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In the aftermath, Mei's father Praxidike Meng fruitlessly searches for his daughter in the midst of the societal breakdown in the Ganymede colony. Several months later, the crew of the Rocinante are tasked with delivering emergency aid to Ganymede. Meng spots James Holden during a food riot and asks the crew to help find his daughter.

They agree and are able to trace her kidnappers to unused tunnels on the moon. Holden, Meng, and ship mechanic Amos Burton discover a secret lab. In the midst of a shootout with lab security, they inadvertently release another super soldier who kills some of the lab personnel. In the wake of the battle, the crew find remnants of the protomolecule and the corpse of Mei's friend, who was being treated by Mei's doctor for immunodeficiency. The crew rush to escape the station as more chaos erupts around them, and are able to make it back aboard the Rocinante.

Draper is brought to the peace talks between Earth and Mars occurring on Earth, giving testimony regarding the super soldier attack on Ganymede. She violates diplomatic protocol and is dismissed by the Martian delegation, but is then hired by Chrisjen Avasarala, who is leading the UN negotiations.

Draper discovers that Avasarala's assistant is betraying her, leading Avasarala to conclude that her UN superiors are trying to get rid of her, from which she deduces that a group within the UN is responsible for the super soldier attack. Avasarala allows Draper to be brought along as her bodyguard on a slow-moving yacht headed to Ganymede on an ostensible relief mission. On their way to Tycho station, the Rocinante crew discovers a super soldier stowed away in their cargo hold.

They are able to lure out the creature using radioactive bait before vaporizing it with the ship's exhaust. The Rocinante is damaged during the encounter, but the crew learn more about the super soldiers. Holden confronts Fred Johnson, who he believes controls the only other sample of the protomolecule. Johnson denies involvement with the Ganymede incident and fires Holden's crew. They help Meng release a video asking for help searching for Mei, raising enough money to continue the search.

Upon receiving information about Mei's doctor, Meng deduces that the super soldiers are being created on a base on Io. With the Rocinante repaired, they set out to recover Mei. On board the yacht, Avasarala sees Meng's video appeal and learns that a UN detachment is heading to intercept the Rocinante.

The crew of the yacht prevent her from warning Holden, claiming that their communication systems are broken. When they refuse her demands to get the yacht repaired, Avasarala has Draper take control of the vessel. Avasarala sends a warning to Holden, and she and Draper board a racing pinnace to rendezvous with the Rocinante. After meeting Holden's crew, Avasarala and Draper share notes of the super soldiers. Realizing that they are several days away from being destroyed by the UN detachment, Avasarala convinces the crew to let her send this information to her contacts within the UN to prevent an all-out war.

Draper and Avasarala convince the Martian fleet to help protect the Rocinante. This culminates in a space battle between the UN detachment, the Martian forces, and a second UN fleet loyal to Avasarala. With the UN Secretary General recalling the admiral hostile to the Rocinante , the battle ends in victory for the Martians and Avasarala's faction.

The crew lands on Io, where Amos and Meng rescue Mei along with other immunodeficient children. Draper kills a super soldier using knowledge about its capabilities. The crew heads back to Luna , where the people responsible for the super soldier project are brought to justice. Avasarala is promoted, Meng is hired to oversee efforts to restore Ganymede, Draper returns to Mars, and the Rocinante takes a contract escorting a supply ship.

Throughout the story, the solar system had been watching changes on Venus , which culminate with the launch of something unknown as the book ends. Corey , but for all the great reality building, plotting, dialogue and inherent jeopardy of being off-Earth, it's two of the female characterisations that blow me away - 1.

There's UN big-wig Indian Avasarala, who loves drinking tea, cussing and I mean cussing and finds herself doing a fine job, because no one else appears capable, and 2. I really wish that I hadn't watched the TV show first, as it has not only coloured my mind, but because it stayed so true to the book, it's hard to read it without picturing the show and or taking parts of the show unknowingly and making them part of the read?

So I can't really differentiate from the show that I love, and the book, that I might love because I've watched the show View all 5 comments. View all 8 comments. Aug 03, carol. Shelves: sci-fi , meh , awards. It broke into my reading blahs and set off a trend of great reads.

