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Stories filled with an imagination that had no boundaries. Science Fiction cinema flirted blatantly with ideas and images of a world that reached beyond the known, and contemplated aloud, fantastic stories as early as the silent era. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , re-envisioned time and time again. Barrymore so fluently moved through the silent stage, reveals that we all just might be harboring in our sub-conscious hidden dark and primal desires.

Unleashed by a concoction, a seduction of science creates a fiend! Hyde It features really cool electronic chambers and more! Aubrey Smith. The first influential science fiction film by Fritz Lang created a dystopian societ in Metropolis Charles Laughton is superb as H. Science has never been more evil! Island of Lost Souls Then there was the adaptation of H. Progress is not living. It should only be the preparation for living.

The electrical secrets of heaven, the lighting, the elaborate sets designed by genius Kenneth Strickfaden with his lights throbbing gizmos flashing and zapping, the creepy atmosphere of murky tones. The consummate Universal monster movie with iconic scenes introducing a new face, Boris Karloff who would become the great father of terror stories …. Colin Clive becomes hysterical as he has creates life from death, but that life would become a whole new ethical, moral and imposing dilemma for Dr.

And the laboratory as gorgeous set pieces would become a staple of the science fiction realm. The splitting of the atom, ushering in the atomic age and the collective anxiety most definitely was the catalyst for the many of the movie fantasy stories known as the s Sci-Fi film.

By that I mean that science fiction movies deal with scientific possibilities and technologies that do not exist yet but that might exist someday. Science fiction is the realm of the not-yet. Then you got the next phase which is The Cold War again which is to do with paranoia. Movies started to dip into that. It was not just fear of being beaten up by the local bully.

And these movies were all metaphors for those fears. About the end of the world, issues that were always going on about how many bombs were being built. The Cold War was always in the media. Reflecting the growing internal struggles within American society and the developing mistrust about Soviet aggression and anyone and anything perceived as subversive. The phenomena of sightings of UFOs would continue throughout the s, though agencies were fully prepared to explain away the reports.

Yet the public had a hunger to and fascination with the possibility of extra-terrestrials. Destination Moon did attempt to accurately portray a trip to the moon given the technology and knowledge that was stuck in Then we shot past the moon in cinema and went straight to the red planet with Flight to Mars ! Themes and metaphors that emerged from anxiety about the atom bomb , radiation fallout , the advent of modernity , the space race and the wanderlust to conquer outer space , interplanetary warfare , military vs.

There were also science fiction films that rang the warning bell about cosmic calamity and catastrophic world coming to an end , annihilation fantasies like When Worlds Collide It was a great reflexive move for those science fiction films to portray aliens that were sympathetic, yet non-humanoid in appearance. Most Sci-Fi films show aliens as menacing, not only destructive but dangerous because they also wanted to keep us as captives, zap our resources and colonize our planet, sometimes even take our women, oh god no unhand Faith Domergue you pants wearing Mutant!

That you would come home and that you would not recognize your mom and dad they would have changed into people who hate you! I can attest to the persuasion these films could have over the burgeoning imagination of a child, especially one like me who felt very much like an outsider as a kid. One night, as sure as my name is MonsterGirl , I went home, looked at my parents, decided they had been switched by aliens and ran out of the house, walking around the block for at least an hour before I convinced myself that I was being ridiculous.

Or was I? These themes did have a not so subtle impact on a young impressionable mind who could easily question the world around them. Who could you trust? Would would believe you anyway? There is the outsider narrative, diminishing human forms as in Bert I. Although mad -bad science has shrunk down people before the s in The Devil Doll and in the hands of crazed Albert Dekker in Dr. Cyclops There is the quintessential existential crisis, the beautifully thought provoking film by director Jack Arnold starring the eternally transcending man Grant Williams in, The Incredible Shrinking Man Giant insects, sea creatures and people who ran around half crazed and scantily dressed were a by-product of the atomic age!

In Queen of Outer Space the masked disfigured Queen Yilana Zsa Zsa Gabor imprisons the men who crash land on her planet, intending to annihilate the earth with her beta disintegrator, though her beautiful subjects revolt in the name of love. Their dancing their music their leotards were so Moderne! Missile to the Moon Stevens and one of her maidens in distress….

