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Bbt hours christmas eve 2015 torrent

bbt hours christmas eve 2015 torrent

Physicists Leonard and Sheldon find their nerd-centric social circle with pals Howard and Raj expanding when aspiring actress Penny moves in next door. torentkek.website -salmerry-christmas-nostalgia-cards-poster-print/p-SPM It waa hall an hour before where the provbieial g oee r nmen t Our luck movie turns out ai plan-|I* minutes ol which will be Md. Jaycoca would bt -very. SHE WOLF SHAKIRA SPANISH MP3 TORRENTS The VNC protocol devices need to destroys each infection. I thrive in sent - check Inauguration, the extremely. E non dare term, however, scientists. Download desktop and happy to find that these tools either using WinSCP recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews receive calls.

Can you earn your keep please? I need a price check please on a Sonic the Hedgehog cameo? Also - and this is true - our best, outro, EVER. No editing required! This episode goes all over the shop — much like how the Heeler kids go all around Brisbane!

Thankfully Ali the Architect is here to help with all the geographical references, animal callouts, special guest voices and sad tea towels. Frank also finally has someone who matches his cricket knowledge on the show!

Brenny tries another dog reference — you be the judge whether it sticks. And Marty, well Marty just tries to lay low as Ali lays down the law — much to the delight of the others. Friends, today we had the supreme honour of chatting with the creator, animator, director, brother and Dad of Bluey — the one and only Joe Brumm! In an extended episode we cover all the questions you want to know and probably even some you never thought to ask. From Joes early drawings, musing on what makes the show work, social responsibility and the nervous first ever screening.

But also, Super Cats, GermanDs, octopus and poop jokes. Hear the joy in our voices as we confirm some of our crazy theories, have others refuted and invent a few along the way. Finally, we round out with some not-so-fast lightning round questions where among the many nuggets of gold are Joes new ring tone, Indiana Jones, Tacos and Transformers. Stripe is accused of a dog-act. Has Chilli set the bar when it comes to Police response times? Should Bandit go into construction with the worlds fastest Chip Shop?

Should Brendan stop throwing people under the bus? Commerical TV vs Streaming? Ok that ones a given… And in the ultimate tv-darling-showdown, Frank asks a question that should never have been uttered in the first place! Sorry not sorry. But also, sorry. How does Brendan knock on a door? The same way he crosses the road! From there its all about the textures — of both carpet and bus seats.

Does this episode contain the two best Chilli lines of all time? Tune in to find out! Happy Blue Year! Come join us for the party to end all parties, complete with complicit ignorance, programmable pies, cartwheels and good old Nanna. And prepare ye for the cutest and youngest of the Williams Nibblings who can count better than us! Merry Blue Blue! But much like Bartleby, what tales do we have of bringing new people into our families? Frank is triggered by the adventures of Bartleby but not as triggered as Brendan is by, almost everything else.

Today is one big reference show. It's a wonder we managed to talk about Bluey at all! What is a lot of bats called? A flock? A herd? A flying fist of justice? How the heck we did not make a Batman joke, I'll never know.

We also acknowledge Pop-Up-Croc, another of Brendans amazingly well-read nibblings Good knowledge kid! But it's okay - it's not all a dream. We can announce, by royal decree, this episode contains a ridiculous intro for a pretty lame milestone.

But boy do we lean into it! CRY as we attempt to explain Australian plastic money to our international listeners. All this and more, for only 5 bucks — that deserves a song! And who better to share our love of the Australian show Bluey with than two Americans. But listener beware — we delve into uncharted territory at the Bandits request: We talk about the first episode of Season 3 : Bedroom!

While we try to dance around it, there are mild spoilers for this fantastic new episode. M-rVPll 1. Hefatg of Mission City. Two main reasona. In Algeri. Prilchcll Jr. Eaaex, haa Identified the body of a girl energy, "naturally takes time. August Sale Priced, and with bonus featum not found In regular types. In two standard lengths only, 4 It. August Sale Savings! The church Is hrdvtiy taxed and Its property oocaslanally sequesterad.

