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martilyo gloc 9 album torrent

Manalo Ranidel de Ocampo Ch i t o M i r a n d a A l d e n R i c h a r ds RA Rivera Gloc-9 Loonie M e d w i n M a r f il Brandon Vera. 58 Martilyo (Ft. Dex Of Letter Day Story) - Gloc-9 - 59 My Number (Ft. Mitchell) - Gloc-9 - 60 Nag-Iisang Mundo - Gloc-9 - What sort of food should pregnant women eat? A well-balanced diet should contain something from all the food groups: dairy products, fruit. DEMIGODZ TORRENT This permit is programs for behaviors others but allows holding rack that Properties window on the first startup. If you are awesome work ethic, a day, 7 changed over the. Mountain Duck No makes them not show informational windows. Managed by an you keep multiple.

A woman who is not pregnant needs approximately calories per day. A pregnant woman needs approximately calories per day. A breastfeeding woman needs approximately calories per day. Calories are sometimes called Kilocalories or KCals. A well-balanced diet should contain something from all the food groups: dairy products, fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, fat and carbohydrates.

A pregnant woman needs to eat something from all these food groups every day in order to get the proper amounts of energy. Approximately 10 per cent of calories should come from protein. Protein is mainly found in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and beans.

Approximately 35 per cent of calories should come from fat, which is mainly found in butter, oils, margarine, dairy products and nuts. Approximately 55 per cent of calories should come from carbohydrates, which are found in bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, corn and other grain products.

During the first three months of pregnancy and preferably before becoming pregnant a woman needs folic acid. This is one of the B-group vitamins and is also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid can help prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida and other congenital malformations such as cleft palate or cleft lip. Good natural sources of folic acid are barley beans, fruit, green vegetables, orange juice, lentils, peas and rice.

It is recommended that all pregnant women take a daily microgram supplement of folic acid a day for two months before conception and three months into their pregnancy. The dosage of the supplement should be larger - 5mg per day - if a woman has previously given birth to a child with a neural tube defect, if she or her partner has spina bifida or a family history of neural tube defects, or if she has coeliac disease or other malabsorption state , diabetes mellitus, sickle-cell anaemia, or is taking antiepileptic medicines.

She should discuss this matter with her doctor. Good sources of iron are green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, strawberries, muesli and wholemeal bread. Iron is more easily absorbed if it is taken in conjunction with vitamin C - either as a supplement or in citrus fruit or juice. It is often recommended that all pregnant women take an iron supplement every day from the 20th week of pregnancy. This is not necessary if a woman has a good diet and routine blood tests show that she is not anaemic.

Iron supplements may cause constipation. The minerals zinc and calcium are also needed for the development of the embryo. However, it is usually possible to obtain enough zinc and calcium by following a varied diet. It is important to avoid vitamin A during pregnancy because it may cause damage to the embryo. Foods containing large amounts of vitamin A include liver, and should be eaten on an occasional basis only. Constipation during pregnancy can be caused by hormonal changes that cause the intestines to move less.

Iron supplements can also cause constipation. To avoid constipation, eat lots of fibre-rich foods such as fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread and cereal, prunes and prune juice. Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water each day will also help prevent constipation by keeping stools moist.

Regular exercise will also help get the intestines moving. A pharmacist will be able to provide advice about over-the-counter preparations that are safe to use during pregnancy to relieve constipation. How much weight should a woman gain during pregnancy?

It is considered normal to gain 10 to 12kg 22 to 26lb. For practical reasons the pregnancy is divided into three periods: the first period runs from week 0 to 12 where it is normal to gain 1 to 2kg 2 to 4lb. It is not necessary to be obsessive about your weight during pregnancy. Many obstetricians have stopped weighing women other than at their first visit because the information is of little use in detecting problems with the mother or her baby.

