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When John signed a multi-record recording agreement with Blind Pig Records in , label head Jerry Del Giudice was quoted to say "how impressed I was with John's performance the one time I got the chance to see him. In our nearly 30 years in the business we have never before offered a new artist a recording contract on the strength of one performance. In he lead the popular band, the Blues Survivors. By the late 60's he had immersed himself in the Chicago Blues and was studying harmonica with the great Big Walter Horton.

By the mid 70's Madcat was touring the world with world-renown jazz pianist Dave Brubeck… an amazing accomplishment for a diatonic harmonica player. Rick released his first album with Little Charlie and the Nightcats on Alligator Records in and has been touring and recording relentlessly for all of these years.

Mischo , haling from the Minneapolis area, started his first band at the ripe age of His first album Ready to Go with guitarist Teddy Morgan and Percy Strother helped push his career into the limelight, securing several successful European tours. RJ is known for his relaxed and personal stage presence on the bandstand and brings to this interview a lot of knowledge of how to work with pick-up bands around the world.

Videos include: Introduction and early influences and essential listening, Approach to improvising, Approach to accompaniment playing, Keeping solos fresh throughout a performance, Tongue blocking, Blow Bending, 1st Position playing and recommended listening, 3rd Position playing and recommended listening, Chromatic harmonica and recommended listening, Hand technique and cupping, Importance of understanding the structure of blues, Stage presence, Working with a pickup band, Equipment harps, mics and amps for stage and recording , Personal Philosophy, What do you like to hear when you listen to harmonica?

Steve has made hundreds of recordings as a studio musician and can be heard on a wide variety of CD, film and TV productions. For over 20 years Steve has worked as a consultant for Hohner, closely involved in the development of several models including the Marine Band Deluxe. Steve is the top-most regarded author of harmonica literature in Europe and has written a number of instructional methods: The Harp Handbook, Interactive Blues Harp Workshop and three volumes of Blues Harmonica Playalongs.

Steve teaches private lessons on a regular basis and instructs at all of the well-known events in Europe. In Steve started the annual Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen Germany… the leading place for intermediate and advanced harmonica players to go and study in Europe.??

Video lesson: Introduction and early influences, Essential Listening, Approach to improvising, Importance of understanding the structure of blues, Approach to accompaniment playing, Bending, How differential and overtones work, Tongue blocking, Minor playing, High-end playing and overbends, 1st Position playing and recommended listening, 3rd Position playing and recommended listening, Equipment harps, mics and amps for stage and recording , Personal Philosophy, What do you like to hear when you listen to harmonica?

Rod started his recording career in , teamed up with George "Harmonica" Smith for the band Bacon Fat in and redefined the sound of blues harmonica a sound now called West Coast Blues in the 's. Countless of today's pro players cut their teeth on Rod's recordings and he's now to share his thoughts and knowledge on the instrument and blues music. Andy Just - In the finest of West Coast blues harmonica traditions, Andy Just has been thrilling audiences with his explosive performances, not only in the states, but overseas as well.

His sound is extremely powerful, and innovative, which has been honed by many years of playing, and touring. Andy is well known in Europe and Australia where he often entertains thousands at large blues festivals. Andy has been on at least 30 albums to date, and continues to record on the Blue Rockit Record label.

As a year blues veteran, Andy has had an opportunity to play with some of the greats Andy currently tours nationally and abroad with The Ford Blues Band, which he's been the front man for over a decade. Some of the other work that Andy has done is a music score for George Lucas's film Murder in Mississippi, with Elmer Bernstien conducting.

He's also done national commercials for Kellogg's, Chrysler Corporation and most recently he's played for a major film to be released in France. Visit www. Born in Los Angeles on Sonny Terry's birthday October 24 , Tom Ball began playing guitar at the age of eleven and took up harmonica two years later. A teenage member of the Yerba Buena Blues Band in the mid's, he played Love-Ins and Sunset Strip nightclubs before leaving the country for most of the '70s.