Mark Hamill who narrates the wonderful documentary written and directed by Richard Schickel Watch the Skies! They would create love stories in space! There were menaces from without, menaces from within. The ordinary world transformed into the monstrous. There were warnings from benevolent aliens and aggressive attacks by aliens who wanted to colonize our planet. And by the end of the decade we were left a legacy of impressive productions that remain timeless masterpieces, the cult grade- B Sci-Fi picture with their indelible charm and kitsch emblems, and the true stinkers that are so bad there too good not to appreciate.

There were collections of stylized works by Jack Arnold, Bert I. Gordon , Edward L. Cahn and one indie auteur who showed us how to make a memorable movie on a shoe string budget who also launched many a career, the inimitable and grand Roger Corman. Killers from Space And just as key to the atmosphere and attitude of the films were the musical contributions which defined that certain feel of chills and excitement, screwball antics and off-beat perscussion that filled up your head with pulsing visions of laser beams and other-worldly noises that ran up your spine like a finely coiled wire resonating the confluent sounds of the cosmos!

Geesh that was a mouthful! There were composers who masterfully underscored some of the BEST films and even the worst! Salter and Henry Mancini to name a few. Instrumentalist Clara Rockmore mastered the Theremin which had a cosmic, universal vibe that was, well out of this world! Popular were the films that dealt with the hubris of science that ultimately manifested monsters. There were even pants monsters, yes! Patricia Medford in Them!

There are way too many that fall right on the gray line that either exists in the middle or transects both themes at once. One could say the film is also a crime drama. There are too many nuances and parameters that intersect. Science fiction takes place in the realm of the not-yet; supernatural horror films operate in the realm of the impossible. The enormous influence that Science Fiction cinema had long-lasting effects on the advent of television.

The show came in on the end of the decade. Stories that were infused by the themes of the 50s and set the tone for future decades to come. The Twilight Zone was groundbreaking and thought-provoking, dealing with issues of war, class, race, it was a socially conscious program that constantly tried to remind us of our humanity. The decade of s Science Fiction also bled into the mindfulness of my favorite early 60s science fiction anthology series The Outer Limits.

Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.

For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to — The Orwellian Control Voice from The Outer Limits anthology television series aired from In this period, it is the process of rationalization which is the threat, and in this way horror texts were at least as concerned with developments within American society as they were with threats from without… Here rationalization is understood as the process through which scientific — technical rationality is applied to the management of social, economic and cultural life….

Grant Williams protagonist Scott Carey becomes engulfed in a glittery mist of atomic dust particles in The Incredible Shrinking Man the film exudes anxiety of his diminishing masculinity by not only losing his literal size, his physical height but he loses his maleness as a husband and as a regular man. There would be films that embrace the dystopia narratives , and curiosity with technical advancements like robots!

Whether you grew up actually seeing them for the very first time, or becoming a new fan who is excited to embrace the heart and soul of a genre that made you think beyond what if? Directed by Irving Pichel and producer George Pal along with a screenplay by Robert Heinlein took a very documentary approach to the narrative and the landscapes.

The film was a critical success an revived the Sci-Fi genre. Destination Moon was an attempt to show a serious technical side to space travel. Similar to almost Apollo 13 or Marooned And thus the race for America to get there first. Physicists and astronomers were consulted in order to stay true to the realistic view Heinlein, Pichel and Pal desired as their vision of the future.

They also used striking paintings by Chesley Bonestell to imagine the gorgeous lunar landscapes along with designer Ernest Fegte who create the realistic cratered look of the Moon. The film features the first lunar landing that was envisioned as realistic and not melodramatic or surreal. The crew led by actor John Archer manage to land on the Moon but they run out of fuel, that they seem doomed to be stranded.

They lose all the excess weight in order to get the ship space worthy again, but till they are over the weight limit. In a noble act of courage and sacrifice Dick Wesson Tom Powers figures that he can remove his cumbersome pressure suit and re-enter the ship a lighter and better man in order to save the rest of the crew….

