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Opa cupa slavic soul party torrent

opa cupa slavic soul party torrent

Opa Cupa · Slavic Soul Party! Balkan Beats, Vol. 3 Play track Based in New York, the band was born in fits and torrents in the fall of He and the band are back at Barbes tomorrow night, April 7 at 7 PM opening for Slavic Soul Party, who made a name for themselves bringing funk and hip-hop. Opa CupaSlavic Soul Party! Gypsie Doodle - LiveAnalogik. Not afraid (Feat. Jessica Fitoussi) [7inch Version]Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer. SKILLET RISE TORRENT Gryu Gryu 6, continue using it badges 26 26 silver badges 47 already downloaded in. See more information and instrumentation. You can instead person is a verified professional.

Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Join others and track this song Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a Last. Sign Up to Last. Play album. Length Lyrics Add lyrics on Musixmatch. Related Tags gypsy balkan romashka Add tags View all tags. Featured On Play album. Play track. Artist images. Lithuanian-born singer Inna Barmash fronts a band of multifaceted American musicians and one half-Romanian-half-Japanese madcap accordionist, who bring years of Klezmer, jazz and rock experience to their Gypsy music journey.

Based in New York, the band was born in fits and torrents in the fall of Roaming from cafes and all-night jams, to apartment parties and subway stops, the band quickly catapulted to pulsating clubs and underground parties, dra… read more. Romashka plays Gypsy music from Russia, Romania, and beyond. Lithuanian-born singer Inna Barmash fronts a band of multifaceted American musicians and one half-Romanian-half-Japanese madcap … read more. Lithuanian-born singer Inna Barmash fronts a band of multifaceted American musicians and one half-Romanian-half-Japanese madcap accordionist, who bring years of Klezmer, jazz… read more.

Similar Artists Play all. Trending Tracks 1. Sunday 19 December Monday 20 December Tuesday 21 December Wednesday 22 December Thursday 23 December Friday 24 December Saturday 25 December Sunday 26 December Monday 27 December Tuesday 28 December Wednesday 29 December Thursday 30 December Friday 31 December Saturday 1 January Sunday 2 January Monday 3 January Tuesday 4 January Wednesday 5 January Thursday 6 January Friday 7 January Saturday 8 January Sunday 9 January Monday 10 January Tuesday 11 January Wednesday 12 January Thursday 13 January Friday 14 January Saturday 15 January Sunday 16 January Monday 17 January Tuesday 18 January Wednesday 19 January Thursday 20 January Friday 21 January Saturday 22 January Sunday 23 January Monday 24 January Tuesday 25 January Wednesday 26 January Thursday 27 January Friday 28 January Saturday 29 January Sunday 30 January Monday 31 January Tuesday 1 February Wednesday 2 February Thursday 3 February Friday 4 February Saturday 5 February Sunday 6 February Monday 7 February Tuesday 8 February Wednesday 9 February Thursday 10 February Friday 11 February Saturday 12 February Sunday 13 February Monday 14 February Tuesday 15 February Wednesday 16 February Thursday 17 February Friday 18 February Saturday 19 February Sunday 20 February Monday 21 February Tuesday 22 February Wednesday 23 February Thursday 24 February Friday 25 February Saturday 26 February Sunday 27 February Monday 28 February Tuesday 1 March Wednesday 2 March Thursday 3 March Friday 4 March Saturday 5 March Sunday 6 March Monday 7 March Tuesday 8 March Wednesday 9 March Thursday 10 March Friday 11 March Saturday 12 March Sunday 13 March Monday 14 March Tuesday 15 March Wednesday 16 March Thursday 17 March Connais-tu le pays.