When it arrived, I was in the middle of monthly reads for my book club, then all hell broke open over at Goodreads, resulting in a loss of reading mojo, quickly followed by reviewing mojo. Bridge of Birds brought me back to reading, but my reviewing despondency has lingered. Again, we have Jim Holden surrendering to his Tourette syndrome tendencies as he tilts at windmills and volunteers for suicide missions.

Unsurprisingly, we also have the protomolecule, spaceships, and a Mars versus Earth versus Belters conflict. View all 26 comments. Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www. And happy to be so. The conflicts in this novel are a lot narrower, but by no means less exciting. Most of my favorite series have that in common. I actually had to stop reading it before bed because it would get me too wound up to sleep. I am certain I will be reading them again.

This is also an excellent series to hand someone wanting to try either genre. View all 28 comments. Feb 20, Sanaa rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites Someone hold me. I wasn't ready for that. View 2 comments. I would even go so far as to suggest that it might even be a better novel than the first in some ways. This novel provides a lot of character development to the cast of misfits introduced in the first book, along with introd 5. This novel provides a lot of character development to the cast of misfits introduced in the first book, along with introducing a several new characters.

I particularly appreciated the inclusion of two female leads who were both strong, kick-butt ladies, but for very different reasons. I personally am not a fan of the romance side plot that has developed between two of the characters, but that is more of a personal preference. The story itself moved forward at a good pace, keeping me engaged the whole time. The authors managed a good balance of action, politics and personal development.

As with the first book, the chapters cycle through a small cast of characters providing different perspectives on events and pushing the narrative forward.. One of my favourite aspects of the Expanse series is the world-building. Needless to say, I am very excited to read the next book in the series. Bring on Abaddon's Gate!

Feb 14, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi. It was, however, an instant hit with the majority of the sci-fi readership. My main problem was that I did not really care for the main characters. Consequently, I decided not to continue with the series. Then a few months ago Syfy started broadcasting The Expanse Season 1 their adaptation of Leviathan Wakes to practically universal acclaim. I wondered if I may have somehow misjudged the book s When I read the first book of The Expanse series, Leviathan Wakes I was not that impressed with it.

I wondered if I may have somehow misjudged the book so I binge-watched the TV show and—to cut a long story short—I thought it was great! The heroes are mainly the crew of the spaceship Rocinante introduced in the previous book, plus three new—mostly excellent—characters. The most important of these is Chrisjen Avasarala, Assistant to the Undersecretary of Executive Administration, a lengthy job title which basically means she is an important figure in the Earth Government yes, Earth has just the one Government in this future.

More interestingly, she is an Indian lady in her seventies who is extremely intelligent, an expert at political machination, and cusses up a storm every time she opens her mouth. Chrisjen Avasarala, looking younger than her description in the book. They are mainly based on the Ellen Ripley template of ass-kicking sci-fi women, and usually result in male characters who happen to be female. Fortunately for mankind, she is on the side of the angels.

There is also an Ellen Ripley-like female marine called Roberta Draper, a much less believable character but quite well developed and fun. The great thing about reading Caliban's War soon after watching The Expanse TV show is that I now have an affinity for the main characters.

If I had relied on my sieve-like memory of the previous book it just would not have worked. Also, the vividness of their TV counterpart makes it easy to put names to faces, so they are almost as familiar to me as the crew of the USS Enterprise. Beside the great character work Caliban's War also has a fast-paced, intriguing and exciting plot, with some nicely detailed world building.

The strained relations between Earth, the Mars colony and the Belters colonies on the minor planets of the Asteroid Belt feel very real, and the main characters tremendous efforts to prevent all out warfare is quite gripping.

The climax is really edge of the seat reading and far surpasses anything on Leviathan Wakes an additional pair of pants recommended while reading this book. Instead of thrust from the drive creating the illusion of weight, it now came from the spin of the ring they were clamped to. Clarke at his best, they make the reading experience very immersive.

The several plot strands are also woven beautifully. I also enjoy the variety in the narrative, the bantering dialogue, the subtle political maneuvers, the romance, and especially the running, shooting, alien blasting derring-do's.

