit shots that have the same basic character as a professional's because he will be using the same method a pro does. He may not be as long as a pro or as accurate, but he will be long and straight.

And he will be hitting correctly executed golf shots, with real character to them. That is something a lot of people have never experienced, but it is entirely within the average person's power. I cannot emphasize this point too strongly. The swing itself is what gives you this feel for managing this full variety of golf shots.

As he improves, the average golfer will enjoy the game more and more, for a correct swing will enable him to rediscover golf -- in fact, to discover golf for the first time. He will have the necessary equipment, the full "vocabulary" for golf. He's going to see a different game entirely. When he gets on a tee where a yard minimum carry is needed to get across a water hazard, he won't go blank over the ball, as some golfers do, and just pray that somehow he will get it over the water, this being the best he can hope for.

No, he'll know he can carry yards of water any old time and he'll honestly be able to think about the more advanced things: how much of the water hazard he should try to cut off, the best position for a player of his individual length across the water from which to play his second on the particular hole. The strategy implicit on every good golf hole will appeal to him, not befuddle him. He'll understand the reason why that tree is standing along the left edge of the fairway.

He'll see why that trap edges into the opening to the green. He'll see why the fairway narrows where it does. He will not want the greens committee to cut down that tree or close up that trap or push back the rough. He will even object if there is a plan afoot to soften up the rough. He will, in short, absorb the spirit of the game. When he hits a poor shot and leaves himself with a difficult recovery, he'll respond to the challenge of having to play a difficult shot extra well in order to make up for his error.

If there's a small opening to the green, he will respond to that challenge of having to hit a more accurate shot than he usually does or pay the just consequences. He will feel this way about golf because he will know he has an essentially cotrect, repeating swing and that he can, with moderate concentration, produce the shot that is called for. He will make errors, of course, because he is human, but he will be a golfer and the game will be a source of ever-increasing pleasure for him. Ben Hogan discovered golf as a fifteen-year-old caddie.

He turned pro at seventeen, joined the tour full-time as a nineteen-year-old in , and has won nine pro majors. A four-time PGA Player of the Year, he is one of only four golfers to win all four professional majors. At forty-one, he won five of six tournaments, including the Masters, U. Open and the British Open. Hogan died at eighty-four in in his home in Fort Worth.

Read more. About the authors Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. Herbert Warren Wind. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Bio from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See more on the author's page. Ben Hogan. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Images in this review. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This book, while it maybe old, provides the fundamentals of a golf swing: i the grip; ii stance and posture; iii the back-swing; and iv the downswing in an easy to understand way. I started reading this book in when started back into golf after a 7 year break college and law school and wish I had known about the book when I first started playing. I took about strokes off my game immediately and now after another 10 year break wife, kids, work I picked up the book again and started to notice a similar result.

My shots are producing a better strike and follow through. I highly recommend this book and for the money, it is probably one of if not the most efficient ways to improve your game. I'm a novice golfer that has been away for the sport for several years.

Getting back into it I wanted to find a resource that took a simple and direct approach to the golf swing. I think I have found it. If you take the teachings and then go online and see the many slow motion videos of Mr. Hogan's swing, then you can really see how it all comes together. And the illustrations in the book are very effective and well done too. I'm a visual learner, so that was important to me.

Lastly, I'll say that I love the way this book is written. Somehow it seems to give you a sense not just about the swing, but about the man behind perhaps the most beautiful swing in golf history. Very beautifully executed book. I purchased this book the first time in and then again a couple of years later when I'd misplaced it. This is the only book I've needed to find a successful golf swing.

Everyone finds their own tweaks for improvements but the fundamentals are all in this book. I struggled for years with addressing the ball and the old adage "put the ball in the center of your stance" just never worked for me.

It always stuck in the back of my mind what a friend told me when I was first learning to play, which was to play the ball off the heel of my left foot. Unfortunately, my interpretation was lacking and this book put that single concept in perspective with a diagram on page actually marked the page.

Now that diagram flashes in my mind every time I step up to the ball and it has been key to more consistent impact with each club. I believe Ben Hogan's secret was mostly in his hip-turn. When I feel that I've executed it correctly, the hips seem to naturally release first, get out of the way and I feel the lag in my wrists at impact.

I get more yardage with seemingly less effort from the upper portion of my body. Hogan must have practiced it so much that it became instinctive and when I've watched videos of his swing, his transition from the top to the downswing is so fluid. Great book! I was told to read this book when I started playing golf by my great uncle. I have recently started to play again and really have been struggling, I bought this book in hopes of renewing my mind on the fundamentals, first time at the range after reading a few chapters and already hitting to much better!

