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Mike peters cancer bats torrent

mike peters cancer bats torrent

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Across Silent Fells The Nymph Alt Version Elder Mother Demo Version. Second Time Around Heroine Give It All Away Feeling' Alright Once More You're One Never Goin' Back Again Through My Head Fallout One More Time Raspberry Beret Propaganda Baby And so was I.

It was over. We could've gone to each other, hugged, and comforted each other then. Then Mrs. Geraty moved. Mama s head jerked back like a trap. As little Kathy nearly screamed her head off. I ran straight up to me and Frances' room, slammed the door behind me, threw myself down on the bed and cried and cried. I don't know what my mother said to Mrs. Geraty, but I knew she was stuck in a corner. What I said was the truth, but to say it in front of that mouth Mrs.

G was something like high treason. I was sorry I said it too, and I just lay there a while feeling bad and brutal. I pulled up the blankets round me, it was freezing in that room, and thought of all that had happened and sniffled some more and half dozed off. When I woke up I could hear my Dad's voice and plates clattering, so I knew they were having tea. But I wouldn't go down. I could hear the kids and my Mum and Dad shouting and I strained to hear.

I heard my name, Linda, but I couldn't make out the words. Then my heart jumped up in my throat and I cowered down into the bed. I could hear my dad, it had to be him. Coming nearer, plodding louder, coming closer up and up the stairs! I felt such a terrible attack of panic I nearly peed in the bed. Pulling over the covers so I could just peep out. Hoping he was going to the bathroom.

But then the door banged open and in he walks. As bold as a copper and smiling. So I guessed with relief that my mother hadn't told him, like, that we knew about Janice. And what about Sister Bernie? My poor mum was afraid of him an all. And me pretending to sleep. He staggered slightly, sat down panting on the side of the bed. Wrenching the bedclothes back off me. He's a big man with a puffy red face, always badly shaven.

And where I used to think his thinning hair distinguished. It now looked greasy and rotting. His sweaty hand caressing my face. Hauling me up like sack and examining my red cheek in the half light. Blowing stale beery breath in my face. I was still terrified of crossing him. Only now suddenly I didn't love him anymore.

I'll call the cops. I'll set the Brother-Hood on her. I was suffocating and sucking for air. And he crooning and rocking me. And belching so his stomachs lurched and wobbled. You 're all right. And his other elbow jiggling at my tits, the big randy bastard. Maybe Janice wouldn't have him?.. Janice had refused him. That was it! I saw through my father now all right and I was getting angry. But I couldn't breathe, I was wimpy as a kitten in his power. And his hairy hand fell do wn between my legs.

For a minute I done nothing. I was so shocked at his bloody nerve. Gripping me and starting to rub me there. How could he do that to me! Oh crap. Now I couldn't blank it out any more, my heart was bursting with anguish! I suppose he thought that he would excite me, but I got furious! My breath came back, I struggled, but he held me hard and laughed.

And his other hand clamped over my mouth. But I was past shutting up. At last. Twisting my head I bit right into his hand! Oh yuk, like biting an uncooked chicken. As he hit me, an unmerciful wallop across the head.

I didn't even see it coming. All I remember is sliding to the floor, my head ringing, like a faraway fire engine, my mama calling up the stairs and he was gone. Well I've been hit before. Many's the time before and since. But when that pig hits you, you can't forget so quick. I crawled back to the bed and leaned against it. Dizzy and shaking. And I wouldn't have bothered getting up. Only for the hate and shame and fury boiling over inside of me!

I got to my feet and staggered into the bathroom. Locked the door and sat down on the jacks, my head still spinning. Then I mopped my face, there was no blood, just a red mark, I would have a black eye swelling. But it wasn't my father s blow that really hurt me. I got a fag out of my secret hiding place, and I lit it up right then and there, though I was wheezing a bit.

Why should I care? And I sucked it in, hard, my hand still jittering with shock. Janice had smashed a hole in my private aquarium, and I got washed right out. Finally I had to remember. Sitting dressed on the toilet. That my dear old dad had abused me all my life.