Land I love, B flat 3 M. Last sensation, F 2 M. S Rochow 40 As sung by Billy Emerson. Laura mine, E flat 4 Alto or Bar Rastrelli 40 An Laura. A very ef- fective air for concert purposes. Q Paine 3u Lela, B flat 3 M. Fine sentiment — expressive melody. It is a gem and exhibits the hand of a true musician. Let me sleep where the loved ones are sleep- ing, E flat 3 M. Baumfeider 3G G 2 M. Linwood 30 A pretty and easy song, which should be found in every household.

Iftljittle Ettie, A flat 3 M. S Faimham 30 Little log home, G 4 M. S Thompson 50 Little messenger, G 2 M. S Curtice 30 A most excellent and not difficult song. Little voice within, C 4 M. Looks of love, or Silent language Walther 30 C 3 M. JLord my pasture shall prepare, D Little 50 Anthem for mixed voices. Excellent for church or home use.

Anthem with bass solo. Lorely, E flat 3 M. Two descriptive ballads of great merit. Lottery, A 5 Sobolewski 60 Four part song for mixed voices. Love and the lotus, D 3 M. S Woolcoitjto Loved and lost, E flat 4 M.

Cordelia 91 Loved of other years, G 3 M. Love echo, A flat 4 Ten. S Mortimer 30 Lovely A eye upon me beamed -. Henzel 3C A flat 4 Sop. JLove me as of yore, F 3 M. Love not, and answer, C 3 M. Meyer 30 Loves fleeting hours, D 2 M. Loving shepherd, A 3 M. S Sobolewski 35 Another gem by this unique composer, suitable for good singers. Well adapted for exhibition or concert purposes. Lucy Long, and answer newly arranged ; 20 Gr 2 Bar. New and popular version of the ever favorite Mabel waltz. S Woolcott 30 Maiden by the sea, G 3 M.

This touching song should be on every piano. Maraquita, A 3 Alto- Mrs. Norton 35 Mary Astore, E flat 3 M. Ach so fromm. JMaud Medill, G 3 M. S Eimer 30 May breezes, F 3 M. S Krevpl 30 S' Mailue fieri. Meet me, my darling, to-morrow— Brown 35 E flat 3 M.

Sung with great success everywhere. S Glover 30 Melt the bells, D 3 M. S 20 Merrily oh the woodman trudges along. Brown 30 G 4 M. Mignon, E flat 5 Sop Thomas 50 Eng. Rochow 30 JMine, and mine alone, F 2 M. Moet and Chandon, C 3 M. Schlesinger 75 A pretty waltz song. Has been sung with great eclat at various concerts. Moss-rose, G 3 M. A flat 2 H. Werner 30 B flat 3 M. S Hine 35 Moonlight is sleeping, G 4 M.

Murmur of the shell, C 3 M. Music of the heart, C 3 M. Must I then leave this pretty little town, F 3 M. Rochow 35 G 3 Bar. Song and dance. Over Those not yet in possession should get it by ah means. My distant home to thee Schleiffarth 40 F 4 Sop. An mime feme Heimath. My dream of love is over, G 3 M.

My happy home, E fiat 3 M. My heart and lute, F 2 Sop. S Centemei'i 35 My home, F 3 M. My home is on the prairie lea Woodbury 30 B flat 3 Alto or Bar. My home is on the prairie lea Woodbury 40 B flat 3. Quartette, mixed voices.

Alto or Bar. Good singers or artists will find this an interesting composition, teeming with originality and charming effects. My life is like a summer rose Buckley 30 E llat 4 M. S Addison 30 Easy and taking— is also suitable for Cabinet organ. My love and I went sailing, C 2 M. My love is but a maiden yet Woolcott 30 G 4 M. Hubbard 35 My native land to thee, B flat 3 M. Woolcott 30 My own dear native home Gumbert 40 C 4 M. Das theure Vatei'haus.

My own, my gentle mother, G 3 M. S Cardella 30 Song and dance. It is bound to take with the million. North 40 Anthem with Alto Solo. We can earnestly re- commend tills valuable composition to all choirs or singing societies. My soul is dark, E flat 3 M. Mortimer SO 2sT. Des Mueller' s Toechterlein.

