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lego loco torrent

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Unlock new LEGO cars, trucks and more and help them complete missions by searching for hidden objects in your tower. Thousands of collectible Minifigure pieces await your discovery to turn every resident into the star of their own story! Management of your tower's business simulation is as casual or strategic as you make it. Give your worker's a holiday and let the shop sit idle or place people in their dream jobs to become a profitable tycoon.

Keep track of how tower life is treating your residents by following their own simulated social network. Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available. Lego tower is my go-to game when ever I'm bored. I didn't even know tiny tower existed until I downloaded this, so I had no experience with this kind of game. But anyway, I love getting new floors and new characters. Over all it's a really fun game.

Except the only problems I've ever had is with lag and how slow it is. Also, one time, I opened lego tower and it randomely told me, "sorry, 12 minifigure were lost in a time travelling accident" and I never saw them again. Oh, i also like the music. I've been playing this game for a couple years and love it! Love that you can make your tower your own, collect pieces, and try getting gold bricks faster than my friends to see who can reset faster.

There's no ads!! Very wholesome game. You can select anyone to play and act accordingly. With a wonderful setting, Zoo Tycoon 2 offers 4 brilliant expansion packs, amazing controls, beautiful visuals and a great immersive game-play that will definitely entertain you. RollerCoaster Tycoon provides a fun way to enjoy being in control of everything you love to do and enjoy as well. RollerCoaster Tycoon offers beautiful visuals, fantastic game mechanics and an addictive gameplay to enjoy.

Rail Nation is a real treat for all the players who are kind of sick of the medieval settings and wars of the ancient times. This brilliant Strategy and MMORTS game lets you own a small rail company and allows you to grow it up by gathering resources, conquering the enemies, and expanding your routs. With an amazingly addictive game-play, beautiful visuals, continuous content updates and DLC Downloadable Content , Rail Nation is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

The game lets you be a Movie Studio owner who controls a number of actors and tasks them to build and decorate a Movie Studio and later make movies in that studio. As the basic objective of the game is to build and run a Movie Studio so the game allows you to focus on that and grow your business and eventually become a tycoon in your field. The business management element lets you train people for movies, build more Movie Studios and grow your business, manage the resources, invest in the business and grow it more and live a lavish life in a world of possibilities.

Another great aspect of the game is that it allows you to go through different times, start off from the early days of cinema and advance into the future, upgrade your equipment just according to the requirements, display movies, earn money and keep your business running and with all that kep on finding the best match for yourself by simply dating and romancing with the girls you like and enjoy a real life-like experience.

Character management is a wonderful task to do in The Movies, it makes you a manager and tasks you to manage your Actors and Directors, assign them different jobs etc. The Movies provides with great visuals, immersive and engaging game-play and a lot of other great things to enjoy. Do you want to be Mr. Or Prime-Minister?

Or a high ranking official in the government who can change whatever he wants? Well if yes then Democracy 3 is made for you. This wonderful Simulation allows you to be President or Prime-Minister Totally depends on your choice of selection and change all the things in your virtual country as you please.

If you have a better solution to all the major problems such as Crime, Unemployment, Terrorism, National Debts, Climate Change and Internal Matters, here is your chance to settle everything into an order and run your government with the help of great strategies and all the skills you have got.

With a wonderfully created Virtual Country, a lot of Political Parties, Opposition, and all the challenges, Democracy 3 allows you to show off your best talents and skills and enjoy the game. Well if you want to be the sole manager of a massive Railway and Transport Company, Train Fever provides you with the opportunity to be one. Train Fever is a Railway business Simulation that allows you to be a great Transport Business Tycoon, organize a number of trains and stations, buy new transportation vehicles and expand your business, fulfill the needs of the people and earn money to expand your business to the unforeseen limits.

With super cool and ultra-realistic visuals, an amazingly engaging game-play and a lot of other great things, this game will literally make you think like a well-known and wealthy Railway Transport Tycoon. Game Dev Story is more like of a Management and Business Simulation and it allows you to manage your own game development company, hire employees, assign them tasks, develop great games and earn millions in virtual currency.

The basic tasks of the game include owning and managing a game dev company, developing your own company gaming console and creating a unique system that helps you manage and change your staff. With a great productive idea, great game-play, cool visuals and an amazingly immersive nature, this game is quite fun to play and enjoy. Do try it out for an awesome Business and Management Simulation experience.