My idol was a monster. Sometimes he got himself excited hurting and terrorizing me. And he got off on doing it again and again. Kidding himself that I enjoyed it too. I could hear my mother talking The clatter of dishes I'd been terrified of wrecking our family Silent and compliant and blinding my seif Now I couldn't deny it. Now it wasn't all my fault So I peeked out of the bathroom and tippy toed down the creaky stairs.

Kathy was yelling for grub and banging her spoon. And straight out the front door, clicking it quietly behind me. It was still light. One last groan from the broken gate, where Scamp lay gnawing on a bone And off, my feet slapping on the path.

Both ways were the same to me, my poor head throbbing like a drum. On and on, down the abandoned canal. It was freezing cold, you'd think it was winter, and I was wishing vaguely that I had my coat. But I didn't care really, till it started to rain. By the time I got to the bridge it was really coming down, almost snowing. So I turned right, out of the bitter east wind, and mingled with the people and the traffic. Everyone was rushing or queuing. I was cold and hurt and going nowhere, and it was no evening for strolling.

I was getting flashes of my rotten father. Gripping me hard and laughing at my pain. Just relax.. Don t be naughty. Don t be silly. Don t be bad. Those faces, strange and savage, pushing past me. I could picture him laughing with his mates, the Brother-Hood of Concerned Citizens, would he send their skinhead thugs after me?

The streetlights dazzle and reflect. Revealing and blinding. Wailing sirens near and far away.. I came to a CoOp Club and walked in boldly. The lekky was cut off again, it was dark, with lamps and candles, and there were younger kids in there. I hid in the jacks for a while, then pronounced myself fit, and found a stool in the corner. Just watching the pool players preparing their shots. Their faces screw up with concentration.

Then dick, clack, and plop in the hole. And on to the next ball. Ignoring everyone and hiding my damaged face behind my wet hair. Perched over the radiator like a boiling fowl. The steam rising off of me. I wouldn't go home. I'd die first But where could I go that they'd never guess?

I thought of this fella Barney who used to promote our summer play schemes with the Pools. And he used to help kids in trouble with the law No good. I didn't know where he lived.. Barney Maguire.. But I knew where his sister lived, and I knew Next thing I was up and out the door, running through the wet snow to the chipper where I could phone, I didn't have a mobile then.. It was just getting really dark.

And as I ran a yellow street lamp came flickering on. Turning the dirty wet sleet into swirling clouds of gold. It's a flash I II always remember, running in that suddenly golden snow. As the car almost stalled, then shot away, clattering like an old fridge. That old ammonia Opel smelt pretty bad for a clean air car, as it zipped and popped, in and out some side streets.

And before I could get my head straight we had arrived. Then I saw the grey block, and hung back in the lashing slushy rain. Like a kid who's after falling in the canal. Then he had opened the huge door, into the high hall and up the empty stairs. Leaving wet footprints behind me. Clutching my wet cigarettes in my dirty red hand.

Then I thought - This is the beginning of my new iife! We came at last to a door marked 1 3 and went in. It was warm and bright inside. Posters and books and mess everywhere. A dirty orange carpet and a radio playing. Supping sweet coffee with a drop of whiskey in it and feeling quite recovered.

The flat was a dump, he'd only recently moved in, but at least it was brightly painted and cozy. Barney sat down, in an armchair leaking stuffing. The chair not him. And I looked back square into his dark eyes. He looked up at me quizzically, but said nothing. But i just had a bad day that's all. My father will beat me up. My mother will skin me alive, if you'll just let me stay a few days I'll be all right.

They'd probably track you down. How old are you anyway? I'll look quite different. You wouldn't recognize me I swear. It was starting to swell up. I must've looked like a red balloon on a string. But now I guessed I was winning. I nodded, opening my blue eyes wide. Cocked my head a little so my hair slid off my neck, sucked and pouted my lips. As cute as a hungry kitten, or so I hoped. Of course you can stay here a few days, and no obligations. And I won't mess around with you The CoOp Pool has a Runaways group; they're just making up groups for some, er, abandoned housing, um, and this isn t the safest place in the world.