JINation A mourns her chief. Thompson 35 B flat 3 M. S Anton 30 Nay, bid me not, A 4 M. Nearer home, F 4 M. A very effective chorus for church or home use. JNellie, rest thee, D 2 M. S Paine 35 Never again, G 3 M. S Glover 35 Never mind the rest, E flat 3 M. S Cardella 30 Never more to part, E flat 2 M. S Botefuehr 30 Nice young man, C 2 Bar. Comic 20 Nigger vs. Chinese, F 3 Bar Lorraine 30 Full of fun.

No letter for me, A flat 3 M. No offer yet, E flat 4 Sop. S Famham 30 Being easy and by a popular writer, it cannot fail of pleasing. Double song and dance A good comic song that we can recommend. Come e bello. O, believe me, when I tell thee Willhartitz 30 C 2 M. Oh chide me not for weeping Lanphear 30 A 2 M. Oh claim this heart, C 3 M. Oh dear are yon green native valleys to me, A 4 Sop. S Cardella 30 An excellent song without love words. Oh give to me the wild woods McIntosh 30 A flat 3 Ten.

Oh haste my love and come with me Smith 30 A 4 Tfen. Oh I should like to marry, G 2 M. Oh linger if you love me. One of Mr. Oh my adored, F 4 Ten. Oh sing me that song, C 3 Ten- Hubbard 30 Song and quartette. Oh sing to me of those sunny climes Ewing 35 A 3 M. Abschied der Schwalben. Oh take me back to Switzerland Norton 20 F 3 Alto. Oh take me to my native land Fitch 30 D 3 Alto.

Oh take me to thy heart again Balfe 30 C 3 Alto or Bar. Oh tell me not of broken vow Oh the heart, it is a treasure Famham 30 B flat 3 M. As sung by Nilsson. Oh wert thou but mine own, love Kuecken 80 Aeh wenn du tocerst mein eigen. A flat 4 M. Oh when shall I meet thee Famham 30 G 3 Alto.

Oh where are you going, sweet robin Men 35 F 3 M. E se la nube. Porter 30 A good song and cliorns — easy to learn. Can be played on the cabinet organ. Old Dan Tucker, D 3 M. S - Emmet 20 tOld days we remember, C 3 M. Merz 30 One bright thought of me - Famham 30 A flat 3 M.

Only for thee, A flat 3 M. Linley 30 Only waiting, E flat 3 M. Onward boatlet swiftly gliding Kueeim 60 C 4 Duett for Sop. Treibe , treibe Schiffiem, treibe. JOpen the window, F 3 M. Werner 30 Song or duett. Origin of the harp, F 3 Moore 33 Duett Sop. Orphan The , F 4 Sop..! Arditi 36 Die Waise. U Orfanella. It is full of tender- ness and sweetness. S Bowman 30 Outside dog in the fight, E 2 Ten Rochow 30 Comic. S - Rochow 30 Over the summer sea, G 4 Sop.

Verdi 30 La donna emobile. Famham 30 Paddy Magill, F 3 Bar.. Murphy 35 A comic song of the Irish type. It creates laughter when well rendered. Pange lingua, E 3 Rellek 30 Duett and Trio for female voices. We can recommend this fully for exhibition use.

Weimar 30 Exceedingly funny and taking. IAnley 30 E flat 3 M. Past days are dear, E flat 3 M. S Spratley 30 Duett at lib. Peacefully, dreamily, F 3 M. Max 40 Pestal, or Yes the die, F 3 M. Pride of Daisy Dell, E flat 3 M. Queen of my soul, C 3 M. S Wollaston 30 Quiet she sleeps, D 3 Sop. Recreations at school Fuchs 76 A choice selection of duetts and trios, suitable for school exhibitions or concerts. Regret, or I wish thou wert not going Glover 36 E flat 4 M. Rest, thou troubled heart, or Pestal Ling 40 A 3 M.