However, excess weight gain is probably best avoided since most women will want to return to the same dress size within a few months of delivery. A total weight increase of about A baby weighs approximately 3. The uterus grows to approximately g 1lb 14oz. The placenta weighs approximately g 1lb 6oz. The amniotic fluid weighs approximately g 1lb 12oz. The weight of the extra blood is approximately 1.

Water retained in the body tissues weighs approximately 2kg 4lb 6oz. The layer of fat beneath the skin weighs approximately 1. Dental x-rays will expose your unborn baby to very little, if any, radiation, whether a lead apron was used or not.

X-rays do not fly all willy nilly around the room. They are highly directed and concentrated beams of radiation which only expose the area of interest…. I am worried that my unborn child might have been exposed to the radiation. Can you please tell me if there are any risks to my baby from this? When a pregnant patient undergoes a complete dental x-ray examination, the radiation dose to the fetus is insignificant. Anonymous twitter. We are apart from each other right now so maybe you can help us feel a little bit closer.

Our birthdays and anniversary are coming up, and my wife will be surprised to see our pics in your pages. I sent you guys censored and uncensored versions, thank you! Earl Akins, via email For future reference: If penis photos are involved, a censored version will suffice.

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The seven-seater Isuzu mu-X now runs on a 3. While many SUVs in the market sell for fuel-efficiency and affordability for its diesel engines, the Isuzu mu-X banks more as a silent road rider. Head on, the Isuzu mu-X sports a meanlooking mug. In the Isuzu mu-X, everybody wins! We know that with great engine power comes great responsibility, and the Isuzu mu-X has the safety department all covered for the vigilant wheelman in you.

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Swabeng-swabe ang kambyo! The genetic composition is mind-blowing—long sexy stems, smooth tanned skin, jet-black locks, and the bum of a Latina. Also worth mentioning is her carefree attitude and eagerness to learn. How does it feel to be on FHM? We learned that you were here in Manila several months back, and that you had wanted to work with us. If you had called us we would have gladly obliged.

You didn't call me! Your features are very Filipino. Are you percent Pinay? Right on! Are you always this comfortable wearing minimal pieces of clothing in front of the camera? I am now. In the beginning stages of modeling, it was always very unnatural. Try it! You, on the other hand, look amazing— even with no bottoms on.

And what do you do to keep those legs ultra-toned? Switch up the workouts! Cardio twice a week, hot yoga sculpt, Pilates reformers, barre classes—anything that will shock your body into not facebook. Aside from those stems, what body part of yours gets complemented the most? Definitely my behind. In your opinion, are Filipina women the best lovers?

Filipina women, in general, are the best. We are outspoken, we cook the best food, we have great skin, and we age to perfection. If I do visit again, you'd most likely find me swimming with the whale sharks in Palawan, getting a full body massage on the beach, being fanned, and fed chocolate! FH M www. How to ma ke stuff e xplode —sa fe ly! Now, setting aside that fireworks are dangerous, hazardous, and environmentally damaging, they're really just awesome to watch.

There are other ways to blow stuff facebook. Place the soapy water inside a container that has an opening you can stick the hose in. Place one end of the hose inside the container and then dip the other end in some liquid soap. The dry ice will "blow" some cool smoky subzero bubbles! Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide; at room temperature it sublimates to form gaseous carbon dioxide.

Put some alcohol inside the bottle and shake it around. Ignite the opening of the bottle. Blow air inside the bottle after every ignition to refill it with oxygen. You have a lot of alcohol in the atmosphere inside the bottle. Igniting the inside of the bottle will cause the alcohol to burn.

Burning consumes the oxygen inside the bottle. This causes the pressure inside the bottle to decrease relative to the pressure ourside. Wear gloves and wipe off any alcohol spillage outside the bottle. Also, if possible, try to conduct the experiment in an open-air area. Mix up a concoction of soapy water, food coloring, and baking soda. Pour it inside the container inside the volcano. Add vinegar.

Watch it fizz. But here's a refresher. Keep doing so until your fruit-torturing desires are sated. Add a lot of rubber bands and your watermelon cannot contain this huge amount of potential energy. So just stand back and enjoy the messy magic.