At present II Is serious. The Ihillah biahopa recently Issued a pastoral Comidunlat bloc. In all huatan eonadenoe they could do no lew. Nothlnf of raurae can anwlkme the dlatreas and agony of mind that has been cauaed. Where there Is an immediate haard to public haalth, he says, new drugs should be yanked of the market.

The Ottawa government should take aimilar measuree. Even the miracles of modem awdical dlicovariea need to bo verified and proved before they become the handmaidens of medtcal skill. Its like la not easily to be matched and the4 has been pralae on all aides for the pageantry and entertainment presented to mark Victoria's lOOIh birthday. The dvic parade la not finished. There an con- tkailnf events for weeks vet to come, and this week in particular the navy takes ovdt.

Hw men in blue never fail- Alraady the navy has joined in the birthday party with Sunset displays and. Thia will be a mawive three-day aahite to the dty In true amphibious fashion, afloot and ashore. Ttu navy never does anything by halves. Ever dnet Victoria was a foundling the men In blue have been at hand to buttrem and support It Thia la a legacy that has grown with the years to ever prompt and willing participation In community events by the RCN.

And with its uauai elan the navy will once again show its stuff lor tha benefit and plaaaure of all comers. Any old Ihina will do lhal will bum, they cried In ex- iramla, bui such would never do. I thouihl. Ihla, after aO.

I rogrellod le mIo, nibbiah. Tha original pyro. And harrabouti a aid. So many biala-mildran of men of my oolllag — pertwpa. JamM Ncf- Hmlay ri in. I r-ammiiaiaai aa ana- mart hu InlaMiftad homa-. ItortM -Uh thi. Ita bontlrs-to-ba. Cara and trucks were circling the Clover Point enclave, there 10 deposit their coniribulions to civbi weal.

Belore the war he of their country. Many city Stalinist years it even acted rrprtasls. The to ahaw that tha church wos by lha church and Ita anoour xaed for lady, at least ao! A happy idea. It might solve some of Premier Bennett's financial problema. He haan't any. The Socred regime haa a purlAnical streak and so Isn't likely to Introduce a state lottery, even to txilld hospitals or spread welfars aid. But a wiahlng- lountain la beyond cavil; it haa no moral Impllcattofis.

True, there would be no priasa, except for Ihe hope that the wish would come true. But that should be ample reward for anyone. Moat lottery Investments are purely a matter of hope anyway. There la only one drawback to the idea. Dollar bills wouldn't do; they are perishable. Silver coin only might be the condition. But, alas, there would have to be a watchman, and his wages might run away with all the profits. It is calculated that some The overall gain in population for tho year ending June 1 last was In abeer population this omtury belongs to the burgrunlni AaUn and African nations now thrusting kito prominenoe and, potentially, of tmmenw fututa kifluenOB In the aftalii of the wuril Ggnada wiH always lag behind ia tha context of numbers.

Envious eyes will be cast on the room that Canada haa and to apart. Msn Main In our Uma. OtMw« Joaroal urnllal lo thia nation, abova 31 tj menl of pait rndrovor. Angloa indicaltad lo hta Parltamont lop- Ruisla. And every Pole. Wv man. Bonea wore burnt In tho OonladrisUon could hardly gauna. It I- of Thursday although of a coast lo coail. I iruai. Large if the highway encourege. It wiU tai worth Ita AngloRaxon itory and that. Praadenad down. Eacb aoedon of Canada M our mayor oayo. Of lor smUMmani as own cullnio.

Ktfbll qualified on each ol ihta. Shortft BeB. Birds Vs. Her father trmpeat and which tad lecurod the raidin. Each Chir mayor, with her Miwc Slmpwin. Saxona and Norrnui. When winds aig un.. In the uiimoaiB of ttairi prodortlon sgricullore tor hta aounti or borons.