The book is like one stop shopping for me. So, bravo! Highly recommended for sci-fi fans, especially if you are into the subgenres of space opera and military sci-fi—with a touch of horror. If I were to reread it I will probably appreciate it more, but that is an honest review, as is this one. Definitely looking forward to book 3, Abaddon's Gate. Corey is a pseudonym of the two co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. It had been built with the long term in mind, not only in its own architecture, but also in how it would fit with the grand human expansion out into the darkness at the edge of the solar system.

The possibility of catastrophe was in its DNA and had been from the beginning. It had been the safest station in the Jovian system. Just the name had once brought to mind images of newborn babies and domes filled with food crops. But the months since the mirrors fell had corroded it.

For most of the stride, his leg felt free and almost uncontrolled, and then, as he brought his foot toward the hull, there would be a moment, a critical point, when the force took hold and slammed him to the metal. He made his way floating and being snatched down, step by step. View all 21 comments.

Sep 03, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: biopunk , fanboy-goes-squee , worldbuilding-sf , zombies-go-braaaaaaaaaains , cthulhu-goes-ph-nglui-mglw-nafh-ct , sci-fi , space-opera. I mean, I was somewhat hesitant at first but it's so rich with detail and the action is perfect.

And by action, I don't just mean Bobby in her Goliath suit. I mean Avasarala on her com. Venus really stole the show by the end, but all the Powers butting heads was also fun as hell. Did anyone else whoop when Avasarala and Bobby got on the Rocinante? It was truly great both times I read it. Well, it's my own preferences here, so the answer is a definite YES! I know a little astronomy and scale and putting all of that in perspective with what the hell just happened at the end of this novel is right likely to blow my mind, if it hadn't already been blown when I read Stephen Baxter's The Ring.

That's not really that important right now, though, because this novel isn't that novel. This is a much better novel in all the ways that count; in characters, in action, in complicated drama and fully believable, no I think I've read some fantastic space-opera, before, and I think of Bujold as one of the best, but now I will be putting these two guys at the head of the class.

Thank you, D. For the rest of you peeps sitting on the fence about reading these books, get off your asses and get some startle on. View all 7 comments. Caliban's War is the second installment in the "Expance" series and I actually enjoyed it better than the first one! No, nothing was wrong with the first one either, I even missed our pulp-noir drunken detective with nothing to lose, but fortunately the authors gave us to kick-ass female characters who more than made up for Miller's loss.

What do you do? Somehow, Holden ends up as the very well known face of the person who started the war between Mars, the Belt and Earth with his ideological stick up his ass, and the poster boy for speaking the truth no matter the consequences or the validity of what he believes is the truth. He has not changed much, although it seems that he has been getting a bit out of control and becoming very militant with it, which is upsetting those who know him best.

He also gets called out on his self-righteous impulses and I love that I am not the only one who is obviously bugged by that:. Luckily for the very battered scientist of the Ganymede station which produces most vegetative edible forms in the System, Prax, Holden's popularity might help him find his lost 5 year old daughter, and the good captain and his crew take on the challenge.

Do you understand what I'm saying? You will be personally responsible for the deadliest screwup in the history of humankind, and I'm on a ship with Jim fucking Holden, so the bar's not low. During the pandemonium an unknown scientific croup takes Prax's daughter as well as several other children with a medical condition and disappear. On top of everything, some of the goo that made the vomit-zombies in the first book has been let loose in a section of the station and things get complicated when Earth government makes a connection with all of this and the viral station which ended up on Venice.

It seems that the viral organisms are in a hive-like communication and not separate from each other. Was that a thing we knew about? However, one very smart, arrogant, plucky, and somewhat vulgar, yes, she curses like a sailor, Earth politician, Avasarala, who is a diminutive grandma with a tendency for wearing bright colored saris, has a real knack for what might be going on and is determined to prevent intergalactic war, which might lead to the destruction of billions of innocent lives.

In order to do that, she recruits the biggest bad-ass Martian Marine, Bobbie, who survived the first attack of the alien monster on Ganymede and is now on Earth to testify as to its existence. Bobbie is being looked upon as a trader by her fellow Martians and hates it, but is also deep enough into the reality of things to understand that Avasarala is doing all she can in order to save all parties involved, Mars included. How long has it been since a woman was in charge of the armed forces?

Not since I came here. Particularly Avasarala, with her pain of loss, her ability to play the game on the big stage of politics without losing her soul and humanity, still hoping for the best and loving with all her heart her soulmate, who loves her back unconditionally, just the way she is!!! I am so in love with this character and her life, I can barely express it! I really hope I get to see more of both of them as we go on with the series!