Tape the tablet on the lid of the canister, fill about half the canister with water, then close the lid. Quickly turn the canister upside down, and place it on the table. Mas magtagal pa siya kaysa sa last girlfriend mo. Or is it? Yes, the daily commute is now at par with other national issues like the yearly budget, security, and corruption.

Baka kainin. Why beep, when you can? It has a minimalist design. They got that part right. Sino ba ang presidente ngayon? A measly four rides from North Station—Taft station. Bonus ride pa yung isa. You can keep the card even if the balance reaches zero.

Take note: occasionally. Tickets can be used on one railway line only. Potentially, you can use your Beep card in any services and locations in which Transpo logos are found. SVT is usable up to three months from date of purchase. Out of this world Q: How do astronomers organize a party? A: They planet. Veigar, via Facebook See the light Light travels faster than sound.

This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. A: Because he only comes once a year! Danielle, Editorial Assistant, 22 twitter. Q: Taga Batangas ka ba? A: Hinahanapan kasi kita Kasi dati mura lang, pero ngayon, hindi na mapigilang magmahal.

Tatalino ka rin. Kapag sa mga adik.. Magiging adik ka rin. Try mo kaya sumama sakin. Baka maging akin ka rin. Dalawa na lang daw ang option: either ICU or you see me. Add an atraso and you have your work cut out for you.

The weight of your gift must be directly proportional to how badly you screwed up. If you have major points to earn back, be prepared to spend. L igh t B ox Women love grand romantic gestures, but they love grand public apologies even more. Hold your own a la John Cusack in Say Anything or tap into your inner Andrew Lincoln in Love, Actually with this awesome and humbling declaration of your slave devotion.

Our tip: Get her this holiday gift set. Chances are, all her favorite cult products will already be in it, saving you the trouble of choosing just one and predictably getting it wrong. Just be prepared to get ribbed for all your worth.

P, National Bookstore www. P, Nama Au Lait, Nama Champagne Royce 05 A dozen rose plushies Is the idea of buying her real, and therefore, malalantang flowers at odds with your kuripot principles? Get your girl a dozen plushie roses instead. P2,, Quirks You might not know what your girl sees in Gregory Peck, or ugh, Ryan Gosling, but if you really want to atone for your sins, surprise her with a box set of chick flicks.

This Audrey Hepburn collection should be relatively easier to watch. Offer to watch it all with her—no complaints. Apologize with jewelry. Score for: P13, Cupid pendant , Swarovski C h ic k f li c k s facebook. Whereas women are more complex machines made up of a thousand whirring engines that all delicately need turning on at once. Population: You, her, and a dead bear. How did you get a perfectly fitted—and ironed—shirt at such short notice?

Was that hanging up in my wardrobe? Can you put it back? Or the ceiling—you can mount one on the ceiling, sure. Or in two corner walls, creating an infinite mirror arrangement. Or mirrors in every wall, and the ceiling, and the floor, until you are not able to achieve anything even close to an erection because you can see your balat sa pwet from a hundred reflected angles.

To recreate this at home: just open the mirrored wardrobe and admire yourself in that. You need to be drawing maps from day one, dude. Check if you can fit under the bed. Know how much human weight her wardrobe can take before toppling over. Think of it like this: You are an army major, and her bedroom is the battlefield.

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Nobody has to move the bed, or clean up the sheets. Just once. No sit-ups, no chinups. Just lift up women repeatedly. Use your legs not your back. This is literally all Ryan Reynolds does to stay in shape. I would call him up while he was masturbating to the pictures I sent him.

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Keep sending your escapades to fhmladiesconfessions gmail. We decided beforehand that we would stay at a hotel so that we could have the room to ourselves. We checked-in a hotel and were given a room at its extension building located behind the main building. The first thing I did was hit the showers. When I stepped out, my boyfriend had pulled the curtains open. While I was drying myself, my boyfriend started touching me. He unzipped his pants and whipped out his thing.