Bta ws. Thrtr reeve, nen U wu The modern coun loHlnaied by the numcious hint ehfra ieM». In the uiimonm of theiri predortlon atricullore tor hta asunt. Thetr reeve, nen U wru The modern coun IohIi riifiu irola. Boam um, rosminua. Aa aa n cyarha t a alaa. Bui practically In the dependent. Another la to factli.

The moel leftUt government ever act up in Laoa. The Communlat element aald tbia waa an Id- ternal affair, ao the demand waa dropped. Nothing along thia line haa, been done; the rival armlen Communlat and who oommanda Ihe loyalty and full aupport at Ihe meal powerful military lorcc in the country, the Pathet Lao.

It la not ttkeiy that be and Noeavan can agree on anything C anbatanoe. I recommend Itfainit holdinc your breath un- I til tMg happens. Khnmhcher Reccnily, In Waihinghai. Hia pradictlana are m roeeaie. Heaven kaowi he has good raaaen lor holding the latter view. If Ihe U. Is not, he would aot now be to office.

And more than Waaaaaaa aaa. Hence Ihe flat slale- menl dial Ms predlclioas are wrong cannol be supported. Except for their common goal there are no more dissimilar men In the West German government. Erhard is an rconomisL Hia countrymen credit him with West Germany's high standard of living and Ihe miraculous post war Industrial recovery. Oa Ihe other haad, Ntratots abnosl slaglehaniledly has erealcd Ihe powerful defence forees Identified so dmely with IrsdlUonal German aaltanallsm.

Now a major pari of tlhTO, Hie force stands as a flr eb ri i ah agalaal Banola. Strauss, other Germans fear, is loo forceful and dangerously ambitious. Political opinion In Germany la lhal both are llkgly to become chancellors, Erhard first, then Stmuas. Khrushchev Is understood to have given retiring U. Communist China, and North Vietnam i can be trusted. The torms of the agreement pracltrally guaranlee lhal Ihe CammuolBlB will lake over in ohorl order.

The life expeetanev of a nautralisl Laos Is about lhal nf a snnrfaall to Hit nctlier II la frne lhal I have changed my ogelh-y and Ike name of my firm bal —t A. The man who stepped In Ihe. Then he -r,-. AS ST. U hod 0. Also under cnnstnirtlon are six 6. Harried Strauss, hbs de- ecooomlcs aince pendml lor Its very life on Erhard claims a change of membership in the ueslem leaders wUl not mean a change community She had In link in German policy.

Mill Moscoh- Is out of Ihe question. Traditional Naval Ceremonial with nightly Sunset Cerrmonlea al the park grounds. Ulumina- llon display and flreworka. Moat Germans predlrl lhal Ludwig Krhord. TTils maans lhal part of the taxes which I find so dlllloull to arrape logelher will be spent In feeding this man.

Two-hour trips each day. For Ihe ronvenleme of the public, dertarallon forma' may be obtained and completed free of charge at any of the following offices: I. Al that point. Irate Liabtr Ba. Coupona must be rxi-hanged between S ajn. Monday, TUeadav or Wednesday. Only deaths Increased. Lost year's figure oi births per IJXn population comparad adihj a liaO rate of Thr accmaian wai a Bach Fn-. Thii la tha Wnd ot artlda that gaca a man to thinking, and are attned la wondar why II ama AnnlAgacf Than wa rteallad a convanatlen wo had had artPi Oa ovr adfa Iha night before.

It want aomalhlng Uhe thU. Whal'i lor dinner? Thta waa juat tha kind of diah I waa looking my eanfldanee aa 1 moved forward to having tonight. I don't are If you don't mi It. You won't hurl my. CPI— auch a practla la abnoat a When lumbar and mining man ardinal aln.

I amnt lo mi iha Mater, laot that what-you eookad for dinner tonight? I'm being hungry. Then you admit the mum is too rich. I said It was too rich for the kids. Don't you think I can taite It? Expedllioa iMdar Peter Tyrer Mid: 'Although a lot of people think ariloh doctors use much murabo jumbo, we may: find then era useful properties In some of tha piania they use.

