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Solo dolo instrumental mp3 torrent

solo dolo instrumental mp3 torrent

Download latest Nigerian Music, South Africa & Foreign Music Mp3, Album, DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Gene Clark – Solo Flight Dolo Tonight – Hotels. Download free new release mp3 WZRD Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius WZRD from ^'Solo Dolo, Part II' did not enter the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. For more info and examples, and the mp3 downloads go to Supplied with PDF's of the piano part and solo part in TC and BC Dolo level 3 or 4/6. Solo. 00S R&B MIXTAPE TORRENT On some hosts, dare declare 4. Yun 2, 6 a resident of problems such as. The same account driver in Windows, with WinSCPwith many capabilities company worldwide. When you want menu Add a Use Zoom Player's editing it immediately to match your.

March 9, Read more. Nicki Minaj — Anaconda by Luis. February 14, David Guetta — Hey Mama ft. December 9, Big Sean — Dance Ass ft. Nicki Minaj by Luis. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Akon — Lonely by Luis. May 21, May 22, September 2, Beyonce — Halo by Luis. July 26, Nelly — Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland by Luis. Cantabile []. Kira Kira [] 9. Henteco [] Poco a Poco a Concert Variations : Jan Bach [] Inori : Hidenori Arai [] Changing Weather : Hidenori Arai []. The work is inspired by a Gaelic poem about lost love, telling the tale of a fisherman and his wife. She accompanies her love to the shores of the sea to wave him off; but tragically he never returns.

Each day she returns to the sea and sings to him, but no answer ever comes. In the tradition of Celtic songs it is dark and full of passion and pain. Hear it hear on Youtube. Here is one of the most important study books that has been very popular in the US scene for decades. The full-page etudes in this series, key-centered and supported by scale and arpeggio exercises, take the student to that next level ofperformance wherein their accumulated skills allow them to play full-length performance pieces with a high level of musicianship and competence.

As such, many states include these pieces in their all-state audition lists. The wealth of material supplements musical development and provides a rich experience for growing musicians. Duet playing is often a student's first form of ensemble experience - technique, tone quality, intonation and balance are introduced as students do one of the things they enjoy most - making music with a friend.

And duet playing leads easily and naturally to competent performance in larger ensembles". And duet playing leads easily and naturally to competent performance in larger ensembles. We are happy to present this super high quality table music stand, manufactured by the famous music stand company Manhasset, in the USA. For those of you working and studying from home this is the perfect solution for having your music on the table, perhaps near your computer screen, and without the need for another large full-size music stand in your room.

Perfect for students, for those doing online teaching and taking lessons. Steve uses it Lin returned to Taiwan after studying for some years in the UK Royal Birmingham Conservatoire , and took with him the understanding and passion that puts an artist on a great forward trajectory. He is now part of a team of great teachers who organise clinics the masterclasses for Taiwanese students on a regular basis.

Here is his debut CD which shows outstanding playing across some quite famous and popular euphonium repertoire. Congratulations Lin on this fantastic milestone in your career! This is believed to be the first euphonium solo CD ever produced in Taiwan. Here is the digital download sheet music to a brand-new arrangement from Misa Mead, the famous slow movement from Beethoven's Pathetique piano sonata.

This gorgeous slow movement suits the euphonium to perfection, but it will test your breath control and phrasing. This is sure to be very popular and suitable for recitals, concerts and maybe even for examination lists in the future. You can see a video of Misa performing this new arrangement here. When you have purchased this digital download, and you are logged into your account, please visit the front page of this site and click on My Downloads.

You will then be able to download this music to your computer. It was composed in for Mark Walters who was then the flugel horn player with the Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Since that time it's gone on to also be a very popular solo for advanced euphonium players, and fantastic for recitals, competitions and serious music events! The composer writes:"Flight is a virtuoso solo which seeks to investigate many of the various aspects of flying. It attempts to portray the effort of powered flight, the ease of gliding and soaring, the thrill of rising on natural thermals, and the chaotic swirling of rapid descent.

Wilby attributes the awakening of his interest in composition to Herbert Howells, whose extra-curricular composition classes he attended while a violinist in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. A serious commitment to composition developed during the years at Oxford and, having gained his B Mus in composition in , Wilby continued to write music even while working as a professional violinist first at Covent Garden and later with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

In recent years, Wilby has established a very significant reputation in the field of brass band and wind band music. Much of Wilby's recent wind band music has been commissioned by the Fresno campus of the University of California, where he has had a regular residency since In addition to concert music, Philip Wilby has written educational works and incidental music for television.

The academic environment at Leeds has also fostered a number of scholarly interests which have led to a remarkable series of reconstructions of Mozart fragments. In these were the subject of a Yorkshire television documentary featuring the Amadeus String Quartet, and in they were recorded by the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields for the complete Philips Mozart Edition.

Here is a superb new release from Brass Wind Publications which is sure to bring a new and fresh dimension to your technique practice, with these famous 14 Characteristic Studies, traditionally found at the back of the Arban Grand Method. As well as a beautifully producted solo part and piano accompaniment, this set includes 2 two hghi quality cds with the piano accompaniment with a real pianist and real piano!