I 'm here. But we ll have to get in touch with your folks, and give them a really good excuse. Or they'll have half the country out looking for you. But a good idea was flashing green in my head. I had one idea and he had a better one. So we decided to try them both. As we were talking a heavy drip drop drip began in the kitchen corner.

It was lashing down outside. Which made it much noisier. And half the street will be looking out for me. They 're like that. If I could talk to him. The last one.. I stared back in silence. Still dreading he'd throw me out. Drip drop drip. Then he decided. A panel opened at the back. Then a wide shelf slid out of the wall between the coats.

A shelf piled with papers and books, and a beat up computer screen. You re on line. I'll show you. Why did you run out? Come back here this minute or Barney looked scared. I was shaking. I'm staying in a Refuge. Just for a fortnight.

Dad beat me up. What are you telling me? I'm sorry i said that about Janice and Da okay. Can you hear me? I'm sorry okay G is telling the world and his wife. How dare you run out- come back here this minute or your father will beat the living daylights out of you girl.. Where are you now come back here this minute or you'll He tried to abuse and interfere with me. Id just come out and said it. Don't you dare say that to anyone! If dad sends the coppers after me I'll tell everything! I'm sorry, bye bye.

Screwing my face against the shock and tears. But my mother kept right on yelling out that speaker on the wall. There was no stopping her! I gave a shaky thumbs-up to Barney. That was it. I didn't know if I would laugh or cry so I started laughing anyway. I even did a little jump for joy, avoiding his big feet.. And after that we phoned the neighbours.

I told Mrs. Course we counted on good Jenny Mullen to tell that to half the county. Barney showed me how to send a message for my big bad brother Danny. We sent it in code to Freddy B, the sparky wizard in Danny's gang that Barney knew.

It seemed very late and my eyes blurred. I stretched out my body in front of the hot little electric fire, twisted and yawned. Throwing up my arms and hands. Pleased with myself, and wriggling in the great woolly jumper My Dad would go mad of course but what could he do?

Especially if the neighbours said he'd been abusing me. He'd lost his prize possession, me, and it served him right. I yawned again and stretched. Half stuck in the wardrobe, Barney was tapping away, furiously. Next thing I must have dropped off because I vaguely remember him lifting me over to the bed.

Coaxing me into a sleeping bag, and turning off the light. I lay there, now awake, my head throbbing and he still typing. Staring at the cracks in the ceiling and the whole incredible day running over in my head.

When I closed my eyes I could see pictures, flashing like a video. Repeating and repeating, like a TV Ad jingle in my head. A picture of Janice's arm sliding round my Dad's shoulders. Her thick Ups going out to kiss him, tongue sliding in and out, eyes rolling with glee. And a snap of my mother's mouth, stuck open, struck dumb for the first time ever.

Then poor Sister Bernie mouthing threats, and pinching her bleeding nose. And my drunken father's yellow tobacco teeth, belching and drooling over my body. Then one more flash of my seif, running out to the phone. I was going to sit up and tell Barney, but I was too lovely and warm. And I must have blacked out then, being exhausted. I blinked once, and saw these strange flowery curtains.

The dawn light coming through and they fluttering. There was someone strange on the mattress behind me. And it wasn't my brother Frances. Then I remembered everything in a rush. My heart jumped and my head buzzed. I was free and alone in the world, scared and excited. I had to think fast and make plans. I had lashed out at everyone and run away.

But I didn't care. I was glad. And I wouldn't go back. Not ever Only thing was I needed to see my friends, Mary and Keera. There I lay in bed beside this Barney, but I was more thrilled than afraid. Lying back and thinking, half out of my bag. Blowing up puffs of white warm air, towards the high cracked ceiling and my whole life stretching out before me like an empty house.

For once in my life I was free, or anyhow I felt free, which is all that counts. Like quitting a job you hate. Or passing out a double prison gate. First thing I needed was a haircut, and to dye my hair. Then I had to meet Danny and pick up my clothes and stuff. In fact I needed different clothes. Barney would just have to help me, that was all. I lay there for a long time. My cheek almost touching his brown arm, like a big cat dreaming.