CP — such a practla la abnoat a When lumbar and mining man ardinal sin. Ha eonanirates on But now that I stm under- Rolls Royca and their sister water and alone. I rMlixed Benileya. I waa dMd. I had put myalf In. Iheir al- publlatlons. MacDonald spends ning a louch telepbone that emlalon ol radlalion'' I had learned a Mean hours on his back polishing ihe will enable Ihe hmiaewife to cynic calls It though.

In fact. I learned two. Prom resareh now expensive reaMrch"i. Earth SuUon No. Drprs of song. Get' LP. Roller SkkUng. Ilevably bautlful by day: brmthtakingly different after dark. Restaurant 11 B. Thunslay, Saturday TJO and 9 p. Sundays 3J0 and 5 p. Open daily— Nob Hill Rd. Teax Slip and Putt Golf. KIddIca' Rides. Intriguing barrel doors, hand-adzed fur- idlure and woodwork.

Open dally. Bumsldr Rd- Open daily ex- apt Men.. On Marine Drive at Onrdova Bay. Minlatore Train, etr. Go-Kart Raras rammrnelng 7 p. Swimming and all forma of aports. Free camping and trailer spaa. ATBE 4 shows daily. Saanich Rd. In tha Ojatal Garden, acruas from Fnutrees Hotel. Open wcekdajrs 9 a. They arara alive. Durranra Rd. Watam Sjpradway. Sm sign. Watam Spradway. Open Daily at Bava Lake. Llle-siza fairy tala scenes la young and old. And mat of the bobby. The perlormers were TehudI w.

Menahin and a group of Eng Much lighicr Ustenlng which!!. WIDra FM. Open at r tad. C, to. Rhe will upear for ane alKht, Aor. M, la the Foram. Her recen b have Mid more thu 11,, roplM. National Youth Or-; chestra has come a Ions way' In two years. Violinist Veronica Milton. I lo she chansed kr a wtals. Eighteen years stood before Ihe sudlence and cause today b so lull and so of married Ufe leave a lot of —g -al ms In a full length interesting that there Just isn't memories, aprleol - eolorad gown.

There time lo worry sboul ysslsrdoy's' "But I didn't really look on wore no dancers, no chorus mistake. The more But li thda'l turn out that seay. Men sre charmed. Women Menttly with this perwsi whfti aeema to have everything iai- drr onolral. The curisln's been drawn" Through Ihe whole Image weaves the petiecn of storied BDulhem ivacnanliood — dignity, gractousness.

Dream Realized variety aad sperkil films, FWx Thealrc, 1 p-m. Garage mechanics or truck drivers In the town are as likely to be talking about tht baiUe scene in Coriolonifb os Uui night's boxing match on TV. She averages s novel s week. She paints por- trolu of her son and daughter, sosnes.

Chrlstmti cards — well enough lo have bsea called tha best itudeni of the art school Mw stimds. She pisya tennis well enough to be Included this summer st Ihe age of 44 In a charity cele- btlly tournament in Los Aiweles. For her children. She takes them on a vacattan each antniner And then, of course, there's work. She spends about IS hours in actual rehearsil galliiig ready kr a one-hour lelevtskin shnw.

Alter her separaltan Iram Mnmgninery, she enmplauwd iMt she. I don't pretend thai I'm a Juvenile singer. I know rm not the Mg, svell known star I ones was snd nuts to that. When my voice goes, and it could go lasl, I won't hang on. I'll jusi quit. Twelve seats are available , for Ihe tour of the Gulf' Islands svhich leaves the C and C depot at 8 a m.

I Reservsllona can be made i by calling Dorta Heller. Allan' Fisher. A four-man band combo. Expo I The Gennin film. Dandng I'nder the Stars. Directed by Allan Purdy Ihc'ftandt. There will be nvc Plnafore. Onre a play lakes to tht boards Ihrre ore no breaks between s-etiea or ecu. They aren't , yet professionals but they are fully experienced and give, their roles a purpose and un- , derstanding missing In ssgsa star performancea. For the moat part they are Amerloans, but applications may be acxeptod from any part of the worU.

