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Run section matlab 20 12a linux torrent

run section matlab 20 12a linux torrent

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When I run that command, there is a message saying no such file or directory. How would I go about installing? Walter Roberson on 9 Oct Ethan, which command is it you are running that is giving that message? To be able to launch matlab from terminal, if it doesn't work after installation, you should create an alias, for instance by typing:.

More information can be found here: link1 and link2. Walter Roberson on 18 Oct Walter Roberson on 11 Nov Min Adhikari on 18 May It works Great. Luca Bellino on 22 May Hello, I have the same problem. Then I run the command:. Thank you very much. Hi Luca , did you find the answer to your problem? I have exactly the same issue. I can run matlab from the terminal, but it is annoying to have to go to the installation path to do that every time.

Walter Roberson on 3 Jul Siddharth Kurkure on 12 Jul Walter Roberson on 12 Jul If the output starts with 'd' then it is a directory and should not be removed without further investigation. If it starts with '-' then it is an ordinary file and should not be removed without further investigation.

If it starts with 's' then it is a symbolic link, and the ls output will show you want it is currently linked to; in this case to update it. Benjamin Stadler on 6 Oct Note: The bin is located for me Ubuntu More Answers 6. For Ubuntu and its variants there is the package matlab-support , which creates a shortcut for MATLAB in the launcher and applies a few bugfixes created by the community. You can install it with. You might also want to have a look at the Matlab page of official Ubuntu documentation and this thread.

Collins Bekeo on 23 Feb J SV on 10 Apr This also worked for me. Mohammadpouya Mostashar on 27 Apr Mahathi Bhargavapuri on 1 May This works! Igor on 11 Aug It worked, thank you! Darcy de Asis on 29 Oct This worked thank you! David Winthrop on 4 Nov Reading package lists Building dependency tree. Reading state information Package matlab-support is not available , but is referred to by another package.

This may mean that the package is missing , has been obsoleted , or. E: Package 'matlab-support' has no installation candidate. Does not work Sa-aadat Parker on 24 Jun Still works. Everything seems fine. Siamak Khorasani on 1 Aug Betsy Villa on 30 Aug Walter Roberson on 14 Sep You might need to sudo whatever you were doing, once, to allow it to install whatever it is trying to install.

Stephen Dame on 21 Jan Bernard Kosciewicz on 14 Mar It works. Marcus Kirby on 20 Apr You can also make a shortcut at least on Ubuntu using gnome-panel like that:. So, into window that will appear for you, set the properties like below:. And then, will be in your applications menu a icon like that:. That way, you can run the Matlab direct from menu, also can add to dock. Killian Gaudimont on 6 Nov I just downloaded matlab b while there is the a version on my computer version I do not own the licence.

By default the commande "matlab" on the terminal try to open the a version and failed, even after I did what you said. However if I choose the type "Application" instead of "Application in Terminal" it works great and I thank you. Do you know what can I do to change the default settings of the commande "matlab" in the terminal though so that I can lauch matlab b instead of a from the terminal? I tried implementing your solutions but it's still not working.

What's the full text you input in "command"? Also, I get this message in the terminal:. Gtk dialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged. I have ubuntu Download Part 1 — 3 GB. Download Part 2 — 3 GB. Download Part 3 — 3 GB. Download Part 4 — 3 GB.

Download Part 5 — 3 GB. Download Part 6 — 2. Download Mathworks Matlab Ra 9. Download Part 6 — 1. Download Part 6 — 3 GB. Download Part 7 — 2. Download Part 3 — 2. Download section 3 — MB. Download Part 5 — 2. Download Part 1 — 2 GB. Download Part 2 — 2 GB. Download Part 3 — 2 GB. Download Part 4 — 2 GB. Download Part 5 — 2 GB.

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