For nearly years Jean-Baptiste Arban's 14 studies have been an essential part of a brass player's practice routine. Arban's original parts contain many inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Whilst we had no intention of creating an 'Urtext' edition, we have attempted to make each study's phrasing, articulation and where necessary, dynamics consistent with itself, without losing the character and intentions of Arban's manuscript.

We, therefore, chose not to add dynamics at the beginning of studies where Arban has omitted them, as you will quickly discover the right dynamic for you on practising the piece. You may also, as performer, wish to change or ignore our suggestions, for that is what they are and you must feel free to do so. This edition includes imaginative piano accompaniments written to reflect the nature of the solo part and enhance the soloist's practice whilst lending these studies also to the concert repertoire.

The CD that accompanies this edition contains John Alley's accompaniments in three tempi. One for slow practice, one for general performance and then one for the virtuoso! Also included are stylish performances of all 14 studies by leading UK trumpeter Paul Mayes which are retained for guidance in this euphonium edition.

Supplied with: solo part in treble clef bass clef version also available on this site , piano accompaniment, and 2CDs with playalong accompaniments in 3 different tempi and demo performance. Supplied with: solo part in bass clef treble clef version also available on this site , piano accompaniment, and 2CDs with playalong accompaniments in 3 different tempi and demo performance. A collection of 10 original duets written in variety of popular styles and suitable for players of an intermediate standard.

Here is a terrific book to keep good players occupied during these times! How about teying to multitrack them or record them with a friend! Perfect duets to play with your band partner once the lockdown ends too! Really well written and full of great music details to keep your playing and stamina at a good level! Ragamuffin is my own musical tribute to the great American composer Scott Joplin.

Duration 2. Chorale is designed to show the unique sound quality and emotional depth created by two euphoniums playing together expressively and lyrically. Perpetuum Mobile is a fast moving scherzo with very rapid music passing equally between both parts. Once the piece has begun there is no break in sound until the final bar. Caledonian Folksong is based on the traditional modal style of a Scottish and Celtic folksong. Throughout the book musical theory is introduced and explained, then demonstrated in the studies that follow.

Here is the classic melody for euphonium, The Swan, in it's version for euphonium and brass band. It's a beautiful arrangement by Ray Steadman-Allen, and this is published by the salvation army. Here is the ever-popular work for euphonium, Fantasy for Euphonium by Philip Sparke, Perhaps the first euphonium solo that this composer wrote, back in Ireland is the home of many fine folk songs, none more charming perhaps than 'The Sally Gardens'.

The composer first encountered it in the arrangement by Benjamin Britten. The music has a poignant quality which is rather haunting, reflecting the tone of regret in the last lines of each stanza: "She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs, But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears'. The main theme of this music comes from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, a very well-known melody which is sometimes associated with sacred words.

It is a beautiful tune which lends itself to variation treatment including these very light-hearted examples. While working on this music, the composer had the idea of incorporating references to other well-known Mozart themes, again, with a rather tongue-in-cheek approach. The result is a high-spirited, flamboyant solo that will be fun to play and to listen to. Always a real concert favourite, enjoyable for the performer, with excellent band parts, and always well received by the audience.

For the first time we are now now able to offer the full score and full set of wind band parts as well as solo part at the Euphoniumstore. The composer wrote a series of these for different instruments, and with each trying to bring out the essential characteristics, both lyrical and virtuosic, of the instrument he was writing for.

This is a really popular euphonium duet, with the classic melody Perhaps Love, by John Denver being set beautifully for both alternate voices and duet harmonic parts, with brass band accompaniment. Youtube recording featuring Steven Mead and Romain Gumy.

Supplied with: duet parts in TC only , brass band score and full set of brass band parts. This is the well known solo version with its characteristic piano part. It's full of verve and energy, and well loved by so many soloists over the years. This is a really outstanding euphonium concerto and deserves to be played a lot more than it is currently.

Although active in all main areas of composition, in recent years Michael Ball has contributed particularly substantially to the repertoire for wind and brass. The piece falls naturally into four interconnected sections. A gentle opening, marked 'as if awakening' , leads into an initially aggressive Allegro, gaining in energy and momentum as it proceeds.

The succeeding slow movement is lyrical and wistful in character in its outer parts although containing a more urgent central passage this leads into a thoughtful cadenza which in its turn leads without a break into the scherzo finale. The section now combines new figures with, in its later stages, return to the main ideas from the first movement.

Robin Robin was especially adapted for David Thornton euphonium from the song of the same name, originally recorded by Belinda Evans soprano with Stephen Marquis piano , to help raise funds for Yeovil Hospitals Flying Colours Appeal. Words written by Jennifer Henderson trace a robin's journey through the seasons: Spring-'fearless and bold', Summer-'a bird with attitude', through to Autumn-'when other birds fly away, you're loyal'.

Here is a brand-new collection of late 19th century pieces, perfect for study material, stylistic work, sight reading and etudes for audition etc. And, they are so much fun! There is a wealth of inventive and absolutely delightful historic pieces here, a compendium of four books. A high quality facsimile copy of a Compendium of 4 books originally published c.

Over pages of music by composers including Strauss, Schubert, Musard, Rossini and many more. These were arranged and compiled for cornet and Saxhorns now the modern day brass band family and would have been played in Victorian parlours. They are perfect for sight reading and technical development. Suitable for all treble clef reading brass instrumentalists! Duration: It will take you hours to play them all!!!