Dte Eeimkehr. Florente 40 Flute accompaniment. S -Cutler 30 60th edition. We recommend tills beautiful composition to all lovers of sacred music. Rose of Allendale, B flat 3 M. Bar- Curschman 86 Eng. Sacred song. Round the corner waiting, C 2 M. Lemon 30 iRunnirig off the track. Hartshomc 30 G t Alto or Bar. Particular attention is called to the classification and gradation ol' our songs, which will prove a valuable guide to teachers in the selection of suitable pieces.

Fine edition. Sadly mourns my soul for thee Frodsham 30 B flat 4 Sop. An impressive song, which we highly recommend. All amateurs of taste should possess it. Ourschmayi 56 Der Schiffer. Try this exquisite gem. Salve mundi Domine, D 4 Bar. Karst 35 The composer's name vouches for its intrinsic value. JSancta Maria, Bflat 5 Owen 1.

Kcejiigsberg 35 Sprichst du zum Vogel. Woolcott 60 G 3 M. Splendidly illustrated with Highland scenes. Serenade, D 4 Ten. Serenade, G 3 Sop. A Ger. This is illustrated with an elegant title page, designed by J. Meeker, the famous artist. Both words and music are in keeping with this elegant design. Shadowed heart, E Hat 2 M. She haunts me still in dreams Wemier 30 F 3 M. Brown 60 Irresistibly comic. Shells of ocean, E 3 M. She sleeps beneath the willow, G Melville 30 JShut the door softly, C 3 M.

S Porter 30 Get it by all means. S Reden 36 Silent language, C 3 M. Sing to me gently, G 2 M. The chorus is easy and exceedingly pretty. Skip off on your ear, C 3 M. JgSleep, boys in blue, B flat 3 M. S Greene 30 Sleep! S Fricker 40 Sleep well, sweet angel.

Schlaf wohl, du suesser Engel. Sleighing Serenade Woodbury 30 A flat 3 M. It abounds in originality both in melody and harmony. No good singer should be with- out it. Smile and never heed me, G 4 M. Favorite song 20 1 Softly blow, sweet evening breezes Carroll 30 G 2 M. A new and very excellent composition to these favorite words.

Bishop 40 Songs of the Prairies— No. Prairie flower, No. Wenona, No. Ka-loo-lah, Written by T. Music by F. Wool- cott, each 30 Song to Kate, F 3 Bar. Byrne 30 Spectre lover, C 4 Sop. Speed on ye songs of mine Qockcl 36 B flat 4 Alto. Zieht hin, ihr lieben Lieder Eng. Spring and love, A flat 4 Sieber 50 Duett for M. Fruehling und Liebe, Eng. Spring, beautiful spring, D 5 Sop Malmene 50 Try this concert waltz.

Spring down in the dell, G 2 M. S Everett 30 Spring-time of the heart, A flat 4 Alto Stay with me, G 6 Sop Bleib bei mir Encr. JCey JStep gently, speak softly, D 2 M. Comic Berry 3t Summer songs. Sunny smiles of former years Mortimer 30 A flat 4 Ten.

Fcerstei' 30 Sweet angel, sleep thee well Op. Good edition of this popu- lar song. JSweet dreams from home, G 4 M. Baker 50 G 2 M. Sweet Jessie, G 4 M. S Buckley 30 Sweetest joys, D 2 M. Sweet Mary, the maid of the green Bishop 30 C 3 M. Sweet memories of thee, A 4 M. Sweet summer flowers, D 3 M. S Carroll 85 Sweeter than the breath, G 3 M. S Wemer 40 Tausendschoen, D 4 M.

S Foerster 30 Eng. Tear The , E flat 4 M. Tears, gentle tears, G flat 4 Sop Meinmger 30 Although in 6 flats, a very beautiful key yet it will repay learning. A very sweet Ballad by this popular author. Try it, we feel confident that you will like it. There is one that loves thee still Woolcott 30 A flat 3 M.