I am amazed at the genius of this book after all these years, Hogan had such great grasp of the golf swing, the way the muscles work and the ideology of the swing plane, and he reveals it to us through this book with his writing as well as the artist's illustrations. They really give great visuals to his writing. I am convinced that of you cleared your mind of the millions of golf advice and just simply practiced religiously these 5 lessons, that you would become a valid golfer.

I feel I am on my way, you should be too, get the book, it's awesome and we'll worth the small cost. One person found this helpful. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Although there are already a lot of other reviews about ben hogan's five lessons I thought it would be wrong for me not to put my experiences in here. As a bit of background I am a novice golfer. I played 3 or 4 rounds a few years ago, and bought a beginners club set ben sayers m7 fire and went round a few times with some of the lads at work.

I was enjoying myself but hitting very inconsistently. Hooks and slices were very very common and the best I did was hit par once, and that was with a really good putt. Probably a fluke back then. I started playing again a few months ago with a change of job that is giving me a lot of free time. I picked up a few golf magazines and looked through the tips and guide sections but they were all over the place with diagrams and captions I wasn't taking much in from them. I decided to do a search on golf books on amazon and the most recommended was ben hogan's five lessons, so I took a small chance and ordered it.

I suggest everyone who has had a similar experience to myself so far do the same and buy this book. The book arrived and I read it over 2 nights. There are a handful of sections, starting with grip and finishing with your downswing. It is written in a very good order, bringing the information through in a solid structure.

The writing style is not modern, but not old fashioned either. It feels more like what ben would say if he was standing in front of you giving you a real life instruction. The diagrams are hand drawn and very clear, and everything has lots of diagrams to show you in every possible way what you need to do. There is also a section at the back but a quick round up of what he has taught you. I particularly like the fact that he explains the swing plane in a nice simple way.

What the book doesn't include: anything on club choice or hitting of different surfaces e. This is just the basic fundamentals of a good golf swings. So where am I after a month of following the instruction in this book? I scored about 20 shots better than I would have previously, and only lost on match play by 2 holes, where I would have lost every hole.

I scored my first ever birdie on a par 3. I can now play a round without feeling embarrassed slicing tee shots into woods and I am not losing balls anymore. Water hazards do not make my wallet cringe. I am getting good height rather than hitting the ball low across the floor. I cannot recommend this book any more. It is number 1 and in my opinion will never be replaced.

The fundamentals here will give me a lifetime of enjoyable golf. Simply brilliant instruction book; completely invaluable. Written by one of the absolute greats and illustrated beautifully. Simple, easy to follow fundamentals you can return to time and time again. I bought this book in and have referred to it ever since; It's the only book Ive ever recommended to friends who have taken up the game - because it helps you feel what a good, repeatable, simple swing feels like.

It makes practise a pleasure. The 5 fundamentals of grip, stance, backswing and forward swing are perfectly described. I have never read another golf instruction book nor had a single lesson in my life - I have been down as low as a 3 handicap and still now play to 10 in my mid 50s. A must and totally indispencable. Having swung golf clubs for over 30 years and never taken a lesson this book has been a real eye opener.

From the first chapter I realised what had been undermining my game and was able to replace it with good practice. Will be rereading this for as long as aI play golf, bravo. In my list of gurus, Ben Hogan appears this year for the thoughts he has captured in this book. This book is a collection of five articles Hogan wrote on the "modern fundamentals" of golf for Sports Illustrated in the Fifties.

In a way, you're glad he wrote it down, because you'd hate him to be a personal teacher. He comes across as not only a purist, but an absolute obsessive over the game. Control freak? Suffer golf fools gladly? Not for a second. Hogan admits this often as he writes. You're going to do it his way, and you're going to commit to it through practice, practice and practice. Otherwise you are a waster, a loser, not even half a man.

Could you write three pages on "The Waggle" that you make as you address the ball? Would you classify "The Waggle" as intrinsic to your game? Have you even ever thought about it? If he can write three pages on this, what is he going to manage on the downswing? As I read, I became somewhat fascinated by the guy as he seemed borderline eccentric, if not borderline lunatic.

I may seek out his biography or autobiography. Sportsmen can be boring because they do little else than play their sport, but maybe it's because of that that Hogan might be interesting.

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