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Oscuros deseos emma darcy torrent

oscuros deseos emma darcy torrent

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Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Oscuros deseos by Emma Darcy. Oscuros deseos by Emma Darcy. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , Bianca. More Details Original Title. Other Editions All Editions Add a New Edition. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Oscuros deseos , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Add this book to your favorite list ». Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Oscuros deseos. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was a tsunami of tackiness for me. First, the heroine is already engaged to OM when the hero ruthlessly sets out to pursue her. Six chapters in, she remains an engaged woman about to marry in two weeks but the hero does not give a damn because supposedly her fiance is a tame lapdog who will lick her where she likes whereas she supposedly needs a wild wolf to mate with the wolverine in her.

Excuse me while I go throw up. The heroine's parents and brother are all pushing her to break thin This book was a tsunami of tackiness for me. The heroine's parents and brother are all pushing her to break things off with the OM because he is not of their strastospheric social and financial class which must automatically mean he is a golddigging hall of famer.

What an insult to the OM the worst thing they can say about him is that he has too much charm and therefore automatically suss and to their own daughter, implying she in her own right doesn't have enough to attract a man, it must be her millions that her fiance is after. If this was a vintage HP, and it was the heroine who was engaged to a wealthy man whose family did everything they could to trash the relationship simply because she is not of their social or economic class and they had a wealthy socialite OW all lined up for their adored son, wouldn't you take the side of the poor, socially unconnected fiancee who is being dumped and cheated on???

Which brings me to the execrable heroine of THIS piece. I cannot stand the "Poor Little Rich Girls" who can criticize their father's strict work ethic, wealthy exclusive lifestyle, and high expectations but are still quite content to reap all the benefits of it, including the best education, wardrobe, social scene, exclusive real estate and nepotism-appointed cushy jobs.

And this heroine was the epitome of all that hypocrisy. Let's face it, if she really wanted people to like her for herself, why not simply emancipate herself financially from her parents and go try to earn a career and a circle of friends all on her own merits without use of the family name or connections.

Or, if she was going to prove to her parents that she is committed to her fiance and it has nothing to do with money, why not sign away her own rights to the company shares and to any inheritance instead of making her fiance sign a prenup?

We are meant as the reader to sympathize with the heroine when her fiance balks at signing a prenuptial agreement with her and thus supposedly prove his perfidy and justify her brutal dumpage of him. I didn't feel that way at all. I actually felt sorry for him to be in such a humiliating position two weeks before the wedding, with his fiancee, the woman who is supposed to love him unconditionally, agree under pressure of her parents, who have refused to accept him and have treated him like dirt both publicly and privately, that he needs to give this as a guarantee of what they perceive as being a short-term marriage.

Again, if this was a downtrodden heroine being humiliated like this by the snobby, entitled in-laws from hell, wouldn't she rate sympathy? The author conveniently glosses over the fact that the heroine ruthlessly manipulated the OM into marriage in the first place not because she loved him but because he was a convenient sperm donor.

She was thirty years old and felt the biological clock ticking loudly in her eardrums and that is the only reason she was pushing for marriage. Then when she dumped him, she simply replaced him with the wealthy, parent-approved "hero" of this piece, without bothering to re-arrange the original wedding and honeymoon plans.

After having known him for the length of a day. The final rotten cherry on top of the wormy cake: The heroine miscarries and the hero tries to comfort her by telling her they can go to Africa to an orphanage he is sponsoring there and have her pick of a fresh, healthy baby. This book was published in How could the author be so insensitive as to paint this picture of complete entitlement and privilege of this wealthy white couple who supposedly can swoop in and "rescue" a black baby from a poor country as easily as going to a store and picking the cutest toy.

The book ends with the couple conceiving another baby that she is able to carry to term and their respective just-as-awful-as-them extended families gathering to celebrate the joy at having all their scheming, manipulations, and convenient arrangements resulting in the spoiled, entitled heir who is going to inhabit some future Harlequin non-romance and repeat this pattern all over again.