Whiting 30 A flat 4 Alto. Thine is my heart, C 4 Sop. Cursehman 36 Dein ist mein Herz. S Linwood 30 Thou art coming with the spring, love. Linley 36 Thou art so near and yet so far Reichardt 40 F 4 Sop. Du bist so naK und dock so fern. Thou art so near and yet so far Reichardt 60 E flat 4 Duett for Sop.

Du bist so nahy und dock so fern. Thou hast left me and gone away, Mary, E flat 3 M. Duett ad lib. Thou whose blessed spirit. Centemeri 60 D flat 6 Sop. Exceedingly brilliant, showy and effective for concert or exhibition purposes.

Cardella 30 Thoughts of thee ; Soboletoski 35 D flat 4 Ten. This is unquestionably Mr. We cannot recommend it too highly to amateurs or Professors that seek for some- thing of genuine merit Thy name was once a magic spell Cowell 20 A 2 Bar. Thy song has taught my heart Centemeri 30 B flat 4 Sop. Tilda Jane, C 3 Ten. Holmes 30 A flat 3 M. Try this new version, it is really good.

To Adelaide, C 4 M. Jand Ger. Tommy Dodd, Cr 2 M. To Rose, D 4 Bar. This is a splendid character song and takes well wherever heard. Try this. It is a good opening piece for church-service. Tryste of love, D 4 M. Two flowers in one fair garden Smith 30 E flat 4 M. Two hearts that beat as one Waldauer 36 G 4 M.

Two nightingales, A 4 , Hackel 60 Duett for Sop. Die beiden Nachtigal - len. JgTread softly, A flat 3 M. The words are very touching and the music is in keeping with their sentiment. Una voce pocofa. Der Tyroler und sein Kind. Rossini 60 Eng. Vale of rest, D 4 M. S Neleon 36 Jeunea beautes sons ce feuillage. Holmes 35 There are but few who having heard this beauti- ful composition will ever forget it. The melody is grace itself. Words by Goethe. Voice of home, F 3 M.

S- Halmmr 30 Song of the western emigrant. Waiting at the gate, C 3 M. Wake from thy rest, E flat 4 Sop J deininger 40 A serenade that will charm every one. It has a very pretty dashing accompaniment. Watchman, A 5 Soboiewski 50 Four-part song for mixed voices. Watcher newly arranged , E flat 2 M. S 20 Spanish melody. Wearing of the green, F 2 M. Weep not fond heart, F 4 Sop.

Kuecken 35 O weine nicht. We have been friends together Bussell 20 E 3 Alto. We have lived and loved together He? Welcome A guest, C 4 Sop. Meyer 50 Welcome, sweet bird, E 5 Sobolewski 40 Four-part song for mixed voices. Cardella 30 Wenona, G 3 M. S Woolcott 30 We met, G 2 M. S Bay ley 20 We met by chance, A flat 4 Sop. Kuecken 35 Der Lauf der Welt. What are the wild waves saying Glover 36 E flat 3 Duett for Sop.

What in my heart so deep unspoken. Was ich so tie f im Her- zen trage. JWhat would you give to know J'religh 20 G 3 M. When fall the shades of parting day - Thomson 30 A flat 4 M. When love is kind, D 5 Sobolewski 60 Four-part song for mixed voices. Garmon 40 Comic. When sparrows built, G 4 Alto or Bass.. Murphy is one of the most successful song-writers of the day.

Both words and music are of a taking character. Woolcott 36 A 3 M. When the quiet moon is beaming Schcnidorf 60 D flat 4 M. Wenn so sanjt und mild Selene. Wenn die Schwalben heimwcerts ziehn. When twilight casts its magic spell Holmes 40 E 4 Serenade for M. This is the sweetest serenade that ever a lady listened to. IWhen two hearts meet again Ortehstein 40 F 3 M. When two young hearts Kuecken 40 F 4 M.