I knelt and took him in my mouth. While I was giving him a blowjob someone knocked. I stopped and jumped on the bed and covered myself with the blanket. BF fixed his pants and opened the door. It was a staff bringing an extra towel, he took it and closed the door. I threw the pillow at my BF who was laughing.

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I rushed to close the window and we laughed. We continued and with the curtains closed. He loves tease-spooning me that way. We ended up having a quickie. After getting some rest and showering we went out for dinner. We after all, had the house to ourselves. Halfway through skinnydipping. We felt cold and decided some liquor would help keep us warm. Things got out of hand quickly with the alcohol. All I can remember was making out with him while we were completely naked and some portions of sexy time: I sucked his cock as he refilled my drink for me.

He handed it to me and started guiding me out of the pool. I didn't want to spoil the night so as he sat on the edge of the pool and sat on top of him. He continued playing with my tits as I poured him another drink. I stood up and went near the chaser we left at the opposite side of the pool and he followed me. I purposely bent down to get the shotglass and I remember his hand gripping my hips and while his other hand positioned his cock inside my pussy. He fucked me doggie style in the open.

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Massage towards the heart to stimulate lymph drainage and pump up the immune system. Mysterious and menacing, Darth Maul is one of only two siths in the universe. Padme Amidala is a senator in the galactic republic. Anakin beheads Count Dooku.

The civil war revealed chancellor palpatine to be the sith Master darth sidious. III obi-wan duels against Vader, cutting his limbs off and leaving him to die on a lava-filled shore. Vader uses his hatred and anger to keep himself alive, until sidious— fresh from his own duel with yoda—rescues the remains of his body. R2-D2, c-3po's counterpart droid throughout the entire saga, completes his mission to deliver the plans of the Death Star—the empire's secret weapon - to obi-wan.

Han Solo and Chewbacca are reluctant heroes of the Rebellion against the empire. They help Luke rescue Princess Leia from the death star and they all manage to escape after obi-wan is killed by darth Vader. Luke joins the rebel attack against the empire and manages to destroy the death star just before it blows up the rebel base. V The Empire hunts down the Rebels on the ice planet of Hoth.

This turns out to be a bad idea as han is captured and frozen in carbonite, but VI not before Leia confesses her love for han. Episode VI concludes the narrative. Luke rushes to bespin to save his friends, but falls into a trap lain by darth Vader.

Vader reveals that he is Luke's father. Luke escapes bespin with the help of Leia, chewie, and Lando calrissian. Luke goes to yoda first and confirms that Vader is indeed his father. Luke, who is now a Jedi Knight, gets the upper hand but refuses to kill his father and turn to the dark side of the Force. The emperor attacks Luke, but Vader redeems himself and throws the emperor to his death. Twenty five years is a long time to keep it fun. How do you stick to the Razorback sound?

Louie: I think our choice of covers determined the DNA of our material. But it takes time because everyone has to get comfortable with it. I wanted to keep us pure and true. I blocked myself off from everything else except for what they were feeding me. The facebook.

Manuel: You have, like, 15 seconds of brilliance, and then you want to redo everything. Let's say Razorback has a free hand in changing things in the local music scene, what would you change? Louie: Musicians have to be paid better. Artists in general. Kevin: On that thread, I just want to share that, at present, certain artists in the [music] scene have psychological conditions, which is not covered by HMO, and I find this discriminating.

Have you ever considered retirement? Kevin: No. Pangangailangan 'to eh. Right now, would the band rather have a steady gig in a club somewhere or touring an entire country? It can get pretty tiring, not physically, it just gets stale after a while. Going into the 25th Anniversary gig, what plans do you have for the band afterwards? Tirso: Jinri Park.

But I wish she had tattoos, and in cosplay…as Jamie from Voltes V! Manuel: Still Marian Rivera. Louie: Mrs. Rodriguez from high school, ha ha! Kevin: The whole of General Luna. Clue: it features big things in Japan i. If the dream involved taking her away somewhere only you know, this photobook could be the thing closest to making it real.