Difficulty level: 2,3, 3. Supplied with : Book in TC. This is the brand-new version with piano accompaniment as performed by Steven Mead and composer Howard J. Evans on Steven Mead's facebook page recently. It is very highly regarded by brass musicians who have heard it. You can enjoy the first performance of this that was done recently by Steven Mead and Howard J.

Bandmaster Howard J. Although the song formed the basis of a major band work entitled 'Elegiac Variations', I have often been presented with requests for a solo version of the melody. This recording, and the work of Steven, provided the inspiration and impetus to complete a solo version presented here on this disc. I dedicate this solo version to my two lovely daughters, Sarah and Louise. After payment has been made, go to the front page of euphoniumstore.

If you click on that you should see When He Cometh there to click and download. This piece was originally composed for euphonium tuba octet 4 euphs and 4 tubas ideally , commissioned by Roger Bobo in There are many difficult pieces for euphonium in the world, so the composer wrote it especially for young students and amateur players.

So here is a perfect suite of five pieces for young students and amateur players. Great fun, original and very creative!! Here is a really fun and interesting 'classical' style concerto composed by Stuart Johnson, ex Head of music for Staffordshire. This has some very challenging writing, but all of it a real joy to play. Concerto Grosso was premiered at St. Here is a beautiful reflective solo from Stephen Roberts; an original that really captures the spirit of remembrance and casts a fond eye to the past.

It's a truly lovely solo, not difficult and one that should be played well by players of intermediate standard and higher. Ideal for a contrasting work in a recital, or a church service. Altgough the melodic line is clearly central, there are some lovely extended florid passagesWhich gives the setting a really nice original and fresh touch. A good soloist will really make this sound beautiful and free. Here is the youtube video where this is performed beautifully by Katrina Marzella and the Black Dyke Band.

The first use of this tune seems to have been as an eighteenth-century rebel song. A hundred years later, Belfast writer Samuel Ferguson wrote these words, that were to make it one of the most famous romantic songs in the tradition. Dear thoughts are in my mind and my soul it soars enchanted As I hear the sweet lark sing in the clear air of the day For a tender beaming smile to my hope has been granted And tomorrow he shall hear all my fond heart longs to say I will tell him all my love, all my soul's pure adoration And I know he will hear my voice and he will not answer me nay It is this that gives my soul all it's joyous elation As I hear the sweet lark sing in the clear air of the day.

Maria Theresia Paradis also von Paradies May 15, — February 1, , was an Austrian musician and composer who lost her sight at an early age, and for whom Mozart may have written his Piano Concerto No. This arrangement by Stephen Roberts makes it very accessible to brass players, in a nice friendly key and not too high at the high climax. All are in beautiful stylistic settings, demanding quite advanced technique and a good high range.

The last movement in particular with its rapid mixed meter writing will be quite a challenge. This is a very welcome addition to the repertoire and short to be in demand from good students and players looking for something fresh in their recital. Here is a really fun original suite for brass soloist and piano, suitable for young and intermediate players, composed by Stephen Roberts. The pieces are all composed in a light fun style, and is sure to popular with young players, and not so young players who have a youthful spirit!

Stephen Roberts' famous arrangement of the classic traditional Irish air Carrickfergus, as played by many fine euphonium, baritone and trombone soloists. Here is the brand-new euphonium concerto by the Polish composer Adam Wesolowski, composed for Steven Mead and premiered by him in Poland in November This brilliant and fresh sounding concerto is now available for everyone to perform. As you can hear from the YouTube links. The first movement is a beautiful slow melody shared between soloist and the orchestra.

It explores the rich lyrical sound of the euphonium, in the most romantic setting. The second movement is the most original and daring, And we have happily described this movement as the beatbox movement, as you will see from the video.

Maybe you need this challenge! The final movement is a virtuoso tour-de-force with rapid scales, double tonguing, and contrasting motives. We highly recommend this Concerto for outstanding students, advanced players and professionals, and all players who relish a challenge! This page is for the version with piano accompaniment. Of special note for euphonium players is the premier performance and recording of the Euphory Concerto performed by Steven Mead accompanied by the Silesian Chamber Orchestra.

This is the first CD recording where Steven has recorded with string orchestra. And long overdue perhaps! The three movement Euphory Concerto begins the CD, and this 12 minute concerto has three very contrasting movements, Andante, Allegretto com umore and Presto con Fermazza. Silver Concerto for harpsichord, string orchestra and sounds of the Historic Silver Mine , featuring harpsichordist Aleksandra Gajecka Antosiewicz accompanied by the Silesian Chamber Orchestra.

Encore Concerto for flute and string orchestra , featuring flautist Lukaszz Dlugosz accompanied by the Silesian Chamber Orchestra. With special thanks to Adam Wesolowski for the wonderful music, the brilliant concept and for inviting me to perform and record with the orchestra. It's one of Mozart's best-known piano pieces. Mozart himself titled the rondo "Alla turca". It imitates the sound of Turkish Janissary bands, the music of which was much in vogue at that time. Misa Mead has made a new arrangement of this classic work, and it's scored for two unaccompanied euphoniums.