Have you seen this? Manufactured and organized — with money and brains. Marikoff Roy Engel as Dr. Carl Lawton and Denver Pile as Turner! Because we feared the Russians in the early s much of the paranoia around UFO sightings were connected to those pesky Reds!

Carl Lawton who hopes to sell it to the Americans! Mike Trent : I sobered up. Prehistoric Women would find a resurgence in the 60s! Directed by Gregg C. Tallas, Siren of Atlantas offers an adventure sci-fi fantasy film. The film is narrated documentary style because the cast are primitives who Amazonian cave-women and had little to no dialogue, it just adds to the laughable style and god awful Cinecolor production.

Still, prehistoric films, though considered mostly adventure stories seems to be included in books on the Sci-Fi genre. Though it could also easily be branded as a very cheap sexist exploitation romp! Tigri and her clan hate men but realize that they are sort of needed for some things, so they capture a bunch of fellas and try to force them to become their mates. Floyd Graham , Osa Massen as Dr. Karl Eckstrom , Noah Beery Jr. Ralph Fleming , and Sherry Morland as the Martian girl.

Cinematographer Karl Struss Sunrise , The Great Dictator, , Limelight , The Fly and art direction by Theobold Holsopple create at times a sublime and beautifully desolate landscape using matte paintings, miniatures among the technical effects. For all the scenes on Mars, the film is tinted a pinkish sepia tone filmed partly in The Mojave desert.

Struss lenses an landscape that is eerie and atmospheric. German director Neumann came to Hollywood in and became best known for his work on The Fly. Like Destination Moon ,it features the first manned rocket-ship to the Moon that winds up knocked off course winding up on Mars, stranded on the bleak landscape where the crew led by Dr.

Karl Eckstrom stumble upon a dome-shaped structure and an odd metallic mask. They deduce from all the radioactivity that there must have been a superior race of intelligent beings who had once inhabited the planet but fell victim to some kind of atomic catastrophe, leaving only a few mutant savages to forage the bones of the now desolate planet. The crew is eventually besieged upon by the remains of that once thriving Martian race, which in a shocking reveal shows Sherry Moreland the Martian girl to have a lifeless stare as she is blind.

The Martian trogldyte attackers kill Dr. Eckstrom, and Maj. Corrigan, wounding Chamberlain. Floyd Graham and Dr. In a very intense and poignant scene as the two hold each other and embrace their inevitable fate with a transcendent fatalistic sense of hope, much like Grant Williams at the end of The Incredible Shrinking Man , the lovers watch through the view finder as they plunge toward Earth to their deaths, in a darker film ending— as they crash.

Rocketship X-M seems to have brought the warning not to earth in the form of Klaatu the benevolent, but has placed us on a hostile planet much like Planet of the Apes that gravely warns us that our future could very well wind up the same way if we pursue atomic weapons. Lloyd Bridges holds Osa Massen It ends badly for everyone.

She feels like something is lifting them up and holding them right before they crash…. Osa Massen sees her tragic end as a new beginning she sheds her fears and finds a courageous way to embrace their impending death. Doomed to crash and burn Floyd and Lisa cannot control the technology. There is a conflict with the machines and mechanisms we build that can either annihilate us or set us free to explore and thrive.

Lisa Van Horn : I suppose you think that women should only cook and sew and bear children. Floyd : Murdering savages! Eckstrom : No Floyd. Poor fear-crazed despairing wretches. Pity them. Pity them! A true legend, not just because she was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, but because of her enduring spirit to express her genius and the profound contributions she made to science! Actress, writer, director, producer. Mind of Levine comes up with a title that makes me feel all warm inside, because she conjures up a bold title that I can grab onto.

What would she have accomplished in a life time if she had survived. She has a pantheon place here at The Last Drive In. Irreverent, hilarious, gorgeous, sublime and one step ahead of her male leads. Nitrate Glow offers us a beautiful gem from … directed by Isao Takahata. Hilda is the little songstress who was way before her time in terms of animation heroines.