Exclusive play testing of unreleased games? In an important development for the local scene, super publisher Ubisoft accepted resumes for their Asian offices— and perhaps a local one in the future—at ESGS. The active Indie Arena was also good to see. Sponsors, such as MSI, eagerly showered the crowd with things to take home, our only suggestion is they get some of those NBA shirt cannons for us out back. Eye candy? Just like any other big event, we did have to do a bit of lining up, especially for the game trials— but we take that as a good sign!

Does it have all the requisite convention things though? We grade it on our checklist! The list of try-hards who want their 15 seconds of fame could go on and on, with their pitiful creations collecting dust somewhere in the deep underbelly of the Internet, where these things go to die.

She posted a video online of her lip-syncing a pop song. Something so simple had people spending precious seconds of their lives on this. Because we were captivated. For a few seconds, Kim Domingo made our heart beat a not-so-monotonous rhythm. Is it her lips and the way she pouts? Or is it everything about her? What are you hoping to accomplish by posing for our magazine? I really want to try out what I can accomplish in show business. It seems like a really exciting scene to get into.

This time we were willing to bet on you as covergirl material. So when you guys asked me to be on the cover, I just went with it, ha ha! Oh no, not at all! And if my fans still enjoy watching them, then push lang! Go lang nang go! Ha ha! What about show business do you like? Gusto ko lang talaga siya. Gusto ko kasi yung nag-e-emote-emote.

Gusto ko lang talaga maging artista, bakit ba?! Ha ha, okay! We would love to watch you on the big screen. Does your love for acting have anything to do with why you like making videos so much? Yeah, that probably has something to do with it, ha ha! We could guess why. Though we all know the Internet can be a harsh place, especially for personalities. Has dealing with the negative comments affected you? Actually before Minsan kailangan mo talaga silang pagsabihan kasi hindi sila titigil.

I think the best advice they have given me is to always follow my dreams. Kung saan ka masaya, sususportahan ka namin. Feeling ko talaga nakakapagpasaya ako ng mga tao, at natutuwa ako roon. So you really read through the comments on your Facebook page? As much as possible, I really do. While I do have admins for my fan pages, I am always the one who replies to my fans on my personal account.

Hindi ko talaga yun pinapahawak kahit kanino. Kaya lang lately mas nahihirapan akong mag-reply dahil dumadami na nga sila. Mahirap talagang magbasa ng mga messages minsan dahil natatambakan sila. Has a fan ever creeped you out? Sinabi ko pa naman sa kanyang bigla akong nahilo, and just excused myself. When you started posting videos on the Internet, did you think they would go viral? Actually, hindi. Gumaya lang ako sa mga friends kong nag-po-post ng sarili nilang mga videos.

Marami kasi akong nakikita sa newsfeed ko. Hindi nga yung mismong Dubsmash app yung ginamit ko noon! I guess it was also luck and right timing. What do you think got people to notice your video among the others? Well, besides, your obvious good looks. Nagulat talaga ako dahil ang dami nang ibang mga magagandang girls na gumawa noon, kaya hindi ko talaga ineexpect na mapapansin pa yung akin.

Usually, yung sumisikat na videos na ganun, eh from celebrities lang. I never expected mine to go viral kasi sino ba ako? Siguro nakuha ko lang talaga yung mga tao sa padila-dila at pakagat-kagat-labi ko, ha ha! Do you use those moves when you want to turn a guy on?

Uhm, ha ha! May naaalala naman akong mga eksenang ganon, ha ha! Aminin mo, na ano rin naman kayo ah! Na ano? Ah basta! Alam niyo na yun, ha ha! We can neither confirm nor deny said statement. But if you were to seduce a guy, what song would you Dubsmash to steal his heart? Oh, that would be interesting! I would really want to act in one. What sort of movie would you like to act in? Rom-coms maybe? Gusto ko talagang mag-horror, ha ha! Mahilig kasi talaga akong manood ng mga ganun at feeling ko magaling naman akong tumili!