Misa has also just recorded of herself playing both parts on this super video, please take a look! Difficulty : 4 or 4. Misa has made this very skilful arrangement of this famous brass player's classic, Vittorio Monti's Czardas. Great for concerts, as an encore piece, low brass events The solo part is pretty tough, but of course small easier 'alterations' can be made if the high notes are too scary!

Here is a video of Misa playing all the parts! This is the arrangment. This piece was composed for euphonium tuba octet 4 euphs and 4 tubas ideally , commissioned by Roger Bobo in There are 4 movements in this octet ensemble version there are 5 movements for euphonium and piano version.

So here is a perfect suite of four pieces for young students and amateur players. Misa writes: "I composed this piece about seven years ago. I was always thinking I should publish it, and finally I did it! It's an easy and fun piece for all levels of euphonium and tuba players". Although the song formed the basis of a major. It's dedicated to Steve's father Rex Mead. Howard penned this arrangement of the beautiful hymn tune Ascalon in the spring of and dedicated this euphonium solo to Rex Mead, the father of our soloist.

The tune was originally a Silesian folk song, and the German text were printed for the first time in Howard Evans is a Mus. B Hons graduate from the University of Manchester. From to he held the post as Director of Classical Performance at the University of Salford. He was also Bandmaster of the Boscombe Salvation Army band from Howard was often worked as a guest conductor for a number of major bands, including: appearing with the Leyland Band and Grimethorpe Colliery Band to name but two.

Once you have purchased this piece of music, then return to the front page of Euphoniumstore. Please do not circulate this music. This has been sold to you for your use. Please understand the situation, thank you, Steve. Arranger Eric Wilson has unearthed a real gem here, and we hear it may be be on an Associated Board Euphonium exam list soon! Only 3.

Misa writes: " I composed this piece about seven years ago. It is a much anticipated release awith some incredible repertoire and its marks another reocrding milestone for our soloist. He writes: "Recording this album with the famous Brighouse and Rastrick band was an absolute delight! The broad range of literature including several world premiere recordings has made this truly a gem in my recording career.

Whilst composer Johan de Meij does not claim that his Concerto is concerned with extra-terrestrial beings, one might be forgiven for indulging in some thoughts relating to our world and the mysteries of our existence. The simple beauty of nature, and the love for our family, is at the very heart of this album. Dad has always been my biggest supporter in my career, from my earliest memory as a young brass player aged five.

Now he is being cared for in the Castle Dene nursing home in Bournemouth, and his favourite hymn tune, Ascalon is given a sublime setting in this work that concludes the CD. I hope you enjoy it". The CD comes in a full colour digipak format with a 12 page colour booklet inserted in the digipak with all the info on the band, personnel, photos and full info on each piece.

The XR range was introduced to great critical acclaim with its extra-comfortable curved rim edge and massive projection in the high range. The 5XR is the latest addition and we feel sure that it will meet the needs of many euphonium players around the world, especially those used to be slightly smaller rim diameter.

Comfort and stability are the watchwords here, giving the musician hours of pleasure without fatiguing the lips. Such was the success of the ultra 4XR it was inevitable that due to public demand we would produce a mouthpiece with the same design and specifics, with the number three rim.

This is a powerful mouthpiece that has outstanding flexibility and big range of tone. The new comfort rim will be of great interest to many musicians. With you in control it can create huge tone and presence in any band situation. They have a significant modification from the current Ultra range in that they have a differently contoured internal cup shape and cup depth.

As with the Ultra 3X and 4X, this has great power, flexibility, and a fantastic mix of tonal centre and traditional colour. It will facilitate greater ease throughout the whole range especially with this rim, in the upper register, also facilitating greater stamina and control. This super release is one the Adventures in Brass is a series of 6 six brass solos written by Anthony Plog and commissioned by M. Each of them can enrich a recital program.

Anthony Plog was born on November 13th, in Glendale, California. He has a successful international career as a soloist and has made many recordings. Here is the brand new concerto for baritone or euphonium composed for and performed by Katrina Marzella. Whereas the gentlemen in question in the latter work were fictional e.

Sherlock Holmes and Phileas Fogg , the former pays tribute to three real life women who were very much true pioneers and heroines of their age. Turbulence: Harriet Quimby b. Sadly, in her lifetime very few people were aware of her accomplishment; potential press coverage was dominated by the sinking of The Titanic only two days before. Grace Darling b.

A humble lighthouse keeper's daughter from Northumberland, her participation in the rescue of survivors from the wrecked paddle-steamer Forfarshire is well documented a museum dedicated to her achievements located in Bamburgh, the town of her birth. This movement, Tide, develops a main theme from my large scale work Harrison's Dream, reflecting on the souls lost in the disaster.

The final movement Torque, opens with a sudden gear change such as might have been undertaken by Dorothy Levitt b. Levitt, who following her record-breaking achievement was described as the Fastest Girl on Earth, went on to write extensively about her experiences, encouraging females to take up motoring through her articles in The Graphic newpaper.

Here an audio clip for euphonium and band. In a light easy style, in swing time, which should be very popular for audiences and soloists alike. Robin also has contributed to the euphonium repertory with his Panache, composed around 20 years ago!! It has been sometime since we've seen a new release from Mnozil Brass. Here is a CD release of their brilliant touring show Cirque.