And thinking how I might get work and a place to stay. I thought I'd finally conquered my fear of touching men. Which was much too optimistic, as I soon found out. But I felt like lying there forever against his warm arm. My lips near his skin, his breath in my hair. Our bodies rising and falling, like a calm summer sea. It seemed exciting and dangerous, being in the bed beside him. Every now and then he'd snort in the pillow, like a sleepy pig. After a while I moved a little closer.

Or did he? Or did we? It's hard to tell. So I could just feel the heat off his body. And his heart go - Thump and thump! But he half woke up, groaning and turning over. I didn't dare move. He slipped his arm under me. Snuggled up close. And sighed and went back to sleep. As I say, I didn't dare move. Hadn't he promised he wouldn't touch me?

I started feeling scared and short of breath and getting desperate. Wheezing like an asthmatic. I needed my inhaler but it was under the pillow, I didn't dare wake him by digging it out. Says they're just an excuse. Well right then I really wanted NOT to have it. And it scares the shit out of anyone in sight. That's when the alarm clock went off, real loud with Barney rolling out to stop it. I grabbed my inhaler from under the pillow. Puffing and sucking, gratefully, he saw me but just nodded.

There's someone calling for me at eight. With his big long willy, bob bobbing about. But what really got me was. My giggles turned to little hoots. It was -gotta-do-it- fashion then and now, to get rid of any hair from your personal parts. And Barney's thingy' was as bald and wrinkly as the long nosed lizard up in the Zoo!

He turned away quickly, hop hopping and struggling with his pants. He must have been embarrassed by my laughs. While I tried to stop laughing. Sniffing and wiping my eyes. And the panic came rushing back.. It must have been unlocked. I went to duck and hide, inside the sleeping bag.

But it was too late. A bright red head of hair on him, and he grinning like a schemer. And this is Jerry, he 's recently had to leave home as well, er. Lads, this is, um, a friend of mine. And you never saw her here okay.

Peter crossed his heart, rolled his eyes and winked at me, mock solemn. While Jerry had his head down, biting his quivery lips and glancing me a shy smile, then started to tidy up, believe it or not. Jerry was another runaway, but shy and lonely and gay. A friend for me. The name just popped into my head right then. And I've been called Max or Maxie by most people ever since.! He sure was familiar, those shaky wet lips? Then he'd popped out his blue contact lenses and flopped back his hood.

Who got beat up. You never came back to school. So you ran away as well? Did those bullies g -get you too? Peter was already installed in the wardrobe, and had started up the not so secret computer. I was sitting up in the bed, pulling the sheet around me. We chatted, and Jerry tidied up. While Barney made us tea. They nattered on about the latest Clan Plan', they were planning to De-School our school when it finally collapsed.

It seemed like a fantasy to me, I mean, that big horrible school had been doing in kids for generations. With Barney tut tutting, like a clucking hen. He hated cigarettes, and sometimes he'd try to ban them in the flat. Then he and Barney rushed off without even finishing their tea. Jerry followed, still looking embarrassed, but came back later. Then I leaped up, his pink sheet around me.

Locked the door and jumped in front of the fire. And I thought - 7 am free and alone and safe in the anonymous city! The clock said quarter past eight, and I thought then of my folks and the kids at the breakfast table. My dad would be raging at me all right. But what would he do? I somehow expected him to start banging on the door right then and there. Would my dad report me missing?

With people saying he'd been trying to rape me? Then I realized he would just lie. Sure he would accuse me of something. Oh shit, and he would get The Brother-Hood to find me, religious vigilant es, oh shit.. I refused to think about that now. I was much too happy. I thought of the neighbours talking. And of course I had run out of the school and been sick on my teacher.

I'd be the gossip of the day, I felt famous! So I skipped over and put on the music, some new Clan-Rock, real stinky, and started to dance about. Giggling and laughing like I was tipsy. Swirling the sheet, around and around. Stopping to admire my body in the wardrobe mirror I stuffed myself I was starving. Then I cleaned up the whole place and swept the carpet. And I found a pair of scissors, took down the small mirror, and proceeded to cut off my hair.