Wenn sichzwei Hen'zcn schei- den. When youth is gone, true love shines on, E flat 2 M. S Davis 30 Where are now the hopes I cherished Be llini 30 F 4 M. Nun bist du in meinen Hcen- den. In mia man alfin tu sei. Where do the angels dwell, C 4 Alto.

Wherefore, Nelly, look so lovely Saunders 30 G 3 Sop. Where is my loved one, G 3 M. S Woolcott 30 Whisper softly, G 4 M. S Anton 40 Cavatina, with flute or violin accompaniment. Will you tell, C 4 Sop. Winged messenger -. Fesca 35 B minor 4 Sop. Withered flowers, C 2 M.

S Willhartiti 35 A song of uncommon merit. S Ccu'della, 40 A good subject for every mechanic. Worth of time, G 4 M. Wilson 30 A touching ballad by a popular writer. Try it, you will like it. A new and very beau- tiful duett, not difficult, yet very effective. S Woolcott 30 Comic. Kathleen Williams 30 A flat 3 Alto. With violin accompaniment. Young America, D 2 Alto. S Linley 36 Comic. Cardella 30 Very touching words set to an easy and pleas- ing melody.

Yours forever, A flat 2 M. S Porter 30 Youth by the brook, A 4 M. S Proch 40 Der Juengling am Bache. Youth never comes again Sobolewski 36 D 3 Sop. A new and very pleasing song of this eminent composer. At eve upon the lone sea shore. Eng1, and Lat. Bear me, boatlet, gently gliding -Neukomm 50 D 4 Sop. Blue-eyed Mary, F 3 Sop. Drift my bark, C 4 Sop. Evening breeze, A 3 Sop. Gipsey Countess, A 3 Sop. Holy mother, guide his footsteps -Wallace 40 E 4 Sop.

Homeward, G 3 M. Juanita Wanita , D 3 Sop. No letter for me, E flat 3 Meininger 30 Sop. Onward boatlet, swiftly gliding Kuecken 60 C 4 Sop. Ora pro nobis, D 2 Sop. Werner 30 Origin of the harp, F 3 Sop. Moore 35 Our beautiful mountain home Qlover 50 A 4 Sop. Pange lingua, E 3 Sop. Beturning home, C 4 Sop. Bosa Dean, G 3 Sop. Spring and love, A flat 4 Sop. Sweet flower that died Baker 60 G 2 M.

Saroni 30 A 3 Sop. Two nightingales Hackel 50 A 4 Sop. Glover 50 Echo duett. North 25 What are the wild waves saying Glover 40 E flat 3 Sop. They are the most concise in the elementary part of anything of the kind yet published. They also contain most of the popular music of the day, arranged systematically to suit the progress of the pupil. A fine opening piece with effective Solos.

For a cultivated Soprano voice nothing better could be selected. It is also arranged with orchestra accompaniment, which we can furnish. The popularity of this Trio speaks for itself. Those not yet in pos- session are loosing a treasure. Anthem for Christmas or other festi- vals. A new Easter anthem by a good and original writer. Coming through the barley, D 2 Sop Can be plaved on a me- lodeon or cabinet organ. Fine open- ing piece for church service.

Wilson 50 A 3. Golden band, C 4 Cullen 25 Quartette for male voices. It cannot fail of reaching an immense sale. Gossip and report, A 3 Wilson 40 Grant, the daring, the lion-hearted. Solo with Chorus. Another splendid com- position by this popular and excellent author. Boyd 40 He shall come down like rain Whiting 40 E flat 4.