Would you be the victim or the one who scares all the people? Hmm, pwede naman sigurong both, ha ha! Whenever I watch horror films, I would picture myself in the scene, and imagine I was with the characters screaming and running around. Those parts seem like so much fun to act out. Do you have any advice for people who want to be Internet sensations like yourself? Ang masasabi ko lang, kung gusto mong maging popular, just be humble. Learn to entertain and care for the people who follow you.

FHM www. You see her with other beautiful models at car shows. Then when you try it, you know the taste is really different—the taste can be more bland, but it goes well with sauces—like the gravy [which comes from its drippings] and cranberry. Heat the oven to F, lay the lovely bacon on a cooling rack on top of a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Brush, stick back into the oven for 4 minutes, alternatebrush then oven some more until you are satisfied with the damage levels to your health.

What does it taste like? Christmas, basically. But if you want to be specific, it tastes like drinking a cookie with the delightful spike of rum following it down your throat. Thick ribbons should form when the whisk is lifted. Slowly whisk in the milk mixture until fully combined. Add alcohol and stir in. Try to get cuts with marbling—the streaks of fat running through the muscle; fat is your friend in this case. Now follow these tips: Thaw it overnight in the ref. The usual fast way of leaving it out in the few hours right before cooking is also a highly efficient way of draining it of juices and flavor.

Alabang, Muntinlupa, , Chito Benito P depending on diameter www. This makes sure it sears evenly. We take the time to slow-cook our ox tripe, pork belly, etc. So what we did is incorporate our roasting with the techniques of the lechoneros from Balayan, Batangas, whose lechon festivals goad them to perfecting lechon skin—thus the best of both worlds!

See what we did there? A ToAST give your party a classy beginning by calling a toast, it also makes you look really handsome and incharge when you call for one. How to improve instant pancit canton in five easy steps: 1 Add a pack 2 Add a pack 3 Add a pack 4 Add a pack 5 Add a pack T r Ue S T orY : Despite everything else on the menu, the presence of a massive bowl of instant pancit canton still excited the men on this shoot— quality through quantity!

Pour it out on some chips for a nacho topping that tastes quite similar to nacho King! You make some small talk and unspoken sexual tension between you two is starting to manifest again. She puts her hands on your shoulders and almost starts massaging you, but the CCTV camera kills the mood. You lend her a hoodie, and you wear one yourself. You get inside the elevator and face away from the camera.

You push the button of the highest floor, and then you immediately bend her over and concentrate on thrusting since you guys have to finish before you reach the top. With all the body rubbing and testosterone evaporating into the air, she starts to feel a bit flushed. Use a position that requires the least amount of effort when thrusting.

You and your girl are doing the naughty on top of the hood of your car. Things are going so well—that is, until you notice a flashlight beam. The park security guard is quickly closing in. That story spells tabloid headline all over it. Take a look at how we deconstructed the tightest of spaces to have a quickie in, with help of yoga instructor Alvin Gomez of L! Because with FHM, yes, you can! Take the stairs since the security guards might be coming in more ways than one after viewing your session in the elevator.

Gomez suggests the Mula Bandha, a yogalike kegel technique that focuses on controlling your core muscles and enhancing your endurance. You pull some extra OT hours during the night and see a sexy girl wearing a miniskirt. She waves her hand at you. Right before you drop her off at her destination, she says she forgot her barya and asks if she can pay you in any other way.

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Find a vacant KTV room nearby. Get inside and position yourself near the door, coming at her from behind doggy-style with her palms pushing up against the door. This is the best option here so you can both keep an eye out for any passersby that might catch you doing the deed.

Plus, you can also push the door close if someone starts to force it open, and quickly duck out of sight. She enjoys it a little bit too much as she removes not only your mask, exposing your true identity. With your crime fighting-toned abs, you leave her in a complete ecstatic daze.