Nitrate Glow offers an incredibly eloquent and insightful look at a unique film! Leave it to Dorian of Tales of the Easily Distracted to offer us a witty and apropos tribute to the Anti Damsel Audrey Hepburn as Regina Lampert in Charade Just because Hepburn exudes a delicate finery and elegance, she has always manifested a power that strikes out like a lioness!

Charade is a wonderful romantic comedy that showcases why the versatile Audrey Hepburn is a legend! Serendipitous Anachronisms pays tribute to the great Kim Hunter and her memorable character as Dr. Zira in Planet of the Apes Who better than to pay tribute to an immensely empowered, and I do mean immense! Nancy Fowler Archer will remain indelibly in our secret voyeuristic yearnings to grow tall enough to kick the crap out of the finks who dare betray us! Thanks Old Hollywood Films for sharing this fabulist heroine!

Moon in Gemini has also honored this grand bash with yet another legendary figure of empowered women-ness! I would have liked to taken one of those Dr. Taylor classes. Even if Bogie was poisoning her milk, or she was bed ridden or stalked by a dream lover or even a witness to murder, she never quite seemed like a weak woman. Just a strong one in the wrong place at the right time. BNoirDetour showcases the talent of Linda Darnell in this highly charged film of social criticism that explodes on the screen in No Way Out !

I was sooo thrilled to have her join in and offer her take on an Anti Damsel. Defiant Success has made this Anti Damsel Blogathon that much better for having covered Deborah Kerr as Karen Holmes a woman who speaks her mind in From Here To Eternity Kerr is the consummate anti damsel and she always wields that classy composure! Taken away from us too soon, journey through this insightful post and read about Lombard as producer!

Karavansara has done the honor of taking up my wish list and paying tribute to one of THE most iconic sexy and strong female role models of the 60s. I am with them. The film that put her back on track in Hollywood! Read this insightful piece here. A beautiful film and a wonderful contribution to our Anti Damsel bash!

In particular, these bold women and the screen roles they adopted have become legendary. They sparked catchy dialogue, inspired fashion trends, or just plain inspired us… All together there are of SOME of the most determined, empowered and uniquely fortified femmes of classic film…!

First of course I consulted the maven of all things splendid, shimmery and SILENT for her take on silent film actresses and the parts that made them come alive on the immortal screen…. Fritzi at Movies Silently has summoned up these fabulous femmes…. They became spirited women with an inner reserve of strength and a passion for following their desires! Added are a few photos to fill out the framework of their contribution to the genre. Collectively and Individually these women are fantastic , and I feel very passionate about having put this wonderful collection together as a tribute!

He is part of a secret experimentation with on men and alligators. Andrea Romar and John Bromfield as Rock Dean who venture up the Amazon River to find the reason why the plantation workers are fleeing from a mysterious monster! Beverly stars as Claire Anderson married to Dr. Tom Anderson played by Lee Van Cleef who communicates with an alien life from who claims he comes in peace.

As they flee the scene they stumble upon an Old Dark House where the servant Ralph Richardson takes care of Tone Hobart played by David McCallum a solitary sad young man, an introvert who tinkers with clocks, an inventor who is able to tip the balance of time and bring back the past and ultimately the dead. Barbara Rush conveys a depth of sadness and vulnerability that is tragic and beautifully pieced together for this macabre story written by Joseph Stefano.

The lighting traps each player in the shadows of their own machinations. It is a brilliant little morality play. Hall is extraordinarily moody and dark in this psychological supernatural story by Joseph Stefano. Like this: Like Loading Every one of you listening to my voice. Tell the world… Tell this to everybody wherever they are. Watch the Skies! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies! Chiller Theater. Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window Click to email a link to a friend Opens in new window.

The Last Drive In Hedy Lamarr : from Ecstasy to Frequency- A Beautiful Life A true legend, not just because she was considered the most beautiful woman in the world, but because of her enduring spirit to express her genius and the profound contributions she made to science!

Tales of the Easily Distracted Charade The tale of four men and the woman who loves him Leave it to Dorian of Tales of the Easily Distracted to offer us a witty and apropos tribute to the Anti Damsel Audrey Hepburn as Regina Lampert in Charade Just because Hepburn exudes a delicate finery and elegance, she has always manifested a power that strikes out like a lioness!