Jesu sanctissime, List to our parting strain, C 4. Female Trio.. Motefuehr 30 Little Annie, C Its senti- ment appeals to every parent. Lord my pasture shall prepare, D 3 Little 60 Anthem. We can recommend this very highty for church or home use. Lord, thou hast been favorable Estabrook 60 A flat 4. A splendid Anthem with Bass Solo by a good and popular author. Brown 40 C 3. Milly Low, G North 50 B flat 3. Mystic chain, G 3. Thompson 35 B flat 3. Nearer, my God, to thee, A flat 3 Whiting 36 Anthem.

Nelly rest thee, D Oh Mary Jane, A North 40 Anthem with Sop. North's best compositions. A new and original composition of great merit. Famham 40 Sancta Maria, B flat 5 Owen 1. Embellished with a splendid colored lithographic title, which alone is worth the price asked for the piece.

Sharon Lawn, B flat Silent land. N Softly now the light of day. F 3 Anthem.. Tender words and gentle pleadings Werner B 2. North B flat 3. When stars are shining, Ella dear Murphy 35 F 3. We heartily recom- mend them to social circles, that seek for some- thing of a better class. When storms of life surround you Woolcott 35 A 3. When the weather is fair, F 3 Parks 30 When two hearts meet again, F Seminaries and High schools, By Mrs.

We heartily recommend this Collection to those that seek for something better than what is ordinarily found in singing hoiks. The original Compositions are sprightly, melodious and teem with beautiful harmonies, while the Standard tunes have been selected with taste and judgment from masters of established reputation.

Gates ajar, B flat Estabrook 40 Gathered rose and the stolen heart, D 2. Hine 30 Gondoliera O come to me , E flat Koenig sberg 40 Eng. Good night, farewell, E flat 4 Knecken 35 Eng. Reichardt 35 Eng. It is better to laugh, C 4 Donizetti 30 Eng. F 2 Bayley 20 Loved one, list to me. B flat 3 Wcehler 30 Eng. E flat 4 Woolcott 30 Oh take me back to Switzerland, F Norton 30 Oh take me back to my native land Fitch 30 D 3.

Prairie rose. Tyrolese and his child, D 3 Weber 30 Eng. Woodbury 30 We have been friends together, E An experience of over twenty-five years as teachers and dealers enables them to suit the most fastidious tastes in this branch. Particular attention is paid to the selection of Vocal Duetts, Trios and Quartettes. Ave Maria, B flat Schubei't 30 Eng. Bright queen of the sea, A 3 Woolcott 30 Broken chain, E flat Flute accompaniment. Down among the apple-blossoms North 30 E flat 3.

Behr 35 Eng. Her bright smile haunts me still WHghton 30 A flat 3. I am dreaming of thee, Napolitaine Lee 35 E flat 4. If all our hopes and all our fears Cmiemeri 86 B flat. Gumbert 35 Eng. Schleiffarth 40 Eng. Oh haste my love and come with me Smith 30 A 4. Hochow 30 Over the summer sea, G 4 Verdi 30 Eng.

Sweet Mary, the maid of the green Bishop 30 C 3. Tear The , E flat 4 Kuecken 40 Eng. Thine is my heart, C 4 Ourschman 35 Eng. Reichardt 40 Eng. We met by chance, A flat 4 Kuecken 35 Eng. Murphy 35 When thou art sad and weary Woolcott 30 A flat 3. Whisperings of the past, C 3 Faulkner 40 Winged messenger, B minor 4. Fesca 35 Eng. Sungs for itritone. Murphy 40 Gold and silver, A 4 Thrun 30 Eng. In childhood I dallied, E flat 3 Lortzing 30 Eng.

Rochou d 35 G 3. My own dear native home, C 4 Gumbert 4C Eng. Oh yes. Curschmann 35 fRosy light is dawning. Eawthoi'ne 30 Sailor, C 4 Eng. C 3 Strother 30 fTell them how their brother fell Brown 30 B flat 3. Thy name was once a magic spell Cowell 20 A 2. Oumbert 30 B flat 3. Woolcott 35 AI 4.

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