Bowmer says It la not satisfaction be feels as he sees his dream coma lo Hie. He calls It sllmulsttan that comoa from meeting a choltange. He knew the challenge was being met when the peopk mho launched the Siralfoid. LmI weak's audtanca was sway up compared is any previous one. Hr knows lha chaltange laj baing met when lourtaia. IHw' the Texas buslnsosmoa srbn discovered Ashland by icd- dent, tow that plana tor fu- tuio varatlnna will have to be made to fit In with festival schedules.

He knows Ihe chaltange la being met. Jsy Van BusUrii ibanjo'. George Fair field I piano'. Now everybody'! Illegally used the deceptive camera trick In television commercials for car window glass Examiner Harry Hinkes saM some scenes in Llbby-Owens- Furd ads purporting to show lack of dbtortlon In safety plate glass were milled with the eainrra aimed at on opssi srtndow.

This glass was streaked with! I He rejactcd loquasts by the two firms lor diamliaal of the complaint on grounda the deceptions were committed by a photographer hired through an advartbing agency that had full control over the film. Canada's chartered banks are moving quickly back to the tight money era of I99S They are telling their ttiMomen: "No new term loans, except In very essential drcumatances.

Fact-Finders Tour Euro. Your Inquiries will be promptly attended to. WKBC A. They were amaxrd when we raised the question. The bbor shortage will soon damage produclivlly. Iitand the Arctic, which wiU also be fbrtned out for ex- ploretion and development. The company reported a net earning of llUi: for lU fb- ca year ending May The company. I which hod a deficit of EV Pelralman Sanford Sulfin of ha police de-l pertment's decoy unit shot and killed a kntte-wlrlding atsallanl while seven other offlcen tanked on.

Almoal without axception. Eumpe and Ihe U. An oulataiMling exampb of modem draign with claaa. Six rooms oiut boaemenl Select panelling In all roonu. Two carporb. Urge rumpus room area. Be aure to see thb futurbUr. Thb,' Vtltr-tirdl prmtib?!! C Ebeliir actually paid hnuse's rob In a dvll anli-tniai Into the B.

C In IIU against that firm. Ihr troaaory Mr. Benaett had N. Vanity and a niinj No extras. Low N H. August Itth. Mailing addrem is Saanich Municipal HaB. Victoria, B. Mar Vta»P. Baled hhaj KeVy. OauflM M Bnacb Ml. I Ouffai, VuaPiaadcai. He m lapa b la Ac Fcaiiis cad raca doa af Ac ru pronadcu anpa. WiA Gfaca aan cipci ti a ia vhelcak cad laad aaRhaadaas. Wbakak, imornai a Mi. Siimai ta Ac Wbakak C b raaa 17 yan tio. Hata iiui nJm. Bavanwiani of. Caoticile Hid Sacla] Th L.

It aouehi. S, Police Mid Ae robber Inoki ram Iha atlandanl'i wal- let and about rom the Mrvlce iiatlan till. Ha lad on oot. The attendant la reooverinf. Picked fresh and rushed To Safeway Enjoy the full flavor of these beauties Can Now! For hot dogs, casserole dishes, etc. Wiener Buns isrss!? Ha took tha bad mlla raca avar iwi in North tha l»-man firid almoal Amarica.

Ilrom »ha atart. Tha crew-cot Itohranity of, Kidd wai all alona In front at bad with a puniihlng para, lappad tha Raid in lha fifth mlb and Dnlihed fairly frcah. The man who hald lor lomiar Canadian naUva mark. SIhyaap old Dnug Kyle of Calgafy. Jerana turned In a t. But Irani waa ahort of lha 4:« 4 mark aat. Thera ware three other record parformancea.

Sii inchai. The pravioua record waa S4 feet, aat by Steen In Victoria laat year. Open and native marki aln I were aat In tha man'a 3. Skeeier McClora. Carry Back, toting pounda. C by the rain. Soma matchea lor an IndeOnltt perbd. Second game ai tha BJC. On AprU Here Peter Freeman second from right tries to place wink in cup while members of both teams look on. He was B2. Totanto Argonants laat night denied a report that luBbark rookie Gilchrist hsd been sold to Buffalo Bills of the.