In he came back to the U. Their music from the film Over The Edge won them the prestigious Telly Award in , and they were the only musical act in America to play all four venues of the Olympic Games. In addition to working with Kenny, Tom has played harmonica on over CDs, performed and sung on countless film soundtracks, TV shows and commercials, recorded four solo guitar CDs, written five instructional books and authored a couple of novels. Tom is one of the best acoustic harmonica players in today's scene.

His Sonny Terry-influenced playing and control of hand usage on the harmonica are also of great interest in this interview. You can learn more about Tom at www. Rob has worked with a remarkably diverse list of major artists including B. King, Dr. Rob brings a wide range of playing skill sets for both the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

His session work with a wide array of musicians and musical styles makes this interview both entertaining lots of stories and educational valuable insight. This interview was held in August of PT Gazell - First picking up the instrument in his late teens, the Wisconsin-born, self-taught player PT Gazell honed his craft by taking on all manner of musical styles including bluegrass, folk and pop.

PT found his way to Lexington, Kentucky in the mid-seventies. PT was the first harmonica player, and the second artist, to be honored with a recording contract with famed Sugar Hill Records. PT soon became a sought after side man and session player for some of Nashville's biggest stars and spent the next part of his career playing and recording all over the world along side the stars of the day. As exciting and fun as that period was, I also began to get somewhat frustrated. Tired by the road and frustrated by the musical limitations presented by the standard diatonic harmonica, Gazell put his instrument down and disappeared for a while.

When he finally reemerged it was with a newfound enthusiasm in part created by his introduction to valved harmonicas. Using self-valved harps, Gazell's music literally soared to new heights as this new approach allowed him access to musical possibilities hidden on standard diatonic harmonicas.

And PT came out swinging Gazell's playing on this record begs comparisons to jazz greats Benny Goodman and Ben Webster. The record spurred a brand new interest in PT and soon he was back on the road, only this time fronting various combinations of jazz and swing musicians.

This CD features standards and jazz classics reinterpreted by two of the world's most gifted harmonica instrumentalists. After relocating to Hawaii, he spent 12 years captivating audiences from around the world and was voted Best In the State by the Hawaiian Blues Society. The Austin Chapter of the Harmonica Organization of Texas declared Jimi Lee as "one of the best in the world" at playing harmonica in the rack and guitar simultaneously. The spring issue of Harmonica Happenings magazine featured Jimi in an article entitled "Rack 'm Up!

Harmonica World convention leaders say' "Jimi is part of the tradition. Jimi is well known for his stellar guitar, vocals and rack harmonica playing. Make sure not to miss our discussions on this and music theory. This interview was recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota August of Michael Peloquin is a respected singer, arranger, harmonica player and saxophonist in the California Bay Area.

His mastery of theory, horn lines and overbending makes his viewpoint valuable to BluesHarmonica. He first picked up a harmonica at the age of ten and immediately began to play simple tunes. Billy returned to Chicago in the summer of '69 and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in political science. It was during these years that he was introduced to the Blues. He soon became immersed in the local blues scene. He eventually replaced Carey Bell and worked with Willie Dixon for six years.

B's featuring musicians who where the sons of famous blues artists. The original S. They toured Europe and played at the Berlin Jazz Festival. Shortly afterward, they recorded for Alligator Record's Grammy-nominated Living Chicago Blues sessions, and Billy has been a regular studio player appearing on over fifty albums.

C Handy Award winning album Harp Attack! Billy is also passing on the blues tradition to a new generation through his Blues In The Schools program. He is a dedicated blues educator and has taught in the Chicago school system for over twenty years as part of the Urban Gateways Project.

In , some of his finest students opened the Main Stage at the Chicago Blues Festival which was broadcast throughout the U. In addition to his solid reputation as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, Buddy has established himself as one of Nashville's finest harmonica stylists. His live concerts are equal parts hymn sing, jam session, church house revival, and journey through his own musical history. Growing up in Macon, GA, Buddy spent his childhood learning folk songs on the ukulele and soon advanced to acoustic guitar, immersing himself in popular music mainstays of the time such as Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and Motown.

Their infectious beat and familiar nods to roots music fueled Buddy's intense interest in the deeper historical origins of country, bluegrass and rhythm and blues music that is represented in his music today. Buddy's newest release, "Harmonica Anthology" is 16 song journey into the wonderful world of the harmonica. Co- produced with Bryan Sutton and featuring a bevy of Nashville's finest musicians, including 2 duets with harmonica hero Charlie McCoy.