You turn her around and lift one of her legs. You come at her from behind till you unload your web cartridge in her. They are lovely ladies, duh; or b. It was just a photo blog but through the years nag-shift siya into fashion and lifestyle. Kasi when I say David Guison, naka-combine na yung work [and everything personal]. I was just into photography but people would ask me to post selfies, my outfits, and dun na ako nag-shift into fashion.

It was a turning point kasi wala pa masyadong male bloggers in I follow certain formula: I only use three filters then another app to edit. I had a phase in where my vibe was colorful and vivid, but now medyo nagmature na ako and mas gusto ko dark and madrama. You can change your look, basta gradual.

Nahihiya ako pero nagkaroon siya ng mga likes. I was just posting everything there and nakita ko mas may engagement kasi mas real-time siya compared with the blog. Then when I started Instagram, I knew I wanted to have something to promote my blog—siyempre, I want my readers to go there pa rin. But since you post it on Instagram parang nape-preempt siya—nakikita na nila kung ano laman ng blog. Pinag-aralan namin ng agency ko na mas malakas ang IG kesa sa blog.

Now I post at least six times a day. Aside from quality blogging, which is completely up to you, keep up the following: 4. If they like or repost your photo, grabe yung hatak niya—kaya makakuha ng 2, followers overnight! I would keep a folder na may screencaps ng replies or likes nila, ha ha! So feeling ko, if I have readers na ganun ka-loyal, they would appreciate engagement with the one they follow; so I try my best to reply. And my handler says brands prefer that you have engagement with readers rather than thousands of followers na di naman nag-ko-comment—yun daw ang mas important.

So sometimes I refer other bloggers if may nag-approach sa akin na di bagay—like a vacuum company, so I told them about a mommy blogger. Then sana may iba ring nag-re-refer to me, ha ha! Wala ako sponsors for six years, but I would still blog every day because I was really passionate about it. I would dress for myself. But now I dress to entertain the readers na rin, what they want to see.

Basically instagram, but everything explodes—or gets automatically deleted—Mission impossible-style after 24 hours, hence the more gonzo nature of content O n l I n E I n f l u E n C E r. A term invented to categorize bloggers who have outgrown the mere act of writing a digital diary and have the authority to influence their audience to patronize certain things B l O g.

A web log, or a digital diary 9 g A g. Online forum for everything under the sun, and where much internet joketime content comes from in the first place r E p O S T. Not as angry as you would assume it to be. Tangina This! Extremely shareable content. Endless retweet potential ensures its spread like a virus. I can re-brand again, ha ha!

Right now, surprisingly a lot of bloggers have video blogs. Parang mas nakukuha pa attention ng readers—they can hear your voice, they can see you move. Then Snapchat is mas real time pa than Instagram—and internationally there are already sponsored Snapchat posts.

Then at night I write and schedule my posts to be up by 2 a. Feeling ko tine-test nila if this blogger is willing to give it for free—pero i-feel mo rin kung ano ang worth mo online [when you charge]. Dito medyo turn off if you invite yourself to events. Usually they go to you and not you to them. You just really have to market yourself. And if they email me, I have a sample presentation of my posts ready. If you ask senior sportsman Mr. Lucia Realtors until it exited the pro league in There is, of course, the PBA D-League, which was created by the pro league as a middle ground for professionals and collegiate players to hone their skills and getting themselves equipped for the big battles ahead in the PBA.

But the league could only cover a period of six months, leaving the professionals the guys who play for a living, just like any other guy who goes to work without a league to play for, forcing them to play elsewhere just to feed their families.

Ang ibig sabihin sa January pa kami kakain? Paano yung pambayad namin sa renta ng bahay? Twenty-seven years old, ex-professional? Where will they go? The problem right now is, the school-based teams, when they play commercial, they will go back later on to their school leagues. We want to provide a commercial league that will give them a stable job from January to December.

Lucia Realty, which is making a comeback in the local cage circuit. Three more teams have also expressed interest, according to Encarnado.

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