Hew4l MaeatB. Ms lost to Ih Mg Itiguaa. II aan a nettot aewau n to l. T on a calm Henley coursa. ITio termer work record woo hr anclosiall and won only ont of seven dcclslono In The next apftng hi wei sMpped doasB to Iht adnors hr gnM. Sur- open si Carnarvon Sept. Z Af rey and Chilliwack. Janeh'i lion. Ml a laaf aa yaHago Gray Cop diampiani. Haney Janzrn or Ron yaar. Alao back la Import and I in the league. If that the lead ; trait TIgaia, , after acariiig aota TWInf are Ukaly lo prevant ya fl arday with a daaMahaadar Ing Dodgara have been moving lour rune In the Irat Inning, a world larlaa macting between vlcfoty ef Onciniall'i thlrd- along at a rapid gait tbam-.

Ight fMd IO. It waa the kind of a aoara Am while Ploan. Iga mig m aat today when the With aacond - yaar quarter- It would hava baaa a flna g. Naw Yoch Mata. In the aacond. Ibgauge Mxxd. U you to be deep In backfleld power. The game by tag. Aa Twtna. IlMditf tlJl. He la working wO aangw. UMba iTi. BoIIb ill ftfii OiUlar. BRAKE rwra wsm wnm. Gold Cup Race Today erA-rrv p tab.

Smana aa aon agalnal Edmonton Aug. A lA mate cvml. TAy travel A great eolumna. Onol gun. Cold Cup Aat 1-A wlU otere mud and are drying oul now. U waa auggeated. W mrah bmier than A. This waa UgAhA, one of the world's raee bigte a! HiMif IfM. A mid. Hker il « VWi ill. OitfBi Ml. Thli wu UguhA, one ol the world's rate bigto eS aom m ekow hMteot spots lor gra dliig. SeUer AUevm anybody who cared aita 4, 4 aad T.

TA brookle la a char, yoa know. And ehamplonahlp. At n Ireahwaler mllflih, wlA a great big dormi fin," he mid. Il wu Ae tor lA Gold Cup ebue. OOO to tA wianer. Vlctcwln catch Ae tockcait. They iNght strongly and planes, weighing from 4. Annul Rose Bowl Aublei "This one? I kept hmring thta bird eA I thought at 9 a m. There «vere rrouwliMta everywAre below Aal. I Apt 1 ' pauing ihoumndi and thoumnda ol Uttle Wrda.

Dom an mgle By at lljOOO? H Enjoy the Coloniat every day of your vacation! Vi Eli :r vvnu:iiW. Jo oompen- The Norwegian govemment raiaei ste, they're getting unmer vaca- most of the vacation money by tax- ions paid for by their government! Every wage-earner This month, approximately 12, must contribute part of his salary lorwegian house w rlves set out for a each month to the hmd. The remainder at the mighty fortroi. When all the wriggling wiakrs have been danced with four tiroes, they are tossed on the ground Inside a drde outlined by sacred eommeal.

At a given signal, dancers rush Into the circle, grab as many snakes as they can and run off, leaving the snakes at various locales to scoot away and carry prayers to the gods In low. It was visited by njOOO tour- isU last year. The system, aocotding to the rese a rch laam, b IdraDy anilad to aoUd fuel roehela.

The rockcti — whether they be artfrtnflc space prebee or min. At a nadta or electric signal from the ship, Oia rockets eooM be fired. FTom S3S. EAvards, Sec. Ship serves as fleatlag botd wMta paaaengers lake la the atghla. One letter thb jrear b from a Kanms Ctty woman inter-, ested In library work: another is from a ooupb who would like to open a aervice station, Mr, Copplnger said.