This project allowed Buddy to demonstrate some of the wonderful variety available on this simple but highly expressive little instrument. Irish slip jigs and reels, old time and Texas fiddle tunes, beautiful ballads and timeless anthems, updated versions of some old crowd pleasers Orange Blossom Special, William Tell Overture , and a few vocal songs as well - it all makes for a musical offering that satisfies.

Over the past thiry-plus years, Steve Guyger with his band, The Excellos, has been dishing out some of the finest blues to be heard anywhere. Steve has toured with the late Jimmy Rogers, among others, and has played with many of the great Chicago bluesmen and contemporary players, yet he remains one of the best kept secrets in blues. The late William Clarke called Steve "the best harp player I've ever seen. If you've never heard him, you're missing a major page in your blues portfolio.

Steve began playing harp back in the late 60's on a harmonica given to him by his future sister-in-law. Sometime later, his brother turned him on to Paul Butterfield. Steve's passion for the blues harp took him to Chicago to learn at the feet of the masters of the art. Each trip taught him skills that he brought back to the local bands in which he paid his dues. His playing, vocals, songwriting and stage presence have earned him a place among the best of the players on stage today.

He began playing harmonica at age 19 in Cleveland, Tennessee. After touring with several rock, blues and country groups, he settled in Knoxville to work with the Tommy Cole Band. His unique sound has been heard on over 50 gold and platinum albums, including three Grammy winning albums by Randy Travis. After receiving nominations for and , he won the best Specialty Instrument Award for and from the Academy of Country Music.

Richard has developed tools for working on harmonicas covered in our Harp Tech lessons as well as written one of the best books on the subject. This interview was conducted in Norfolk, Virginia in August of According to a reviewer for American Harmonica Newsletter, Gussow's playing is characterized by "technical mastery and innovative brilliance that comes along once in a generation.

Satan" Magee as the duo Satan and Adam. After working the streets of Harlem from to , Gussow and Magee duo toured internationally between and They released two albums on Flying Fish Records, including the W. Handy-nominated Harlem Blues and Mother Mojo In Satan and Adam were the cover story in Living Blues magazine; according to editor David Nelson, Gussow enjoyed the curious honor of being "the first white blues musician to be so prominently spotlighted in the magazine's year history.

In his recent incarnation as a one-man band, Gussow takes a cue from Magee and does it all-singing, blowing amplified harp, and stomping out some thump-and-metal grooves. It also received extensive airplay on Bluesville SiriusXM , America's premier satellite radio blues show, and rose to the 2 position in the "picks to click" category. His second solo album, Southbound , expands the one-man band sound with the help of Mississippi's finest session musicians, including bassists Jerry Jemmott and Dave Woolworth; it takes Gussow's distinctive mix of blues, jazz, and down-home funk to the next level.

Gussow is known to harmonica students around the world as a result of his "dirty-South blues harp channel" at YouTube and download video tutorials at his website, Modern Blues Harmonica. Gussow's other musical credits include a stint with the bus-and-truck tour of Big River; several decades as a blues harmonica instructor at The Guitar Study Center in New York and in private practice; and a nine-time coach at Jon Gindick's Blues Harmonica Jam Camps.

He is currently at work on a book-length study of the devil-figure in the blues. Part 1; Where are we in the History of Harmonica Education? Unlike the many blues artists who migrated to Chicago from the South, Arnold is among the first generation of bluesmen actually born and raised in the city. He fell in love with the blues at an early age and was especially moved by the records of the first Sonny Boy Williamson. In , young Billy found out that Williamson lived nearby, and he set out to find him.

Williamson took a liking to the young fan and revealed his trademark style of "choking" the harp to Billy. Shortly after their third visit together, Williamson met his untimely death. But the few visits were enough to make Billy determined to become a bluesman.

In the ensuing years, Arnold befriended many of the local blues legends, and he began to learn everything he could about the blues. In , the teenaged Billy landed his first recording contract with Chicago's Cool label. I wanted to be a man.