That was a nasty experience all right, for a vain young woman like myself. The scissors were blunted and I had to hack away for ages. When I decided I was finished at last it was certainly different. Like a shaggy dog after having a battle with a hedge clipper! I took the keys and went out, feeling pretty strange and obvious.

It had stopped raining for the moment but there was flooding everywhere. In the streets everyone ignored me of course, which suited me fine. Off I went in my new disguise. My brother Danny showed up in the park on time.

Hadn't he skipped school again. He popped up out of the muddy bushes, grinning and suspicious. Clan Warrior style, in his hooded jacket, skullcap and long shorts. But he hadn't been able to get my stuff. It just wasn't the right moment to start packing up your gear.

He says you stole money and hurt the baby. He's mad. I'd hinted at the truth and he'd attacked with horrible lies! And the Pools Credit Union Card, in the left hand draw under everything. She reads my mind like a comic book. Use your big sports bag. Um Tell me. Did he really, um, have it off with you? Would you go way outa that. He tried to feel me up that 's all. Like he always done But now Tm worried about little Kathy. And for that he set about destroying me.

A nd is it true you barfed on Sister Bernie? Did you really vomit on top of her? Swear to God. She got under me at the wrong minute. I'll be away off sis, before we re spotted. Laughing and splashing about. Under the rhododendrons. I hid cautiously behind the flooded shrubbery. Peeping out nervously and glad of my disguise. Feeling already like I was on the run, but really in case my mother would catch Danny and came down to grab me instead.

There were loads of books, the Pool had a library and a Free Shop and I started to read them all. Our local Pool in Burndon is well advanced. There's some different CoOps that make things, and converting old cars to run on NH3 and others just using stuff as well. Then there's skill sharing, you know, someone offers to do plumbing, or window cleaning or whatever. The best of all is a brilliant second hand and free supermarket, in Boland's where they used to have the car showrooms.

You can just go shopping without paying in Brandon, if you know where! The latest brand new craze is Levels, that's catching on. Not like Maggie and our friends.. Learning counts as Work, I mean, why not?.. And House and Family, Production too.

I like that new cool Project, like living in a game of Money Free! See Glossary, levels, wurts. Much like he picked up lots of books, but often forgot the fruit and vedge, no offense to him. He had to be in company because he got fits of depression if he was on his own. So he'd often bring back friends or freaks or old guys or anyone at all, to smoke dope and make music, and drink and talk the night away.

But that first day, when I got back from meeting Danny with my bag, the place was empty and silent. Okay the bell did ring but I was afraid to answer it. Barney never showed up and I went to bed. Then about two in the morning he crashed in with four or five more. I just pretended to be asleep. Peeking out from under the dirty duvet, as they sprawled about and went on about the CLANS and laughed a hell of a lot.

The CLANs were hot gossip just then. People said they were just horrible street gangs, while Barney and his friends were promoting and getting them backing. As the force behind the revolution they wanted to happen. Almost whispering, though I could hear it all. They talked about these really sick fascist boys recruiting in the schools.

Like Killian Bate who branded me as a dirty whore and beat up Jerry. Maybe they were planning to do an action against them. But they all started roaring laughing, so maybe not. Those people were fun and zappy, but when I woke up again, it was light already and they were all gone Just scattered bottles and butt ends to prove that it wasn't a dream.

I got up and dragged up the big window and leaned out. It was a beautiful morning, the cold had gone, though thunderclouds were towering already.. I had nothing to do and I started obsessing on my teacher and my dad. Tying knots in my tummy. You could see a lot from that window. It was a high house, and looked back on a clutter of long gardens, garages and a lane. Big greenhouses and little sheds. And a few old fellas out already, digging a ditch for the floodwater. Cauliflowers, cabbages, onions.