Emma Darcy has been able to write some of the sweetest most satisfying stories in Harlequinlandia Pattern of Deceit , Dark Heritage as well as the type of stories where I feel the urgent need to bleach my eyes after enduring it The Italian's Stolen Bride , Tangle of Torment. I'm afraid The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage falls in the latter category for me View 1 comment.

For New Years celebration, she attends a yacht party, where is meets the enigmatic hero- and sparks fly. The hero takes charge, and circumstances of event lead to the breakup of her engagement. She soon finds herself whirled into a marriage with the hero, and how they navigate from sex to love forms the story. The chemistry between the leads is off the charts. The heroine is blind, the hero was absolutely smitten. The second half felt rushed, otherwise this could have been an excellent read.

SWE 3. Not bad. Heroine marries hero in order to have a baby after her failed engagement but she falls for her husband. Nice epilogue! View all 4 comments. I had all sorts of mixed feelings reading this book. I can't say I really liked the characters. Well, actually, I mostly didn't like Charlotte. Damien was okay. I kind of liked him and his passion, his being caring, and even his determination, although also scary.

But it was clear he felt for Charlotte something special, shared with her a special bond he was ready to admit, while she wasn't eve capable of realize. Charlotte was too cold for my likes. And more than half of the book was rather col I had all sorts of mixed feelings reading this book.

And more than half of the book was rather cold too. I couldn't feel any special emotion. I kept waiting but the magic just wouldn't come, until almost the end when I even wept. It was a relief, I didn't really want to rate this book only 2 stars.

And added that third star I desperately needed. I like Charlotte's story writing better even though it was a bit lacking in the romance department. This book focused more on sexual desires than romance and I'm not sure if I like that in a romance book.

I hate giving one star reviews, but this book was just so boring to read. Weak sexual chemistry, no angst. Boring book DNF. When the H firsts sees the h 30 his first thoughts are how compatible they are financially, and how suitable she would suit his needs for a wife, not how breathless he is and drawn to her. Where is the chemistry? Anyway, he starts going for her because she seems perfect for him. I liked how strong she seemed to be. Emma Darcy is a prolific writer.

No shortage of intelligent banter between the hero and heroine. And being a South African, I take umbrage at Darcy's description of Africa, through her heroine , when Charlotte Ramseycommented: "I have always thought of Africa as a scary, violent place, best avoided. Back to my review I loved the free flowing sharp wit of the heroine Charlotte Ramsey. Kudos to Darcy, she a flowing lexicon and flair for words. I also appreaciated heroine Charlotte's capacity to demonstrate immediate contrition.

This is where Damien proved to her, he wanted her for the long haul. He reached out to her, offering comforting words, demonstrating his own grief and when Charlotte heard the raw pain in his voice and saw the anguish in his eyes Immediately she apologized for shutting him out and reached out to make amends. I gave this story 2 Stars. Not Darcy's best romance in my opinion.

The hero He understands the power, destructive and constructive emotions have in being the driving force in relationships. He adequately grasps the single minded insight required for a relationship to succeed; and how to identify and deflect conflict So all in all But Caitlin has forgotten that Valentine's Day casts its own special magic. The surprises she receives, and the shocks that lie in store for David, make this a February the fourteenth they will never, ever forget!

Horses were Kelly's life — and when the sardonic new owner of Marian Parkseemed set to ruin her career in show jumping, she was furious. Moreimportant, there was the callous way he'd treated her beloved grandfather. So Kelly stormed off to confront Justin St.

It was a confrontation,all right — only Kelly found a very different man from the one she'd heardabout. And the reality was far more challenging. Nina in a maternity hospital? Jack Gulliver was in shock! This was the woman who had walked out on him eight months ago.

Eight months! Could she have had his baby? He still missed and wanted Nina--with a passion--and now was his chance to get her back. Sure, he'd argued against having children, but he could change. Jack knew Nina was wary. She thought one cry from baby Charlotte would have him running for the door. But just how much trouble could one small baby be? Where better to hide this innocent beauty than the Hart mansion.?

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Natalie Hayes wants a child! She just can't picture Damien Chandler in the role of father. Natalie has tried not to think of Damien as anything but a business acquaintance, and she succeeds

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