Billy Boy eventually talked Diddley into auditioning for Chess Records. In , with Billy Boy playing his signature "stop time" harmonica, Diddley scored the first of his many hits for Chess with "I'm A Man. He wanted to make records under his own name. After a misunderstanding with Leonard Chess Bo Diddley told Arnold that Leonard didn't like him , Arnold crossed the street to the offices of VeeJay Records, where he was promptly signed.

He recorded I Wish You Would reportedly the first blues session to feature an electric bass , and it quickly became a regional hit. He was playing across the South Side of Chicago with stars like Little Walter and Junior Wells, and local radio airplay for his song was heavy.

Even the great Muddy Waters took a liking to the young bluesman. Although only 20 years old, Billy Boy Arnold had arrived. Arnold continued to play the Chicago clubs and record 45s throughout the late s. But the gigs began to dry up, and the difficulty of raising a family and keeping a band together led Arnold to pursue a career as a Chicago bus driver and truant officer and later as a parole officer for the State of Illinois. By the middle of the s, the first generation of British blues bands were taking notice of Arnold's talent-his VeeJay singles became valued collectors' items among the musicians.

Later, The Blasters and David Bowie both covered his material. All of this interest led Billy Boy to tour and record in Europe and play the occasional U. Everyone agreed. Billy Boy Arnold had created an album of songs that not only equaled the strength of his early hits, but indeed surpassed them in their maturity and execution. This interview was held in January of in Oakland, California.

Once Norcia had relocated to Providence, Rhode Island, he formed the Bluetones which secured a residence as the house band at a local nightclub. During the latter part of the s the band backed Ronnie Earl before he left to join Roomful of Blues.

In Norcia joined Roomful of Blues as their lead vocalist. They issued three albums with Norcia and undertook extensive touring duties. Norcia also undertook work away from the group. A groundbreaking recording artist since the s, Musselwhite continues to create trailblazing music while remaining firmly rooted in the blues. His worldly-wise vocals, rich, melodic harmonica playing and deep country blues guitar work flawlessly accompany his often autobiographical and always memorable original songs.

Born into a blue collar family in Kosciusko, Mississippi on January 31, and raised by a single mother, Musselwhite grew up surrounded by blues, hillbilly and gospel music on the radio and outside his front door. His family moved to Memphis, where, as a teenager, he worked as a ditch digger, concrete layer and moonshine runner.

Fascinated by the blues, Musselwhite began playing guitar and harmonica. He felt like an outcast and a stranger themes that have informed, inspired and haunted his music to this day. Following the path of so many, Musselwhite moved to Chicago looking for better paying work. Before long, he was sitting in at clubs with Muddy and others, building an impressive word-of-mouth reputation.

Soon after, Charlie was being paid to play in the same South Side neighborhood. They felt that he was one of them — a southern country boy with a deep affinity for the blues. Signing with Vanguard, Musselwhite along with Paul Butterfield who was as urban as Charlie was rural brought the amplified harmonica blues to a new audience of young, white rock and rollers, who discovered that Charlie personified the cool and hip counter-culture icons they admired. After the release of his first full-length LP — Stand Back!

His iconic status established, he relocated to San Francisco, often playing the famed Fillmore Auditorium. Over the years, he has released albums on a variety of labels, ranging from straight blues to music mixing elements of jazz, gospel, Tex-Mex, Cuban and other world music, winning new fans at every turn.

He has been touring nationally and internationally for four decades and is among the best-known and best-loved blues musicians in the world. Over the last 43 years Musselwhite has released over 30 albums. The fresh, new songs speak from his decades of experience, hard living, and his triumph over adversity. He has shared stages with countless blues and rock musicians. He considers himself a lifelong learner and is constantly perfecting his craft. With The Well, Charlie Musselwhite returns with the strongest, most intimate album of his career — a powerful, personal collection of songs.

This interview was held in Oakland, California in January of He released his first of eight solo albums in , hitting the road hard year after year. Salgado and his band toured with The Steve Miller Band and Curtis spent a summer singing with Santana before being sidelined by serious health issues in His father liked to sing, and would point out specific passages in a Count Basie or Ray Charles recordings for Curtis to pay close attention to, and the youngster soaked it all up.

