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Cybertron transformers episodes torrent

cybertron transformers episodes torrent

[Movie] Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy Season 3 Episode 2 for Cybertron Trilogy Season 3 Episode 2, x x, torrent, HD. torrent magnet, - Transformers: War for Cybertron: Siege () Season 1 Torrent Download Yify TV - Story: The war that has torn apart. Transformers: Cybertron: With Garry Chalk, Sarah Edmondson, Sam Vincent, Richard Newman. The Autobots embark on a quest to locate mystical artifacts to save. TELECHARGER GTA SAN ANDREAS PC GRATUIT AVEC UTORRENT And then the certain guarantees provided the most is I had no. The figure that in remote functions return yet again. Where can Cyberduck.

Photos Top cast Edit. Jason Marnocha Megatron as Megatron …. Frank Todaro Starscream as Starscream …. Bill Rogers Wheeljack as Wheeljack. Joe Zieja Bumblebee as Bumblebee. Edward Bosco Soundwave as Soundwave …. Kaiser Johnson Ironhide as Ironhide …. Mark Whitten Sideswipe as Sideswipe ….

Linsay Rousseau Elita-1 as Elita-1 …. Sophia Isabella Arcee as Arcee. Rafael Goldstein Ratchet as Ratchet …. Shawn Hawkins Mirage as Mirage …. Keith Silverstein Jetfire as Jetfire …. Aaron Veach Prowl as Prowl. Georgia Reed Chromia as Chromia.

Jimmie Stafford Hound as Hound. Alexander DiLallo Barricade as Barricade. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The opening sequence to the series begins with Bumblebee and Wheeljack. These are the same two characters that open up the original Transformers cartoon series in the 1st episode, "More than meets the eye part 1 ". User reviews Review. Top review. Good, but a missed opportunity. Firstly, allow me to start by saying that I've never played the video game "Transformers: War for Cybertron" on which this show is based on.

So I went into this show with very little expectations and an open mind: having just seen the trailers but knowing upfront that none of the original series' voice over actors would be in this. Having just finished the 6 episodes of part 1 of the trilogy Seige , I have to say I am a bit disappointed. The animation is awesome. The storyline and action however were slow. The action does pick up briefly here and there throughout the episodes, but the show remains mostly dull in between.

Story wise things don't get really interesting till the end: 2nd half of episode 6. The music isn't very inspiring but works well with the show's pace. In terms of character development, we all recognize the characters visually but that's as far as it goes. I like the new take on Bumblebee.

Optimus Prime comes off as stiff in this show and really nothing like previous incarnations. Putting in a voice over actor trying to pull off a Peter Cullen impersonation is really cringeworthy. In fact most of the choices for voice actors in the show don't work. Tabitha St. Richard Ian Cox Scattershot as Scattershot. Mark Acheson Crumplezone as Crumplezone. Louis Chirillo Ransack as Ransack.

Michael Adamthwaite Lugnutz as Lugnutz. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia This is the very first Transformers cartoon to not only showcase the "Transformers God" Primus, but to also show him in action. Goofs In the episode titled "Rush", when Thundercracker assaults the Autobots' base, not only does he speak erroneously in Starscream's voice, he also refers to himself as Starscream.

This goof was fixed for the DVD release. Quotes Megatron : Gentlemen, this is Starscream. Alternate versions In the first Hungarian dub of the series the female character Override was dubbed by a male. This lasted for several episodes, after which "he" suddenly became a woman with no explanation given.

Connections Spoofed in TransfRormers. Petersburg's hearth or St. Hollywood, as the TransfRormers invasion in St. Petersburg was our answer to something there User reviews 13 Review. Top review. Marginally better than Armada, but one of the worst shows of the Transformers franchise.

Three things redeem Cybertron somewhat, the character of Megatron, the use of the Transformers, robots in disguise line in the theme song and the dynamic voice acting of Garry Chalk and David Kaye. Apart from them, the voice work is a mix of over-compensating, uninterested under-playing and inexplicably weird accents, sad seeing as from their other work there are some talented voice actors here.

The characters are not very interesting, in fact the human characters are very annoying not exactly old news though, they were in Armada- this show is marginally better than that, Armada was a mess- and Energon. Starscream has always been an interesting character but he's bland here, and the writers clearly had no idea what to do with Scourge shame he had potential he is not that fearsome and the constant changing of sides got confusing and you are like make up your mind already.

The animation is very little improvement either, the traditional cell animation is rather flat and sloppy and the CGI is over-saturated. Not only that, the mouth movements of the characters are far too Nutcracker-like which was very distracting, and the Transformation sequences are all flash and no subtlety. The theme song has one good line which is gone to waste by a generic hip-hop-styled tune with inane lyrics that gives the music a dated feel.

The rest of the music is dull and forgettable, lacking expression or atmosphere. The dialogue is the very meaning of clunky, the light-hearted moments veer on awkwardly goofy and the more intense moments almost too grim and over-serious. It also seemed really stilted.

The basic story is a good idea that is sadly also too thin structurally and too padded. The story lines just don't engage for that reason, as well as the uncompelling dialogue and characters and lack of tension and excitement in the action sequences.

To conclude, Cybertron is the best of the Transformers franchise's Unicron Trilogy but that doesn't say much, it really did disappoint hugely and really not one of the franchise's finest hours. TheLittleSongbird Oct 4, Details Edit. Release date July 2, United States.

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