For those that have seen the show you will be delighted to see that all the major pieces from the show are here on this CD. This is from a live concert s? Gustav Mahler Arr. Leonard Paul. It features four new and important works including the Symphony Concertante by Roland Szentpali which was used as the final test in the Jeju Euphonium Competition. This is an outstanding recording in every way. I'm delighted to say that we can present this new published arrangement of this much-loved classic from Astor Piazzolla.

Several euphonium artists including Steven Mead have performed and recorded this work, and this appears to be a virtually identical arrangements to those played by these artists during the last years. It's sure to be very popular indeed. It was Piazzolla's lifes work to bring the tango from the bordello's and dance halls of Argentina Into the concert halls of Europe and America.

It attempted to convey their history and evolution of the tango in four movements, Bordello , Cafe , Nightclub , and Concert d'Aujourd'hui. Cafe describes another age of the tango. People stopped dancing it as they did in , preferring instead simply to listen to it.

It became more musical, and more romantic. This tango has undergone total transformation: the movements are slower, with new and often melancholy harmonies. Tango orchestras came to consist of two violins, two concertinas, a piano, and a bass. The tango is sometimes sung as well.

UFO Concerto, my first solo work for euphonium and wind orchestra, is not a traditional concerto in the classical sense. It consists of five movements that are thematically related to one another. This chord has been obsessively present in my head ever since -- I could not resist using it again! Both the chord as well as the main theme make appearances in various shapes and forms throughout the entire piece.

Jason also invited British virtuoso David Childs to join the consortium and play the European performances. At the request of both players, I also made a version for euphonium and brass band. Supplied with Solo parts in TC and BC and full brass band score and full set of brass band parts, including parts for piano and harp. Bugaku is a very ancient form of traditional Japanese dance music. Executed only by men at imperial court ceremonies, Bugaku reinforces the gravity of Gagaku by the absence of string instruments.

Some pieces are danced with masks, others with the face bare and without make-up. The Togaku left-hand dancers enter the stage from the left and are dressed in red with gold ornaments. The Komagaku right-hand dancers enter from the right and have blue costumes with silver accessories. A very good arrangment of this classic Gershwin song. Not difficult and can be used in a vareity of situations. This solo is another virtuoso piece from Gilles Rocha, dedicated to the superb bass trombonist Lionel Fumeaux.

Despite it's creation for the talened Mr. Fumeaux, it works great on euphonium. There are several writeen glisses, but we can have some fun trying to reaslise these! In this euphonium edition there are not the crazy pedal tones that we have come to expect from the combination of Rocha and Fumeaux!

Another exciting solo from the pen of Gilles Rocha, originally composed for trombone but in this edition for euphonium and piano it's clear it's a very effective and exciting solo for euphonium. Faure did not intend these pieces to be published as a set; they were composed as individual works between and When he moved on to another publisher, Hamelle ignored his earlier instructions and issued subsequent editions with titles for each piece.

It was originally written as a sight-reading test for students at the Paris Conservatoire , of which Faure was the professor of composition from and director from to Adagietto An andante moderato, "serious, grave, at once firm and pliant, attaining real beauty" Koechlin. Improvisation Orledge calls this piece a middle period "song without words".

It was composed as a sight-reading test for the Conservatoire. It would not be listed among them were it not for the publisher's unauthorised use of the title in this case. It is the longest of the eight pieces of Op 84, but is much shorter and simpler than the other 12 nocturnes, consisting of a song-like main theme with a delicate semiquaver accompaniment in the left hand.

What a super collection of music, and brilliantly edited and arranged by Gabriel Faure. Movements can of course by played separately. Here is the brand new album from the top Japanese euphonium soloist Kyohei Ando, accompanied by the brilliant pianist Hatsumi Shimizu. Three extended works make up this terrific CD and two of the works are very well known in the euphonium repertoire, euphonium concerti by Linkola and Sparke. December Master's degree at the same university.

Demondrae Thurman. In addition to holding regular recitals every year since , he plans and conducts concerts across genres to open up the new world of euphonium. He is also active in professional brass band music, symphony orchestra extra work and euphonium coaching. On this fabulous first disc there is most definitely an Italian flavour to the repertoire, but also some exciting works from other European countries, including a world premiere recording and performance of the Shamanda Dance by Thomas Doss, the wonderful showpiece Move Their Mind by Stan Nieuwenhuis, and Bliss by Hermann Pallhuber.

Luciano is joined by his friend and colleague Fausto Bottoni in the beautiful and mesmerising duet, Two Part Meditation. We highly recommend this debut recording from Luciano. Enjoy his lyrical phrasing and astonishing virtuosity. His ambassadorial work for the euphonium over the last years in Austria is well known to all those who had contact with him and the brass band scene in that country. So now he has released an album entitled Austrian Colors, and this demonstrates his fine sound, outstanding control and a desire to put the euphonium on the map in Austria by commissioning, performing and now recording new works by leading Austrian composers.

These are well played with sensitivity and complete understanding of the styles. The development of the euphonium in Austria has been slow but significant, enhanced by the rising popularity of brass bands. I myself have been involved with the Austrian scene, working with ensembles and bands for many years, and during this time I have noticed the developing skill and musical intelligence of Georg Pranger which is now fully realised on this magnificent CD.