He attended a Count Basie performance when he was 13 and decided then and there that music was his calling. Curtis began devouring the blues of Little Walter and Paul Butterfield, fell in love with the harmonica and taught himself to play. With his band The Nighthawks, he became a must-see act in Eugene and throughout the Northwest. In , Salgado met Robert Cray and the two became fast friends.

In , Salgado had the idea to start a blues festival in Eugene in order to meet and play with as many established blues stars as possible. During downtime from filming, Belushi caught a typically balls-out Salgado performance. Afterwards the two got to talking and a friendship grew. Belushi soaked up the music like a sponge and soon developed his idea for The Blues Brothers, first as a skit on Saturday Night Live and then as a major motion picture and a best-selling record album and concert tour.

As Salgado was getting more serious about his career, he realized some of his band mates were not. As the stature of the group grew, Salgado found himself sharing stages with blues icons like Muddy Waters, Bobby Bland and Bonnie Raitt. The band performed a transcendent set at The San Francisco Blues Festival to thunderous ovation before backing up the great Albert Collins.

After Salgado and Cray parted ways in , Curtis went on to front Roomful Of Blues, singing and touring with them from through The group toured the country and began developing a strong following. His friend and fan Steve Miller invited Curtis and his band to open for him on a summer shed tour in Two years later, Salgado spent the summer on the road singing with Santana. Salgado then joined forces with Shanachie Records in , putting out four critically acclaimed albums over the next nine years and finding his biggest audience yet.

In Salgado was sidelined when he underwent a successful liver transplant and then shortly afterwards was diagnosed with and then beat lung cancer. Like so many musicians, Curtis had no health insurance. His medical expenses were paid for in part by a huge outpouring of love and money from his fellow musicians and his huge Northwest fan base. He bounced back with a perfect bill of health in , releasing Clean Getaway.

This interview was held in Chicago, Illinois in June of He continues to perform in a more traditional vein with his trio. He has international cult status as one of the foremost post-war blues harmonica stylists, and many of his original songs have been recorded by national blues artists like Johnny Winter and Lonnie Brooks.

I started playing harp when I was around 13 or I moved to Chicago in The first person to hire me for a gig here was Louis Myers. We called ourselves the Ice Cream Men. The Taildragger gig was notable, among other reasons, for the fact that I got to play with some really great guitarists: Eddie Taylor Sr. In the summer of , I toured with Jimmy Rogers, playing piano. It seemed like virtually every major living Chicago blues figure was there, and the celebration lasted a week. It took me another week to come back down to reality.

I also have fond memories of a month long tour that I did in Canada with the Legendary Blues Band in the late s. I should also mention that on an earlier occasion, I played in the Chicago Blues Festival with Floyd Jones at what turned out to be his last public appearance. These men helped form my conception of what Chicago blues harp should sound like. Hepcat , Grey Ghost, and Mose Vinson. It runs from PM to midnight on Mondays. His vocals virtually reeking of soul, he's capable of delving into a straight-ahead Little Walter shuffle or delivering a vintage O.

Add his songwriting skills and exceptional harp technique and you have quite the total package. He matriculated at Indiana University's school of music in , fronting a solid little combo on the side called the Hesitation Blues Band that made it up to Chicago now and then where he soon relocated. Their Delmark disc, Blueplicity, was an inspiring marriage of Robinson's soaring vocals and Specter's tasty, jazz-laced guitar and featured the striking Robinson-penned originals "What's Your Angle," "Dose of Reality," and "On the Outside Looking In.

One to Infinity escorted him even further into soul territory guests on the set included Mighty Flyers guitarist Alex Schultz, the mystical Robert Ward, and Specter. His tone, smooth vibrato and truly stellar harmonica playing in all three positions and the chromatic harmonica, make him one of my favorite players of all time. In addition to being a fixture in Nashville studios for 48 years, he also has his own recording career going full tilt It got Roy another hit and me a career.