Royal Envoy is a cool City Building and Management Simulation like Island Castaway: Lost World that lets you be a king and tasks you with saving a wonderful land that covers countless islands. A merciless force is marching towards the kingdom and you are required construct and upgrade homes, businesses, workshops and defenses to eliminate the threat.

You must use your skills to plan and build the best defenses and strategies to save the innocent people of Islandshire. Royal Envoy provides with 9 beautiful islands to build, a lot of building options, 63 challenging levels, amazing storyline and an engaging game-play. The game takes the players to an Island and tasks them to build a massive Theme Park.

The primary task in the game is to send an excavation team to different locations in the world to find and collect the fossilized mosquitoes and the remnants of any type of Dinosaurs. Once found, the samples must be sent to a laboratory to get the Dinosaur DNA and then start creating the Dinosaurs. Building various types of structures such as markets, attractions, hotels and shops are among the secondary tasks that the player must perform to proceed with the gameplay.

After that the players must advertise the park of different mediums, get the attention of people and open the park for visits. The island offers six different types of environments such as Jungles, beaches, Plains, Deserts, etc.

The game lets the players have full benefits of the environments and help the people visiting the Park, enjoy. With a variety of building materials, open world to explore, beautiful visuals and all the addictive gameplay, Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder is a one amazing game for all the Building and Management Simulation lovers.

Do give it a try. Developed and Published by G5 Games, Virtual City Playground allows the players to Build City of their dreams and then run it with all the brilliant abilities of a mayor. Because of it amazingly addictive nature and all the great things that the players can actually do while playing the game, Virtual City Playground has been one of the Top grossing games around the globe. Players can build massive dwellings, research and industrial structures, manufacture all of the top grossing goods and sell them in the markets.

Just like in the real world, players can build massive Transit Systems allow the citizens to travel with ease, enjoy playing in the parks, watch movies in the Cinemas and play games in beautiful Stadiums. For a better environment, players can build parks, plant trees, build garbage recycling plants, power houses and upgrade all the buildings to get the maximum potential as possible.

Virtual City Playground allows the players to keep the citizens happy by arranging lots and lots of Public events, build beautiful and well-designed apartments, Hotels, Inns and reward the happy citizens with all the facilities that a developed city can offer.

With over exciting quests, almost types of buildings, over a hundred challenging and exciting achievements to unlock, regular updates and a remarkably addictive gameplay, Virtual City Playground is one of the greatest Building and Management Simulations to enjoy. The game tasks the players to build and manage an Airport, fly to various locations around the globe and enjoy the remarkable gameplay. Taking care of the flying business, recruiting and firing the staff, and eventually growing the business are the main tasks of the game.

Initially the game lets the players have only one small plane. It is up to them to grow the business, buy more planes and enjoy having their own fleet of advanced airplanes. Once the players are able to get more planes and more staff, they can grow the flight operations to more destinations and earn more money.

Airline Fantasy offers two types of game currency, Gold and Coins. Every flight and quest completion rewards the players with either Gold or Coins that the players can use to buy more items, planes or hire more staff. As the players can control everything, they can also build structures such as shops, ticket centers, information desks, etc. With all the amazing management, building elements, Airline Fantasy offers cute 3D graphics, addictive gameplay and fantastic game mechanics.

For all those who love managing Airports, this game would definitely be a great source of entertainment. The ultimate goal of the game is to build and manage a massive tower, fill it up with virtual people known as Bitzians, keep on building new floors in the tower and eventually make it the tallest building of the world. The player must also be able to assign various types of jobs to the Bitzians and keep them busy. Resource management, and strategically use them is a great responsibility so the players must be good at that.

The game offers multiple floors and categorically accommodates the Bitzians onto them based on their importance in the game. For example Ordinary Bitzians would live in lower floors of the tower, however, the Vips live on the higher floors of the towers. Similarly there are various types of Spenders in the tower, including the Big Spenders, Celebrities, etc.

Economics in the game are of more interest because that is the easiest way to earn money and spend it on construction material, upgrades and loads of other cool items. With a marvelous game setting, great background sounds and a remarkably addictive gameplay, Tiny Tower is a fun Business and Management video game to play and enjoy.

The game offers exciting gameplay, in which you can assume the role of the protagonist and your main objective is to sell lemonade and earn profits. In the game, you can take the decision, select recipes, set price and sell your item in a massive variety of locations. Earn money as much as you can and open new points in other locations. Hire staff, take care of them and offers the best facility to your customers.

