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redj joomla tutorial torrent

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The ReDJ component is just the administrative interface for managing redirection rules an other features, but is the plugin that checks site requests and performs redirection and other actions when needed. So, the very first thing to do is to enable the plugin. Note that if you need to disable ReDJ, just disable the plugin. Another thing to check is the plugins order that can be very important, especially if there are some other plugins that mess with the source URL, redirection and aliases.

In most cases it is better to set ReDJ as the first system plugin, so it will be the first to be executed and to check any page call. Now ReDJ is ready to work! You can now create your first redirection rule, and test the redirection through the web browser. Be careful that you could get a cached page. To do this, it is enough to append this directive at the end of Joomla standard.

A form will be shown to entering redirection information related to the rule. If " Request only " is checked, then URL parts "scheme", "user", "pass", "host" and "port" will be ignored, otherwise the full requested URL will be checked. ReDJ supports regular expressions according to Henry Spencer's implementation:. This option makes it possible to create complex patterns to match a bunch of URLs to redirect with just a single redirection rule.

It must specify an absolute URL, starting with the "scheme" part. The "To URL" field can contains macros and placeholders to build the destination dynamically. Each macro or placeholder is evaluated after an URL matches, and its value is replaced to the macro or placeholder itself. Support of regular expressions, macros and placeholders allow to build complex URL trasformations.

The field " Skip " is optional. It allows to specify a condition to skip the rule and its redirect when the condition is satisfied. The field " Skip user groups " works only for ReDJ Enterprise , and allows to select one or more user groups which skip the rule i. The " Redirect " field indicates the redirection type to use.

There are three options available:. The Internal Redirect option is available only for ReDJ Enterprise , and allows to change the destination page returned to web browser "internally" to Joomla, on the server side. This means that the user stays on the same URL and cannot notice any changes in the address bar. The Internal Redirect option can be selected also in ReDJ Community, but in this case a standard redirect will be used instead. The statistics fields provide useful information about rule usage.

The "Hits" counts the number of times the rule were used, and the "Last visit" indicates the last time the rule were applied. The following table shows some regexp examples. The rules ordering is important for matching the source URL. For each URL request, all published rules are compared according to their ordering.

This can be useful, as example, to distinguish a category from its articles. If we have two URLs as follow:. This feature is available only in the Enterprise version of ReDJ. The Moved Permanently or Temporary Redirect redirects are client-side redirects. The user from his web browser requests a page the source URL , and the web server responds with the address to which the page was moved the destination URL.

At this point, it is the client browser that makes a new request for the new address i. With the "Internal Redirect" instead, is the web server that changes the page returned to web browser with the new destination. The result is a server-side redirect i.

Just as example, let's consider an existing URL like the following:. It is possible to create a rule with a redirection type Internal that match to the following URL:. Let's take a deeper look at "To URL" destination field. Since version 1. The version 1. When the URL request matches the "From URL" source field of a rule, if the destination field "To URL" contains one or more macros or placeholders, then ReDJ first calculates and replaces any placeholder and macro with its current value, builds the final "real destination" URL, and finally performs the redirect.

Macros allow, as example, to manipulate pieces of the current matching URL e. Placeholders allow you to define a set of values where each value is associated and identified by a name. A placeholder can be used in the definition of other placeholders or in the definition of meta info practically they are based on the same principle of the variables in programming languages.

Each rule has a text area field to define any number of placeholders, one for each row. For example, if you enter:. Here is a practical example of how to use the placeholders to get a complex result through the use of available macros in a sequence of definitions. Let's assume we need to create a rule for URL:. We want to withdraw the article id 53 , and perform a look-up on the database for getting the article alias using-joomla , to be used for example in the page title.

We can define the following placeholders:. ReDJ allows to create a custom error page that can replace the Joomla standard one. These are example pages, added just to show how to create HTML for a custom error page. Specifically, these pages are identical to Joomla standard error page, except they add the email address of site Administrator, showing how to use supported macros.

Once a custom error page was created, it can be enabled in ReDJ system plugin. Under "Basic Options" set "Custom page " to yes and select the page to use from the drop-down list. See paragraph "Plugin settings" for more details. With this function it is possible to record all errors that the site receives.

This provide a kind of trace log for error requests, and can be useful to identify dead backlinks that need to be redirected elsewhere. Analyzing requests it is also possible to extract other useful information e. Beware that this feature must be activated with a corresponding option in the plugin settings. This feature allows to record all the referers for site visitors.

A trace log with all referers is available, and this can be useful to identify traffic sources for the web site. In this paragraph we will explain the meaning of each plugin parameter. In both cases you need to "escape" special chars like the question mark? Log in Register. Remember me. Subscribe to this RSS feed. ReDJ for Joomla 2. Introduction Installation procedure Initial configuration Create a redirection rule Redirection rule features Supported macros Pages Errors Referers Plugin settings Examples and solutions to common problems Changelog.

Tagged under redj joomla 25 documentation manual guide index. Read more This documentation is updated to ReDJ version 1. Some described features are only available in the Enterprise version, not in the Community version. Tagged under redj redirection alias regular expressions macros placeholders errors trace referers log.

Installation procedure. Now we are ready to start using ReDJ. Upgrade procedure When upgrading from a previous version of ReDJ, there is no need to first uninstall the old package. Tagged under redj installation procedure package component plugin upgrade.

Initial configuration. Tagged under redj configuration setup plugin settings. Create a redirection rule. There are three options available: Moved Permanently Temporary Redirect Internal Redirect The Internal Redirect option is available only for ReDJ Enterprise , and allows to change the destination page returned to web browser "internally" to Joomla, on the server side.

If case sensitive is checked, the rule must match with requested URL also for case of characters. If case sensitive is unchecked, no matter if rule and requested URL differ only for case of characters i.

Request only : as stated before, this field is used to specify if only the request part or the whole URL must be considered of the requested URL. If this field is unchecked the URL is compared with the rule as is. If the field is checked, the requested URL is first decoded and then checked if matches with the rule. Placeholders : can contains a list of placehoders one per row.

A placeholder is like a variable that can assume a value based on any string, macros and other placeholders defined before. Comment : allows to add a memo note to each redirection rule. Tagged under redj create redirection redirection rule. Redirection rule features.

Also, we need a "literal" question-mark? Note that any special char needs to be escaped with a backslash to be literal, so we should escape also the dot. If not escaped, the dot will match with "any char". Tagged under redj redirection rule features internal redirect.

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