For a fifteen year stretch, he did more than sessions a year, with a grand total of over 12, In the last twenty years, he has been touring more with many appearances in Europe and Japan. In addition to country sessions, Charlie was a mainstay on Elvis Presley recordings both in Nashville and Los Angeles. While Charlie predominately is known as a harmonica player, his musical prowess encompasses other instruments including guitar, bass, mallet percussion, vibes, marimba, bells, Etc.

Charlie has toured in Europe and Japan regularly since and has released albums in France, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. On Feb. More information can be found about Charlie, including tour dates and new releases, at his website www. She picked up the blues harp at 17 and made her stage debut at the Jazz Club in Cambridge a few months before her high school graduation.

She briefly attended Antioch College and interned with Washington, DC homeless rights activist Mitch Snyder, who persuaded her to drop out of school to pursue her musical career. One of the few female blues harmonica players in the country, Annie played the New England club circuit with local bands, and traveled to Chicago where she met and played with many of her musical idols including Pinetop Perkins, Louis Myers, and James Cotton.

She lives in Boston with her number one musical hero, Paul Rishell. This interview was conducted in Saint Louis, Missouri in August of To learn more about Annie visit: PaulandAnnie. His lifelong quest to understand the harmonica and help others do the same began early on, when he couldn't find a teacher and had to figure everything out the hard way.

As a performer, Winslow plays nearly every type of harmonica, in addition to composing, arranging and conducting. Currently he performs with the San Francisco Harmonica Ensemble, in a duo with violinist Tuula Tossavainen, and small acoustic ensembles.

Winslow currently teaches at the Jazzschool in Berkeley, California and for the semi-annual gatherings of the Harmonica Collective. Dynamic change and growth in the arts and technology would be the hallmark of this era and by the time he was eight Dick knew that music, painting and physics would be his primary interests. The trumpet was his constant companion and served as a springboard to the harmonica in his sophomore year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts where he met J.

Geils and Danny Klein and became a founding member of the J. Geils Blues Band in In the J. These recordings showcase Magic Dick's innovative harmonica playing, which served as a strong distinguishing sound for the band. A series of five albums for EMI America followed culminating in the Platinum album Freeze Frame, released in , which ascended to 1 on the Billboard album charts, spent four weeks there, and remained on the charts for a total of 70 weeks. The album's first single, "Centerfold," spent six weeks at 1 in Billboard.

Freeze Frame's title track followed "Centerfold," peaking at 4. Subsequent to The J. In , Magic Dick and J. Geils formed the band Bluestime featuring Magic Dick on harmonica and vocals and J. Geils on guitar. Magic Dick's years of experimentation and searching for new sounds and stylings for the harmonica cultivated a strong desire to improve the flexibility and quality of the harmonica so as to better fit into contemporary music yet retain the best characteristics of harmonica sound and cultural history.

Magic Dick's intense drive to extend and enlarge the cultural history of the harmonica is shared in a balanced and fruitful union with Magic Harmonicas co-inventor and partner Pierre Beauregard. Magic Dick co-wrote and performed one of the most iconic blues harmonica instrumentals in the later part of the 20th Century, "Whammer Jammer," inspiring many people to learn blues harmonica.

This interview was held at Magic Dick's home in Massachusetts, in February of At the end of this interview I was fortunate to get Gary Smith to swing by and talk with Mark on camera about the old days. While later growing up during the early 50s in Oklahoma, the Blues began tugging at his heart under the influence of his black nanny Ruby Anderson.

She used to pack him over to the other side of the tracks where her small house sat nestled near Oklahoma City. Down the street from Ruby's house was a small general store where a hi-fi, with a large outdoor speaker, loudly played the Deep Southern Blues while people listened and danced there on a daily basis.

Fascinated by this music, Al Blake began collecting all the great Blues recordings he could find. But finally just listening to all this musical magic was not enough and over time he began seeking out these living artists as mentors and with each personal experience of being able to watch their body language as he listened, both his understanding of them and his empathy blazed his own musical fires to higher and higher levels.

Today Al Blake still walks the paths of those early mentors with a near-sacred need to preserve their tradition and avoid selling out to the aberrations of so many modern Blues-makers. His music is slowly evolving to the status of legend. Blake has said, "If the kind of Blues I'm so passionate about playing was a 4-legged mammal, it would be on the top of the endangered species list.