Runner beans and sprouts. Some of the walls were knocked out to make bigger spaces, where I could see further down a lot of kids arriving, in boots with tools and picnic-boxes. Some kind of Pools play- shop or De-School for sure. And seconds later the windowsill was flooded with warm yellow light. It was a big wide granite window ledge, and mossy. A nice place to sit in the mornings if you weren't too afraid of heights. I was still there, leaning out, feeling the sunshine seeping into my bones.

Watching the swifts come swooping round the houses, and a gang of quarrelsome sparrows chirping loudly below me When somebody rapped on the door. I didn't move, but the music was still playing. Then a key slid in, and a woman walked into the room. I can see Maggie still, that first time, coming sudden in the door. And I wish I could see her still. A big tall red haired woman, wide mouth and a few big freckles, wearing a worn orange coat and bright yellow trousers. Speechless I stared at her.

Seeing spots from looking at the sun. Seeing me at once. She was chuckling in her deep voice. So bad luck for him. I'm an old friend who lives down the road. Took a sup and smiled from ear to ear. But I held my silence. Looking in my grey tea and figuring out a good story. Then I looked up, and suddenly right down into her warm orangey eyes. And stranger still I began immediately to tell her the true story.

It seemed like Maggie was the first really honest person I'd ever met, and I took to her at once. As if I'd always been waiting to meet her. I started to tell her the truth, as I saw it, and it wasn't that easy. I told her about my problems at school and at home. Though not about my Dad molesting me. I was still too panicky for that.

I ended up crying on her shoulder. Getting my black eye bathed with a hot flannel, and laughing together, and making more tea. Leaving just myself, hard and soft all at once. Maggie my friend, who showed me my way. A country girl, by birth, she lived here in Burndon, in a rented house with six other women.

Plus just one man, three kids and a smelly dog. They wanted to talk everything out clear and care for everyone, and give each person what she really needed. They all seemed to have the same way of going on. We had great gas, me and Maggie. The way she would tell a story would have you in knots laughing..

She was helping set up a Health and a Dance CoOp, and she worked in a posh restaurant at nights. The talk came round to Barney. He got into a stupid fight the other night down at our place. And threw out two idiots who were plastered drunk. Sure the kids used to climb all over him, on the Project. And he doesn't stop, he doesn't sleep. We all need Barney coz he knows everybody.

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We've updated our Terms of Use. You can review the changes here. Frederick Squier. Frederick Squier This is an amazing album. Sounds great, same great songs only done in a different style. Bluesy as all hell. Jonathan Mundy. James Hoffa. James Hoffa I like this so much I can't even choose a favorite song. They're all too good! These acoustic versions are all very different and standalone from their originals. Can't wait to hear Liam screaming in my face from less than 2m away in the future.

Chris Gapter. Martyn Jackson. Melanie Niestroj. Ketty Krueger. Mark Gorst. Ale RG. Father Dawn. Michael Thornley. Rory Fuhrer. Mike Jones. Myles Gregory.

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Chris Gapter. Martyn Jackson. Melanie Niestroj. Ketty Krueger. Mark Gorst. Ale RG. Father Dawn. Michael Thornley. Rory Fuhrer. Mike Jones. Myles Gregory. Erasmus Windage. D Growl. Samantha Tarbet. Gram DeSulph. Ren Squires. Peter Lee. Jake Eaton. Shane Smith.

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While separated from each other, we thought what better time to re-examine and record new versions of 6 classic Bats tracks. Tags metal metalcore thrash metal punk southern metal Toronto. Cancer Bats Discography. Cancer Bats - Full Discography Cancer Bats Discography kbps.

Cancer Bats - Birthing The Giant. Cancer Bats - Discography - Cancer Bats - Searching for Zero Cancer Bats - Searching for Zero. Cancer Bats - Searching for Zero ak61 thepiratebay Cancer Bats kickass. Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer kickass. Cancer Bats Discography kbps updated kickass. Cancer Bats Discography kickass. Cancer Bats - Full Discography kickass. Cancer Bats Discography kbps kickass.

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Mike Peters (Cancer Bats) - Mapex Drums Interview mike peters cancer bats torrent

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