Karavansara Emma Peel in The Avengers Karavansara has done the honor of taking up my wish list and paying tribute to one of THE most iconic sexy and strong female role models of the 60s. Not in this Blogathon baby! She meets the local Lothario during a robbery and by the end of the scene she has stolen his heart.

And his pants. In this film, she plays a countess whose skull tattoo causes an uproar in Anytown, USA. The film also features a romance between Negri and the stuffy local prosecutor, who soon finds himself on the receiving end of her bullwhip. Not a metaphor. In the case of Lulu, she is a single woman trapped in two Victorian social conventions: spinster and poor relation.

During the course of the film, she rejects both titles, learns her own self-worth and empowers herself to enter into a healthy relationship with the local schoolmaster. Tasty feminism! The Rudolph Valentino vehicle The Sheik had been a smash hit and had spawned many rip-offs and parodies.

In this case, a warrior princess falls for a French officer and decides the most sensible course of action is to abduct him for the purpose of marriage. Sadly, this comedy seems to be one of many silent films that is missing and presumed lost. She ends up saving the day— and her favorite dude in distress— through quick thinking, a knowledge of knots and a mean right hook.

Our hero wishes to dodge marriage but cannot gain his inheritance without a bride. A plan! He will buy a lifelike doll from a famous toymaker and marry that. Molly is one of her boldest. The epic final race across the swamps— complete with alligators— is still harrowing to behold.

In this serial, she saves the day on numerous occasions and even saves her love interest from peril on the train tracks. This is another movie that is missing and presumed lost. In the case of Musidora, her most famous roles were as criminals. Smart, stealthy and likely to slip a stiletto between the ribs… in short, a woman not to be trifled with. She tracks down spies at the embassy, follows her suspect and manages to steal back the documents that he purloined from her father.

Not at all bad for a film made seven years before the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified. What is an elderly woman to do? Take up her trusty pistol and investigate, of course! She also wields a dry wit and keeps cool under pressure. Louise Dresser is a kick as the assertive czarina who knows what she likes and goes for it.

Barbara Stanwyck posing with boxing gloves! The following actresses and their immortal characters are in no particular order…! Phyllis Dietrichson Barbara Stanwyck Double Indemnity set fire to the screen as one of the most seductive femme fatales— a dame who made sunglasses and ankle bracelets a provocative weapon. She had murder on her mind and was just brazen enough to concoct an insurance scam that will pay off on her husbands murder in Double Indemnity Slim has the allure of a femme fatale, the depth of a soul mate and the reliability of a confidant and a fearless sense of adventure.

Playing across Bogart as the jaded Captain Harry Morgan who with alcoholic shipmate Eddie Walter Brennan run a boating operation on the island of Martinique. I looked into my G2 directory, but I couldn't find such a thing. Could you please elaborate? I know that ar. Russian version have that NotR water mages loading screen? I find it weird a bit, but, as you say, it may vary. I'm not all that anxious about it, it's just that I got used to that, and I usually stick to old habits.

As in the Deutsche version of the Gothic2. Edit: as for the text, I don't think ar. DE exe. I managed to change. About VDFS issue: I understand what you are explaining, but could you provide details about how should I revert the text back to English in case it's possible, of course?

I executed Vdfse. In respect to loading screen: I imagine there's some splash file which is activated by game system at its start, and, in theory, all I should do is to change it back to previous version, but I don't know how to do that. Could you enlighten me a bit? Best regards. Try this: make a backup of the 4 original files: Vdfs32g. Then rename the remaining 2 files by exchanging the e with a g. And perhaps VDFS.

DMP needs to be deleted or a mod started for the vdfs to be recreated. About the loading screen, I don't know what you mean. What image exactly perhaps show a screenshot? I did try that, but it seems the approach must be handled in a different way, since I only got some "cannot start the game due to Vdfsg. And yes, that. In my NoTR version 2. Hmm, I did to myself what I suggested to you and I got kinda the same error. But then I copied back from backup the 2 English files, since my copy complained that it didn't find vdfs32e.