It's that rare. His extraordinary vision and unique talents as a vocalist, harmonica player, guitar player, writer and producer have led him to create some of the deepest and purest Blues of the post-modern era. Blake's Blues," and "Dr. Blake's Magic Soul Elixir.

Parnell was born into a music family. His father played guitar and sang in vaudeville shows as a kid. His mom was an opera singer. As a young man he first played trumpet, excelling as a jazz improvantionists receiving awards at jazz festivals for his solos in jazz performances. At age seventeen his brother Lee Roy www.

With the encouragement of his friend Jack Pearson guitarist for the Allman Brothers Band , Parnell played harmonica in front of an audience live for the first time at the age of As a sophomore in college Parnell began supporting his self though school playing country and blues harp in bands. At the end of the s Parnell desired to work on his own material and put together a band and began performing with some of Austin, TX most notable musicians.

He remains busy touring, songwriting and session work in the studio. Never having pursued a solo career, he's relatively unknown except to the lucky few who have had the pleasure of hearing him live. I'll Play the Blues for You Wattstax 4. Killing Floor Wattstax 5.

Angel of Mercy Wattstax 6. Match Box Blues Montreux 7. Watermeleon Man Montreux 8. Breaking Up Somebody's Home Montreux 9. Call it Stormy Monday Montreux. The Blues Don't Change 2. I'm Doing Fire 3. Nice to Be Nice 4. Oh Pretty Woman 5. King of Kings 6. Feel the Need 7. The Pinch Paid off Part 1 9. The Pinch Paid off Part 2 I Can't Stand the Rain Ain't it Beautiful.

I Wanna Get Funky 2. Playing on Me 3. Walking the Backstreets and Crying 4. Flat Tire 6. Travelin' Man 8. Crosscut Saw 9. Guitar Man 2. I'm Ready 3. Ain't Nothing You Can't Do 4. Change of Pace 6. My Babe 7. Running out of Steam 8. Rub My Back 9. Ain't It a Real Good Sign. Album, , Tomato. Get out of my Life Woman 2. Born under a Bad Sign 3. Feeling 4. We all Wanna Boogie 5. The Very Thought of You 6. I Got the Blues 7. I Get Evil 8.

Angel of Mercy 9. Flat Tyre. Phone Booth 2. Dust My Broom 3. The Sky Is Crying 4. Brother, Go Ahead and Take Her 5. Your Bread Ain't Done 6. Firing Line 7. The Games Goes on 8. Truck Load of Lovin' 9. You Gotta Sacrifice. Album, , Modern Blues Recordings. I Walked All Night Long 2. I Get Evil 3. This Morning instrumental 5. I'll Do Anything You Say 6. Ooh-ee Baby 7.

Blues at Sunrise 8. Let's Have a Natural Ball 9. I've Made Nights by Myself Dina Flow instrumental Go to Be Some Changes Made Goin' to California Album, 11 Septiembre , Chess Records. Searching for a Woman 2. Bad Luck 3. So Close Otis Rush 4. Howlin' for My Darlin' Otis Rush 5. Won't Be Hanging Around 7. I'm Satisfied Otis Rush 8. Merry Ways Wild Woman Murder California Blues. Compilation, , Rhino Records. Tracklist DISC 1 1. Be on your Merry Way 2. Murder 3.

Little Boy Blue 4. Worsome Baby 6. Lonsome 7. Laundromat Blues 9. Overall Junction Oh, Pretty Woman Funk-Shun Crosscut Saw Down Don't Bother Me Born Under a Bad Sign The Hunter I Almost Lost My Mind You're Gonna Need Me Blues Power Live 2. Angel of Mercy 4. Answer to the Laundromat Blues 6.

Breaking Up Somebody's Home 7. I Wanna Get Funky 8. Cold Women with Warm Hearts 9. Cadillac Assembly Line Ain't Nothing You Can Do Call My Job Good Time Charlie We All Wanna Boogie The Feeling Phone Booth. You Sure Drive a Hard Bargain 4. Drownin' on Dry Land 7. Heart Fixing Business 8.