This CD is highly recommended, and congratulations to Georg and everyone else involved in making this such an outstanding project. After purchase you must log into your account to see the PDF ready to be downloaded, under the heading: My Downloads. Please do not copy this book for others. This purchase is for you alone. Thank for your understanding. Misa Mead has created this outstanding 75 page book of 40 extended technical studies for euphonium, that covers all tonalities and the full extended range of the instrument.

It is definitely not a book for beginners, but would suit good intermediate level, advanced and professional players. Misa originally created 40 technical videos which she put on social media, and such was the overwhelming response to these, this book has now been written. This is how this wonderful book originated. This book covers so many areas of technical study, and allows the student of freedom to work at them at their own pace and increase the tempo as facility comes.

This book covers all aspects of performance technique: different articulation exercises, range, intervals, finger studies, rhythmic studies, harmonic studies. This book is almost unique in the range that it demands, and reflects the range that is demanded by the modern euphonium player. Misa writes: Technical skills for brass players also help with musicality. When we have developed the perfect technique we can play any music as we want.

I hope this book helps you to enjoy your music-making. This book is available in TC and BC, and this page is for the treble clef book. It is attractively produced in high quality, with wire bound binding. It contains the autograph from each band member,soloist and conductor, the CD cover image, and the photo of the band at the recording in Perwex, Belgium.

Released May I was thrilled that he and the band accepted the idea and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with. As we know Belgium is home to some of the finest wind players in the whole of Europe, and this outstanding band sounds quite brilliant on this album. I want to say a special thank you to recording engineer and producer Richard Scott for his marvellous work once again.

This is the first album that I have recorded with my new euphonium, the gold lacquered Besson Prestige This album is totally outstanding, from start to finish, from the brilliance of her own arrangement of Flight of the BumbleBee to the dashing final phrases of Fernando Deddos' Ratata for euphoniun and snare drum.

Benjamin Powell is the consummate accompanist on this album, and we hear his great skills and sensitivity to the full. The Denis Wick baritone wooden mute offers a uniquely warm tone unmatched by any other material, especially in soft dynamics. The sidewalls are constructed from quality birch faced plywood that provides a warm and rich sound. Through careful design, Denis Wick has produced the wooden mute to attenuate your tone while retaining accurate intonation with a perfect level of resistance.

For enhanced durability, the Denis Wick wooden mute has a marine ply base which is lined with vulcanised fibre to ensure it can survive the lifestyle of a touring musician. Made from high purity spun aluminum, these handmade mutes blend perfectly, provide unmatched brilliance and projection, and have excellent intonation.

Denis Wick offers the most comprehensive line of straight mutes available. This beautiful mute is coloured gold to celebrate the Golden Anniversary and has a sparkling finish to add to the sense of celebration. We have taken a regular DW and have given it a fantastic new look, which will shine on any concert stage. This Special Edition mute will only be available in the Anniversary year of , and is already becoming a sought-after item for collectors, as well as for players seeking a mute with some added bling!

Already one of the most popular euphonium mouthpieces in the world, we have developed a modification to this great mouthpiece. It has a new rounded rim, giving great comfort to the player, with a newly-designed inner shape and slightly reduced cup depth. The result is a new feel, almost a 'sports' model if you like, with enormous possibilities in the higher register, with an ease of playing and crystal clear high tones.

The middle range is further energised. Perhaps it doesnt have the weight of sound in the lower register of the regular U4X but the notes speak so clearly. Could this be the mouthpiece to give you massive confidence in the higher range, and add valuable time to your stamina?

We think so! Nearly a year in the design, we are happy to launch this exciting new 4XR to the hugely popular Ultra and Ultra X range. Philip Sparke's 15 Intermediate Christmas Carols, a bundle that is part of the Anglo Music Play-Along Series, is intended for the young instrumentalist who can play about one and a half octaves. The book, which in terms of notes is tailored to the instrument in question, is a sequel to 15 Easy Christmas Carols and allows musicians in development to discover some of the world's most popular Christmas songs - simple yet beautiful melodies that suit their limited range.

This book contains valuable material that is an excellent addition to every teaching method; it comes with piano accompaniment and a CD with demo and play-along tracks. Philip Sparke's 15 Easy Christmas Carols, a bundle that is part of the Anglo Music Play-Along Series, is meant for the young instrumentalist who can play just over an octave. The book is custom-tailored to the instrument concerned and introduces the novice musician to some of the world's most popular Christmas songs - simple yet beautiful melodies that suit their limited range.

This is a challenging three movement work that Demondare Thurman and Kathryn Fouse premiered at the U. This is a wonderful addition and perfect all aspiring college Euphonium players. Barbara York b. Her minute scripted, children's piece, A Butterfly in Time was nominated for a Canadian "Juno Award" for recordings in and is available through Amazon.

As an accompanist, Barbara plays regularly at school, university and professional concert venues throughout the United States and Canada, has recorded for CBC Radio and has premiered numerous works for other composers at International congresses. Barbara York writes, "This piece was not written specifically in response to either the poem by Maya Angelou or that by Paul Dunbar that both refer to the 'caged bird'.

However, there is no doubt that both poems have inspired my own further exploration and now musical extrapolation on the subject of being 'caged' and still 'singing' in spite of this Even within the many bonds and restrictive boundaries that we often find ourselves, it still seems to be a fundamental part of Nature as both human and spiritual beings that we cannot help but sing in both joy and praise both from ourselves and to our own Creator despite the sometimes, even apparently insurmountable obstacles we encounter.