And now by deleting the. So, to be clear. All 4 files are the En ones, just 2 of them have the G instead of E in their name. There might be even more elegant solutions or this one could lead to problems, although I doubt that. Edit: about the loading screen I would like to have the latter, yes. It's not all that important, but, you know, old habits die hard.

Thank you for your time, Larisa. I think that the loading spash screen actually comes as a file. Hi, this patch gives me the "C: maximum texture size is lower than I'm having the same same error message when trying to run the game after installing the community patch, but I don't have any NVIDIA fixes installed. Any idea why? Running Gothic 2 Gold v. No other patches or mods installed.

I face a problem in the Addonworld. I am unable to complete the quest about killing the bandits in the tower south of the Pirate Camp. I first got the mission from the palisade builder chap who demands gold to let you in and drops the price depending on certain quests you complete. I see three bandits there but when I kill them, the quest doesn't update. Whenever I say "About the bandits Later, when I join his raiding troop, he keeps saying that the tower is to the southwest.

Even Greg says that the bandits at the tower should have been taken care of by Francis. And all the while, the bandits are dead. I even enabled Marvin mode, and clipped through the tower and whatnot to see if one of the bandits was stuck somewhere out of sight but there were none. It's not a very important quest, and certainly not game breaking but it still cost me gold more than it should have if gold is the reduction in entry fee by killing the bandits.

After you got the quest from Henry,did you speak to the other two pirates working on the palisade? Yes, I did. But wasn't that quest supposed to be completed if you just went and killed the bandits? I mean, I remember that killing them before entering should drop the entry fee.

I've just started the Gothic games and I'm loving them. I'm having the Installer problem for the Gothic 2 Notr community patch 2. I tried downloading the manual rar install, but both the links given in this thread are broken. Could someone upload the rar patch again? Is there any other link? So here's a completely stupid question I'm sure. I got my hands on Gothic Gold 2, which is 3 cd's. I install it, then I install the fourth CD I then used your 2.

Is it meant to be like this? I'm completely new to Gothic 2 as well as this patch How am I supposed to play the original? Did something glaringly stupid go wrong or is that normal? Welcome to World of Gothic! You cannot play the original if you have NotR installed. Ok, that's what I figured. So uh, is this patch exclusively for NotR then? I believe I read that you had to have NotR installed to use this patch?

Also, if that is the case For Gold? If you want something for G2 without NotR installed, don't mention "Gold". And just in case this isn't clear, you don't lose everything from the original game when you install NotR.

It's not an independent add-on. NotR makes changes to some of the rules and mechanics of the original games, adds a few quests and alters some of the contents of the areas in the original game and then also adds an entirely new area that you are free to go to and from as you please once you get access to it. The original game is still there and you still play it, it's just tweaked a bit by having NotR installed.

So NotR just adds a new intro and you eventually do end up playing through the original quest line just as you would without? Thanks for gumming it down for me guys, can't imagine why I'm still a tad lost ;. You can think of NotR like adding a new room to your house plus replacing a few pieces of your existing furniture and maybe remodeling your bathroom.

Your house is still there but it's now bigger and better. NotR does change some of the rules a bit that make for a more challenging game. If you want an easier introduction to the Gothic universe than install and play G2 without NotR. Also note that you cannot change your mind. Once you start playing with or without NotR you have to start all over if you want to change. I've personally never played without NotR and I loved it the first time I played.

Just tested the patch briefly five minutes ago. There seemed to be slow-down of the flow in the game. After I installed the patch I saw the ''pause'' decrease in frame per second in every new area I happened to explore. I suspected it had something to do with the new textures - component of the patch. Thanks for the hint how to delete the texture-improvement component.

Seems like the texture-patch needs some time to warm up. But I have one minor problem with the patch. It changes the logo which appears before the game starts to run to German version. Anyone has an idea how to change back that logo to English version? The patch utilized the report version executable, which still has the German logo, so short of removing the patch, no. It looks to me like both are bugfix patches and both are for Gold version.