It has three different modes such as Champion, Career, and Challenge. In Challenge mode, you must grow fast and earn enough within a period of time. Purchase supplies like ice, sugar, and cups to sell lemonade. Advertise your Lemonade shop and pay the fee with different choices. Advertise will enhance a number of customers and you can earn more.

Lemonade Tycoon is one of the best simulation as compared to other Business Simulation games. The game takes place in the medieval world during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. The game mixes the elements of Business Simulation and Real-time tactics and supports both Single and Multiplayer. In the game, you must build your city, and decorate it with tons of items.

It allows you to get into the role of the protagonist, a Spanish Commoner who left Spain to explore a new world. After a strong storm in the sea, his board wrecked and he finds himself in the city of Port Royale called the Caribbean. The life of the protagonist changes when he meets with Elena, who is the beautiful beloved daughter of the viceroy. It offers two paths such as Path of Trader and Path of Adventurer. Select your path and dive into the game world, explore the open world environment, trade with others and earn money.

Your main task is to become the business tycoon to win the heart of the Elena. Immerse yourself in an exciting story, enjoy superb features and complete challenging task for your love. In the game, your main goal is to earn lots of money via transporting freight and passengers by Rail, Air, Water, and Road. It is a free game with exciting features such as multiple languages, a huge range of maps, artificial intelligence and more. In the beginning, you have only a little amount of resources with a tough task to become a transport tycoon.

To do, you must create buildings, roads, harbors, rail station and bus station. Transport passengers from one place to another location and earn money. Open your office and sign contract with other players to unlock new features.

Purchase airplanes, ships, buses and trains and use them to generate money. Start your cargo business and expand it further and further. Complete challenging tasks and rule in the world of transport. OpenTTD is one of the best game as compared to other business Simulations. It is the second entry in the series of Capitalism. The game offers brilliant gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in fun-filled activities. In the game, you can control a business empire, and your goal is to earn money to become a business tycoon.

It takes place in the realistic world and lets you create factories to manufacture goods and sell them to earn profits. Hire staff and control them. You must watch the tutorial to learn how to play the game. It has two different campaigns such as Entrepreneur Campaign and Capitalist Campaign. Connect with the market, produce over sixty different products and control you an employee. Earn money as much as you can to defeat your competitors. The game takes place in the open environment and puts you into the role of an entrepreneur.

The ultimate task is to control and manage a transport company and compete against other rival companies and make massive profits by transporting various goods and passengers using road, plane, and train. You can start the game with an empty land, and your task is to build transport routes, airports, rail stations, and harbors.

Earn money by completing quests and purchase trains, planes, buses and ships. Transport Tycoon starts in and finishes in Transport passengers on planes, buses, and train from one location to another. Provide all facilities to your passengers and keep them happy to earn more money. Your main task is to prove yourself the transport tycoon. It includes different features such as Build, Explore, Design your Vehicle, complete quests through 49 Scenarios, and more.

With addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and superb visuals, Transport Tycoon is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. The game tasks the players to design, construct and operate a Hospital. The gameplay of Theme Hospital is quite simple yet engaging for almost all of the age groups.

According to the gameplay, Theme Hospital keeps on moving the players from One hospital to another and tasks them to Build, Decorate and manage it, create environments that attract the patients, install machines and all kinds of things that a hospital need. The Hospital that the players build must treat all sorts of illnesses, emergencies, and diseases as well as provide the Ambulance services and stuff.

Theme Hospital offers various levels of the game, and each level requires a certain degree of experience to build more advanced Hospitals, treat patients with complex diseases and earn more revenue. With a very impressive and immersive gameplay at the same time, Theme Hospital offers fantastic 3D graphics, smooth controls and loads of other exciting things to enjoy.

The game supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and focuses on a board game. The game combines the elements of building and economic and lets the player to earn a lot of money as he can by completing objectives. It has two different modes such as the Standard mode and the Multiplayer. The player can compete against AI characters in the Standard mode and can compete against other players around the globe in multiplayer mode.

It has a series of levels each with its unique gameplay and challenges. The game rewards the player with prizes as he completes the task or defeats his opponents. Create a city of your dreams, deal with stores and apartments and face various difficulties such as over-population, electricity shortage, and more.

The ultimate task is to sell different products and services to gain money, rent the apartments to the peoples to live and collect rents to become the business tycoon. It offers the similar gameplay like SimCity and lets the player immerse himself in the business simulation experience. The game takes place in a stunning world and lets you get into the game world by selecting your character and customize it by choosing face, body, and presto.