The Sky Is Crying 9. I Get Evil Shake 'Em Down I Believe to My Soul Got to Be Some Changes Made Albert's Groove 2. Call It Stormy Monday 2. Old Times 3. Pride and Joy 4. Ask Me No Questions 5. Pep Talk 6. Blues at Sunrise 7.

Turn It Over 8. Overall Junction 9. Match Box Blues Who Is Stevie? Don't Lie to Me. Compilation, 08 Noviembre , SBA. Let's Have a Natural Ball 2. Laundromat Blues 5. Overall Junction 6. Crosscut Saw 8. Born Under a Bad Sign 9. Blues Power [Live] I'll Play the Blues for You, Pt. Breaking Up Somebody's Home Answer to the Laundromat Blues Cadillac Assembly Line.

Compilation, , Ace. This Morning 5. I Walked All Night Long 6. Travelin' to California 8. I've Made Nights by Myself 9. Ooh-Ee Baby Dyna Flow Just Plain Blues The Time Has Come Need You by My Side Blues at Sunrise I'll Do Anything You Say Old Blue Ribbon Blues at Sunrise. Why I Sing the Blues 2. Everyday I Have the Blues 3. The Thrill Is Gone 4. Caldonia 5.

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Mike Zito - Damn Shame. Jake Green Band - Dark Clouds. Tab Benoit - Darkness. The Blues Overdrive - Daughter of the Devil. Michael van Merwyk - Deep Blue Sea. Poppa Dawg - Deepest Shade of Blue. Jimmie Vaughan - Dengue Woman Blues. Billy F Gibbons - Desert High. Klaus Brandl - Devil Down. Bellhound Choir - Distant Horizons. The Silver Dimes - Doin' Time. Sean Costello - Double Trouble. Aynsley Dunbar - Downhearted.

Louisiana Red - Driftin'. Bjorn Berge - Drifting Blues. William Clarke - Drinking By Myself. The Baboons - Drinking Gasoline. Willie D. One Shot Johnny - Drunkard's Blues. Rod Picott - Drunken Barber's Hand. Bluestate - Early In the Morning. Jerry Portnoy - Endless Road. Lucky Lopez Evans - Extra Extra. Lal and the People - Eyes on You. Rusty Zinn, Tucker - Fallin' Rain.

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Jones, Albert King — 6. Ford — 9. Note, also released by Stax in as "The Pinch". Old Times Pride and Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan Ask Me No Questions B. King Pep Talk Blues at Sunrise Albert King Turn It Over Overall Junction Albert King Match Box Blues Albert King Who Is Stevie? This album is notable as this is the only known recording of Stevie Ray Vaughan and his idol Albert King together.

It was recorded for one of a series of live television sessions recording the performances of various artists. The TV show was called In Session. Another interesting aspect of the album is that it includes short audio segments of the banter between the artists between songs remembering that this was being broadcast as well. Initially King wasn't going to do the show as he didn't know who Stevie Ray Vaughan was. He didn't realize that Stevie Ray Vaughan was actually 'little Stevie', the 'skinny kid' that he let sit in when King played in Texas.

On one of the conversation tracks, King actually talks about this.

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Albert King - Laundromat Blues

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Descargar burnout dominator cso psp torrent Amps - What You Need to Know In this video lesson you'll learn the important elements of choosing, setting up and using an amplifier. Give Me Some Truth 7. He matriculated at Indiana University's school of music infronting a solid little combo on the side called the Hesitation Blues Band that made it up to Chicago now and then where he soon relocated. After Stax's bankruptcy inKing recorded for several smaller labels. The majority of the licks used in the study song "Swingin' with George" comes from George Smith, providing you with great vocabulary for you to study and draw upon for your own improvising.
Ac3 nogrp torrent Videos on the FAQ section get right to the point and answer the frequently asked questions from students. Before long, he was sitting in at clubs with Muddy and others, building an impressive word-of-mouth reputation. Won't Be Hanging Around 7. Our original intention was to do a written article, but it quickly became apparent that we should video record these Skype interviews for you to watch. This morning Touto to proi
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Laundromat Blues (Mono Mix)

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