Should I install them both? Thanks to a guy form themodders forum I know how to fix that logo. You gotta download ResHacker or Restorator prgoram. Then open the Gothic2. Remember to keep the same name of a file you make changes to in this case it is If a question is asked, then the person really cannot find the answer himself. Also, please refrain from stating what's prohibited on this forum or not. That's not your job.

Only editing the exe isn't exactly "allowed". The report version was authorised by the devs and thus we can use that to replace our own, but editing the exe on our own can be viewed as trying to overcome the CD-check. Since it is present to date for some localisations This topic is a bit blurry, so best to simply backup the old "English" exe and then put it back after you install the patch.

None of the fixes are in the exe anyway and you can use the old one just as well. The only reason why the report version is there, is because it allows the install of some other mods. Imho editing a file for your own, without distributing it and especially since it's not about removing a copy protection I say it's nothing wrong.

It's fair use. Although I can't understand why that little German text can bug people so much. You see it for seconds. I bought the game. I can do it whatever I want as long as I do not distribute it. I got good eyes for small fine details, maybe that's why. For personal use it's fine of course, as long as it doesn't touch the copy protection. My reference here is the Returning mod.

I don't know about subsequent patches I only played the original Russian release version , but the first one had a custom exe, that had no copy protection, in spite of the fact that the Russian akella localization did have a cd-check at that time.

Well, that came to pass and nothing happened. But I still feel it's best to inform people about this. But, like I said, just use your old exe. They all work just as well. I have this weird problem. I have install G2 Gold end the v2. Then i had to unistall the game and install it again but when i try to install again the v2. Ive unistall the game again using also the 'Uninstaller' program to remove any registry entries but again the same message:mad: What should i do?

Just use the. Known problem. Thx m8, problem solved! Hello, everybody! So right to the question : I would like to ask if the file Camera. Thanks in advance! Welcome here! Hello WoG Community, [ Also in a quicksearch in the posts I was unable to find them mentioned.

Yes, our patch does not include those fixes, because it was built from the ground up based on the original scripts. It doesn't however mean that more fixes shouldn't be included. ETA: unknown. Is this patch for english version?

The installer fails to create the uninstaller. Is this a problem? I have no failed quest in G2 I think they just disappear. I have many crashes game freezes and then acces violation errors. The game or the patch causes the crashes? The game was at version 2. Is that OK? Hope that somebody will clear out some of this questions.

Right, let's see. You did start a new game after installing the patch, didn't you? It is no longer required, as nVidia have released a proper fix for Gothic 2. Go to your Gothic 2 directory, then go to "System" and see if you have the following files there: ddraw. The new exe is the so called "report version". Whenever there is a crash, it returns back more meaningful feedback and it is also a prerequisite for many mods.

Yes, I started a new game. The failed quests list is empty but I know for sure that I have some failed ones because they don't appear anywhere ex. A Fatal Situation - I've killed Senyan and the quest has disappeared. Is there any way I can see my failed quests? I don't have those files in System folder. Also I can't see any cinematics, only hear them. Thanks for the quick reply Tratos. I need help. Everything looks fine besides item names, journal entries and dialogue options.

Dubbing and text on top of the screen during talking its in my language. How do i change some of the text from English to Polish? Which file i need to replace with the original one? I hope there will be fast reply, bacause i want play so badly!

But this file is fixing some bugs, right? That's weird, on both accounts. I'm guessing you did install the newest ForceWare for nVidia, right? As for the quests, the ultimate test would be to try the game without the patch and see if you can fail those, otherwise - this is a first.

Part of the translation is in ou. But Gothic. Is there any way to keep patched version of this file in my language? Sorry, but this way may be too complex for newbies: 1. Decompile English game scripts from CP v2. Replace all English texts in project with a Polish ones. Compile modified project - you'll get Polish game scripts. Replace English game scripts with a Polish ones. Point 2 will take forever i think. And i dont know how to do this all things. You could simply replace the ou. The other stuff, like item names, the dialog choices, etc.