It has a set of levels, and the ultimate goal is to create your studio, hire staff, train them and complete objectives to earn money. Each level represents different scenarios that you will enjoy. Interact with NPCs, buy equipment using the money, decorate your room with different accessories and educate the staff how to craft. Expand your studio by unlocking upgrades and goes higher in ranking. With detailed graphics, addictive gameplay, brilliant story, and superb controls, Anime Studio Story is the excellent game to play and enjoy.

The game lets you a chance to become an owner of your own pet shop and earn lots of money. There are different types of pets such as pigs, cats, dogs, and other. To get into the game world, you have to sign-up with your registered account. The game takes place in the fantasy world populated with cats, dogs, and other players.

Interact with other players, create your virtual friends and play with cats and dogs. Through customization features, you can change the appearance of your cute animals with lots of accessories. Decorate your pet shop with tons of items and decorations and invite your friends to visit. Trade with other players, earn lots of money and unlock further content.

Wauies: The Pet Shop Game is the best animal game as compared to other virtual pet games. Prison Architect combines the elements of Construction and Management Simulation created and published by Introversion Software.

The game offers top-down gameplay and deals with city-building genre. The main objective of the player is to build and run a prison to earn money and experience points. It offers the similar gameplay like Theme Hospital, and the player has to build different units, rooms, cages, and office. Hire staff such as a warden, workers, and guards and train them. There are two types of roles that the player can assume such as Governor and Architect.

It has a set of levels, and the player will rank up as he completes the objectives. The player can enjoy two different types of modes offering different challenges, story and gameplay such as Escape mode and Story mode. Navigate the world, complete tasks and expand the prison further and further to earn lots of money and points and compete against rival NPCs. With superb gameplay, addictive soundtracks, and brilliant visuals, Prison Architect is the best game as compared to other Business Simulations.

It offers an open environment where the game takes place and lets the player get into the world and complete a set of objectives. The player can create his own ecosystem, animals, grow crops, and watch how animal eat, evolve, eat and die. Explore the world freely and create funky animals.

Create each and everything that he want and he can also create a massive snail that would have to eat a set of trees every day to survive. The game is played from the top-down perspective and included a variety of levels that the player has to complete for further progress. The ultimate task is to navigate objects, gather resources, complete task and earn money to unlock other content.

With exciting gameplay and superb mechanics, SimLife: The Genetic Playground is the best game to play and enjoy. Transport Tycoon inspires the game and it introduces over forty pre-designed scenarios. The game casts you in the role of the protagonist who has to make enough money to become the business tycoon.

You have to open your transport company and build airports, harbors, bus and rail stations, and truck line to transport goods, and people from one location to another. The game offers open environment explore from an isometric view. There are a massive variety of levels divided into five categories such as Beginner, Easy, Medium, Challenge, and Export. Select your category and dive into the game world, earn money and expand your business further and further.

Face all problems bravely, defeat rival companies and show off your strategy to win. It is the third game in the series of RollerCoaster Tycoon and includes new rides, buildings, and locations. The game takes place in the stunning world where you can create your amusement park using different and exciting rides, create restaurants and more.

It has two different modes such as Career, and Sandbox. In career mode, you have to complete objectives to earn points and defeat your rival competitors. In sandbox mode, you have unlimited money and time to build your parks, rides, and other things. The main objective is to attract more visitors and provide them all best facilities to earn money and use them to unlock further content in the game.

It offers the similar gameplay like its previous installments and lets you immerse yourself in business gameplay experience. With exciting features, superb gameplay, brilliant visuals, and fabulous controls, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 is the best game to play and enjoy. The game lets you a chance to create your own video game studio and starts from creating 8-bit video game and earn money. Hire staff, manage all resources, and run your organization to further progress. Discover new technologies, and create advanced games, sell them at market and earn profits.

Compete against opponents and beat them by completing your tasks. To give your worker experience, you have to start small and after getting enough experience you have to make microgames. Select your genre, choose a name, and start your project. Expand your studio further, hire new teams, train them and use advanced tools to make better video games. Publish your games, impress the gamers and defeat the other studios by getting Annual Rewards.

With the best mechanics, brilliant gameplay, and top-down perspective, Game Corp DX is the best Business Simulation game to play and enjoy. The game is created by TramLava Games and takes place in the fantasy-based world populated with tons of cute pets. Select your character and create your best pet shop, but exciting pets and make your best collection to show off your friends. You can interact with other players and invite your fellows to become your neighbors.

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