The composer wrote: "July the international tuba and euphonium conference was held under the motto Verson il Millenio at Riva del Garda. During those days that I spent at Lake Garda under sunny Italian skies, I met so many outstanding international instrumentalists and heard so much fascinating and wonderfully interpreted music, that I spontaneously resolved to compose a new work for euphonium.

It would be a companion piece to my Concertino for Tuba and Wind Instruments which we also performed there. The present work is herewith made available to performing artists, and I hope that they, the musicians, as well as the public, receive it as well and enjoy it as much as they did its predecessor. This new work is also a short, uncomplicated peace, striving solely to express the love of music and joie de vivre.

Written in three movements: Allegro mon troppo; Andante ma non troppo, piacevole; Moderato con animo. A contemporary classic for the euphonium, the Concertino highlights the qualities of the euphonium very well. The opening movement features a slightly technical style with a great energy. There are no extremely awkward sections, but Wilhelm does occasionally use a bar with numerous accidentals.

The second movement allows the soloist to show excellent control and features very lovely writing, especially the descending motive that reappears three times. The technique is manageable as the level dictates, but the range does occasionally create problems in the final movement.

This remains the main challenge and features the most range extremes. The articulations are very detailed. This is the version for euphonium and concert band wind band. The piano accompaniment version is also available on this site.

Robert Childs, then principal euphonium with Black Dyke, requested Evelyn's permission to make the arrangement for his son, David. The composer obliged, and Robert presented the score and parts to his son as a seventeenth birthday present. Evelyn Glennie revealed: "When I wrote this chorale for marimba, it expressed my spiritual feelings and displayed a pleasantly relaxed dimension of the instrument.

Over the years my exposure to brass bands has filled me with wonder; their musical diversity is considerable. Having composed the work when she was only 13, Evelyn continued: "As a child I would never have believed that such a short and simple piece of music, would come to grow this much. A little Prayerserves to prove that one should always bet their chips on what they believe in, for nine out of ten it will be worth it!

After twenty years of exclusivity, Prima Vista Musikk is proud to make this beautiful arrangement available to all. A Little Prayer provides the perfect reflective interlude for concert or devotional use by euphonium soloists and bands of all abilities. This is the version for euphonium and piano. The concert band set is also available, and please contact us directly regarding this. At night The Big Friendly Giant catches dreams and nightmares in jars. All his lyrical and technical capacities are used in function of creating beautiful musical dreams.

As in a classical concerto, the soloist combats with the orchestra. At first they are playing alternately, afterwords they play fraternal together. Besides being a versatile and prolific composer he is also very much in demand as an adjudicator, clinician and guest conductor. His musical activities have taken place in various countries in three continents and his compositions have been performed and recorded around the world.

Houben also orchestrated the special composition Hymne by Hans Zimmer for the event. This is a brand-new album from Glenn Van Looy, who once again, in collaboration with the conductor and arranger Luc Vertommen, has put together a superb album of 'Lost Treasures', from the 19th century, with piano accompaniment and also this time with string quartet. With nearly 70 minutes of music, this album is sure to appeal to all lovers of the euphonium.

Glenn's playing as always is quite outstanding, and he really breathes new life Into these forgotten gems from the 19th century. This duet has been around for some time, but new to Euphoniumstore. This work has definitely stood the test of time. It begins with each voice playing separately then together before we embark on a sustained and highly virtuosic Allegro section.

It begins with eachVoice playing separately then together before we embark on a sustained and highly virtuosic Allegro section. A real gem of a euphonium duet, not so well known as the famous Two Part Invention by the same composer, but really delightful and deserves to be heard a lot more. It ends slowly and with a beautiful mood. Here is a brand new and highly recommended CD from British born Mark glover, who currently lives and works in Dubai. It is indeed one ofthe more original and important euphonium CDs we have heard for a very long time!!

I was finding opportunities for recitals and travel so I started asking composers and arrangers to write for me, mainly so my recital programs could be unique. I had a crazy thought that one day I would record some of this music and after a lot of hard work, time, money, patience and belief, HUSTLE is the result.

Wesley Kendrick. Watch Mark Glover in concert in this Youtube video. After a short introduction, the soloist introduces a rather nostalgic melody, accompanied by the lower brass parts. A fast central section is then played by the band, which leads to a climax. Eventually, the main melody played by the solo cornet and flugel horn returns, overlaid with an ornamented counter-melody from the soloist, who then closes the piece with a short cadenza. A really beautiful new solo, very 'playable' from the pen of the band world's favourite composers and one who has contributed so many quality works for the euphonium over the years!

Please watch this excellent Youtube video that shows of the work perfectly!! The Summer Isles are a group of islands located off the North West coast of Scotland which are famous for their wildlife. This piece, written for solo euphonium and brass band, reflects the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the islands. The wonderful melodious nature of the euphonium is displayed in this piece and the opening theme is followed by melodic interplay between the soloist and cornets.

This piece will surely be enjoyed by any audience. David King. Read all info on the composer on Wikipedia. This spectacular three-part concerto Contrasti, Romanza and Fugato for euphonium and symphonic wind orchestra was composed by order of the Swiss euphonium virtuoso Ueli Kipfer who created it in November with the Swiss Army Band conducted by Jan Cober. It is only for the very advanced player!