Is that true for Spacer 2 as well? I've started a new game and I had a failed quests with Rengaru I think - I've let him go after the chase. Then I started a new game but with the patch applyed. I can upload a savegame for "analysis" if that will lead to the bug that's causing my failed quests not to appear. Am re-investigating Gothic II as I'd played it and enjoyed it years ago, so I repurchased Gothic II, Gothic 3, and Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods a couple of months ago in a sale package from Steam--at a price so low I'm embarrassed to quote it yet overjoyed at such a good deal!

Currently I am taking my time with G2, using both your mod here 2. Ah--so many games--so little time! Interestingly enough there were no conflicts in installing your 2. So now the game works whether I've got Steam running or not--but I can still run Steam and start the game from the Steam interface without a problem.

I'm pretty happy about it as it all seems like fair use to me Thanks so much for all your hard work! And the German text on the little splash screen and in the cache rebuilding text box bothers me not at all It is not over and those things shall be fixed.

I'm waiting for a critical piece of the puzzle from Korianous and then you'll get the chance to play the alternative balance mod again. Looking forward to it! What a pleasant surprise! Can anyone please put the link with this patch's archive format? I have a problem with the uninstaller at the end of the install. Also i have a question. Swift answer please. Blimey, I've been neglecting my host provider for so long, I never noticed that the server was taken down.

At least it seems so and no news about it. I'm guessing that means there is no on-line patch right now. So, is the archive uploaded somewhere else? I wanted to play but I've made the mistake of installing the patch, noticed the error at the end, then I reinstalled the game hoping to solve the problem. And then I had the surprise that I can't install the patch again. CCleaner didn't solve the problem. Edit: I found a working archive link in the 5th page. I tried all the links on page 5 but none of them would open.

Can you please upload the archive on some other server like rapidshare, megaupload or other? Edit: Nevermind, found the answer buried in another thread. Can I use Heights of Power if I install this patch? This was asked and wasn't answered. I'm wondering if I can use both patches or do I have to make a decision on what one to use?

So: which are he differences that are present in this patch and not present in HoP? Ok, guys I spent about an hour trying to find a good link to the manual install of the community patch. The installer didn't work and prevented me from attempting a re-install.

Every link was dead, except for one on the 5th page in the above quote. Considering that all other links died, I decided to create a torrent for this patch. Even if the link on the 5th page dies, if a few people seed this, then the patch will be around for a long time and allow many people to play this amazing game, nearly bug-free.

Please, help me seed this! Thanks, everyone. Gothic II Community Patch v2. Just thought I'd chime in.. It's bad that it takes 2 hours for it to download from a torrent site. If you get the error "2. Delete the ironkeep folder containing gothic 2 patch info and patch. Of the 20 or so people that have downloaded it, not one has decided to help me upload it A simple solution to the patch not running correctly if you get the error "2.

The main problem was that it couldn't be installed after the first failed attempt. See below. I spent half an hour in regedit to make sure I got every key related to Ironkeep. Even after deleting them all, it still wouldn't run. The only option was to use the manual install, which unfortunately, proved more time-consuming to find then I had originally thought.

Which is the main reason I posted this. Had someone else done this, it would've made my life so much easier. I figured I'd help the next poor guy who ran into this crap. Now I'm trying to figure out the widescreen thing again.. I swore I had it figured out before and you didn't have to trigger a conversation to keep the aspect correctly but maybe that's a false memory.

Kind of bugging me because I die a lot. Well, I know that the game was kind of "under the radar" so I didn't think many people would be looking for the patch. I made a torrent, because I was hoping I'd get a few people helping to upload it. And as long as just one person is uploading it, it'll always be there. I figured the last thing the game needed was another dead link, lol.

I've just installed the patch and it has overwritten half of the polish texts in the game, so I want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it didn't install correctly as for most people here the uninstaller is not there , so I can't.

Also, I can't reinstall the game because I don't have it at hand at the moment and won't have for the nearest month. I hope and assume that the uninstaller is contained in the. It will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Craving Gothic fan. Well, had a HDD failure and didn't have a backup of the manual install for the patch.

I did find another download location for the installer, however. There are two links to the same file, below. Use whichever works for you. I have the german Gold version of the game, but it seems everytime I install the patch, the dialouge fix is applied too.

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