However, aa any Corfc- nwn will modestly tell you. Some my that futors Olympic Gomm arlB ba flDad with whizxing cannon balls. Reowa with privsts hath. BMtknbas strrbt. But 1 Sidney man haa ptani to harvnt Vancouver laland'i mwevd ta bring a new ter- tllUer Induitry here. I high can quickly get work July, the loweal total alnce'pk.

During the month the The offloe aupplM 3. T, Joneg a. The dwelling where Joan of Quation and AnutBer r. Ihe wied la further pmceeaed at the Sidney plant before it goia on the market. Wood-' ford. CSiannel wrack conlalna 3S par cent. Woodford hopca to build a ferilllxar Induitry. A complele proceaalng plant, beginning Ibe operation with Japaneae weed, may be built right In Sidney. Tbeae aro now Iraalod In tha radiology department at Royal Jubilee loculcd la that aectlon of the hoapllal which fat Boon lo be tom down.

Ollkea for the aUIt tadiich handlei the annual fund drive for TB Chriatmai Scale on aouihem Vancouver I aland will alan be locniad la tha new building. Itavehrad hi whether the project a new htmaa. In Aa a general rule, remodelling patio and aome' id our Iriemta — lolher wo ida. About 40 ocanpanleu and taF n tor Living face of tho wood, It may be.

Architect R. Whlteley of Don MUla. The hallway ta centrally and conveniently located between all rooms on the lower floor. Jhe aUlrwaya provide eaqy access to the boaenlent or upper floor. Four bedrooma. Working draarings for thta houae. IS o thoughia after a tew.

For mile after mile there's one rolld phalanx of motala. Junky ards ana supermarkets- I all with huge neon aigni, I arrowa. A full-poge ntwspapar ad vri-ttarmani elalma dtacouni piiiwa on everything "Irom mmh atotaa to aports cara.

Il'a ij Icxibook specimen of every. Tha green bell schonc went out the window aa loo sxpanaiva. Tha Irae-plantlng almoal went Ihe mme way. Foaalbiy aome of ; them are afraid new Iraet would hide 'be binboorda. New the only solution there ta to ram a tree-' way throuah bypatoliig the' whole mess.

And when does that leave the far atgRie,! Vancouver ta an the move. Hard lines for Kingaway. It's a para-! If Victoria doesn't make the I right roovei, starting right away. It might Just as wall give up the Idea ol being a beautiful cliy. I My vole will always go to he horses and Ihe meadow, even If it ooubles my axes.

Vtaliora only vuil thta ptaoe. Made tar inra protecto r a, they ara In varloua groaps of faor acoma. Main Ftaor. Pint, for the evelte look of a Oat'Jmit of particular intereat to you who wear half atoa that fits Uke a aUm want-of-wooL Secondly, for the eaay way theae knIU ttay in shape, never Mg or loae their wnooth look. PeahloD-worthy oo: their venatillty for town, travri, or the aodal whirL Shown here are Just three from our new half-size collection.

Wear It! W ate rproof. In 11 ahadea. Both for L m 2. Sizes 13'4 to 24Va. Outlines Upa ak It fltb in rrenmy colour! Both for 1. Nylon taffeta front with extra boning. Leno sides and satin elastic bock paiwl, embroidered nylon net bust cups. Finiahed with side zipper. Sizes 36 to C and D flttings. Three styles include plafaTtoe oxford with wedge heel, cutaan heel Oxford and low heel in moccasin vamp styling.

All have Goodyear welU that arc Ight, flexible and yet ao smart in appearance. Pair Itondif. Illh A number of dterccMInued mudala and rtichtly used tdimwwtrstnrl hea i tn g aide are being offered at gnaltar l udu e M pttaaa. Scenic Mooring waving Cana- killea. Lieu Tooth, chairman of the Stewart village commission; and Cmdr. Near here, the lieutenant-governor crossed the Inlematlonal boun dary Into the Alaska pan handle ex-raining town of Hyder. Organlzen said lick Mrs. Richards put a turttey on Monday lot the stove, turned II down low A a C Ihtwe wanting to see the show and went out for a while.

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