It is a magnificent showpiece and pretty unrelenting on the demands it places on the soloist. But for the soloist wanting a spectacular challenge, this is it!! This is exciting music and will create a totally thrilling effect for the audience when played well.

Undoubtedly one of the finest extended works in the euphonium repertoire. The piece takes its title from a local legend about Spirit Island, which lies in a gap of the St. Louis River called Spirit Lake. This is a challenging euphonium solo in which the versatile soloist can explore very expressive melodic sequences, as well as energetic, technical sections. The range isn't too extended, high C TC and one optional high D!

Watch the excellent Youtube video produced by Anglomusic Press. It comes with a beautifully produced book for piano and a set of free Mp3 backing tracking tracks piano - Euphoniumstore sends you the link to download these backing tracks once you've purchased this book.

Selection of ancient arias transcribed for brass and piano, composed by some of the most important Italian composers who lived between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Songs belonging to the "Bel Canto" school, of great educational use for all those teachers and students of trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba, who base their "musical belief" on the importance of singing, sound, phrasing and of musicality.

A brand new publication from the leading French publishers Robert Martin, with a really fun piece, in jazzy style, and not too difficult!! Fun jazzy rythms, some mixed metre sections A brand new ensemble piece for young players or mature players who want to try some funky style music. A brand new and truly original work, not too difficult, by one of France's most notable brass composers of the modern era, Frank Steckar. Just released a few weeks ago, this workIs a superb vehicle for the intermediate player to play a work that has serious yet more relaxed and fun moments, very well constructed, an excellent piece for recitals, competitions and festivals.

It has a rich harmonic language In the accompaniment, and is an fine work for a teacher coach a student on, as there are so many excellent musical elements involved. A brand new encore-type work from the pen of the popular composer Tom Davoren. Unashamedly virtuosic, of course! Composed over Christmas for Steven Mead!

Tom writes: "Intended as a tongue in cheek encore, the piece is a bombastic virtuoso take on an American style circus march". Here is a brand new composition from Tom Davoren, www. It's an absolute gem and one that is sure to be widely played in concerts and recitals. Very accessible even for the intermediate player. The composer writes: "A Simple Gift was composed over Christmas for the well-known euphonium virtuoso Steven Mead. As its title suggests the piece is a gesture of thanks from composer to soloist, celebrating Steven Mead's gift for shaping melody as well as the natural lyrical quality of the euphonium itself".

The title makes an obvious reference to Mr. This is a four-movement suite of fantasy variations, based on a theme from one of Falcone's favorite band transcriptions: Andrea Chanier Opera Excerpts by Umberto Giordano.

This theme is only referenced not quoted in the opening cadenza of Movement 1, then developed throughout the overall construction of all four movements. It is dedicated to Mrs. Beryl Falcone on the 20th anniversary of the festival in Leonard's name.

One of the earliest major works written for the euphonium, Gordon Jacob's Fantasia remains a standard work in the repertoire. Its haunting opening melody, fun and quirky Allegro section, lyrical melodic writing, triple tonguing intensity, low muted section, and demanding cadenza make it a composition worthy of performance.

There are numerous ossias to assist with range limitations and the technical demands will prove a challenge for many players, but this should certainly be a familiar piece for all serious euphonium players. This is undoubtedly one of our most important pillars in our historic original euphonium repertoire.

It has for many years being a standard audition work for wind orchestra auditions and examination recitals. Robert Jager's Concerto for Euphonium was originally commissioned as a concerto for trombone and orchestra, But in the composer decided to rewrite and rescore the work as a concerto for euphonium with accompaniments for band, symphony orchestra and piano. The Concerto for Euphonium is a highly demanding work for both soloist and the accompaniment. The outer movements are filled with rhythmic and metric complexities that demand a virtuoso group of musicians is the second movement, while less technically demanding, requires mature musicianship because of its sensitive lines and shaded instrumental colours.

After a dramatic introduction dominated by euphonium the first movement moves into a highly rhythmic dialogue between soloist and accompaniment. The second movement is designed to be played at slowly and reflectively. It is this mood, one of reflection, that dominates the quasi-impressionistic character of the music. The third movement returns to the fiery rhythmic character of the first movement but this time more emphasis is placed upon mixed and is symmetrical metres so that the solid feel of the barline is lost.

The form of this movement is that of a Rondo, and in the typical capricious mood of the Rondo literally rushes headlong into an exciting and brilliant finale. This challenging work features high intensity writing that translates to complex rhythms and syncopations.

Flutter tonguing, lip trills, double tonguing, rapid meter changes, awkward trills and sections in seven flats encapsulate most of the difficulties of the work. Yet, its vigor and drive, especially in the third movement, can compensate the performer and listener for these challenges. The second movement has some nice recitative sections with ornamental runs.

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Stratovarius — Guitar Solo. Marylinn — Only Mine Solo Mio. Instrumental Core — Dubchestral Piano. Jay-Z — Song Cry Instrumental. Chamillionaire — Creepin' Instrumental. Instrumental Josh Groban — Kashmir Instrumental Live. Kid Cudi — Solo Dolo Pt. II feat. Kendrick Lamar.

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