I can't wait!!! Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many more wonderful books to come!!! I don't really have anything to add to this review that I didn't already already cover in my review of Leviathan Wakes. It is another epic in the middle of a bigger epic. The characters are dynamic and interesting. The action is intense. The horror is terrifyingly. All in all, a satisfying and exhausting experience. When I read books and series like 4 to 4.

When I read books and series like this, I am just so awed and impressed by the intricacies of the plot and it's development. It is so big, I have no idea how they keep up with everything they have created. Also, something will happen and the end of book two that it is obvious they were planning for at the beginning of book one.

I picture a huge flowchart an the wall and a lot of double checking with each twist to make sure it still fits within the overall story. Again - impressive! For sci-fi fans, I really don't think you can go wrong.

Anyone else feel that way? Maybe that is what they were going for here! View all 10 comments. In this second installment, we're still following events I already know more or less from the show. After billions of years of being in the Solar system, unable to do what it came here to do, the protomolecule is working hard on finishing its job now, whatever that job is.

We meet a few new players in this second installment, most notably Avasarala and Bobbie. These two allow us glimpses at E In this second installment, we're still following events I already know more or less from the show. These two allow us glimpses at Earth and the political crisis the events from book 1 have sparked throughout the Solar system.

Avasarala, while being a politician, is actually a good person, swearing so much that any sailor would blush, but ultimately caring deeply about the future. Therefore, she wants to get the people behind Eros as much as Bobbie, who loses her entire platoon to a new version of a protomolecule-human hybrid and swears revenge. Then, there is also Prax, a botanist and father of Mei - a child with a rare immune disease.

While trying to get his daughter back and figuring out who took her and why, he meets Holden and his crew, and they agree to help him. After some juggling of bureaucratic idiots, Avasarala and Bobbie team up and eventually also meet the crew of the Rocinante, bringing together all four POVs and giving the reader epic space battles and creepy space stations to explore and fight in.

But let's not forget the old players from book one, because they will factor into the events here as well. Yes, my favourite characters were definitely "grandma" Avasarala and Bobbie, but also the entire environment of the book. I love the future the two authors are bringing to life here as well as the technology - most notably in this book the Martian Marine armor Bobbie wears. I must say that I'm actually surprised at the number of events I liked better on the show such as view spoiler [basically everything involving Cotyar, who was wholly underdeveloped here in the book, or everything to do with the political intrigue involving the struggle for dominance between Avasarala and Errinwright hide spoiler ].

Both elements seem far better developed and thought through on the show. Thus, one could say that the show and the books compliment and complete each other, which is actually quite nice. Now, I've more or less reached the point where I don't know what's gonna happen have to catch up on the show but there are also only 3 seasons of it and the book events are progressing farther so it will be interesting to see how I think and feel about people and events from now on.

View all 9 comments. Dec 22, Lindsey Rey rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , , science-fiction. View 1 comment. Sep 07, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it really liked it Shelves: must-read-in , must-read-in , acquired-in , science-fiction , must-read-in , books-i-own , sff-froms. Dying she could handle.

Dying without any answers seemed terribly cruel. I read Leviathan Wakes way back. But, here we are. This settlement is in security lockdown. If this book is anything to go by the series is shapi Dying she could handle. If this book is anything to go by the series is shaping up nicely, with the promise of good things to come. This is a high-profile series, so there are already droves of positive reviews here; it makes little sense to add another.

The biggest difference, I suppose, is that The Expanse is more action driven. Except: with more actual science. The general feel of this Universe, if you will. This marriage of style and substance does create something that is possibly slightly bigger than the sum of its parts. The best scientific minds of the system were staring at the data with their jaws slack, and the reason no one was panicking yet was that no one could agree on what they should panic about.

And of course, the elephant in the room protomolecule. Horror and in Science Fiction is a fantastic mix if done right. I would have loved to learn more about the origin of the protomolecule, especially considering the closing sequences of the novel. Explanations had better be forthcoming in the next instalment. When the battle began, it began all at once. I have to say I found the action sequences pretty damn exciting.

I can imagine that all of this would translate well to the visual medium. Of course, no SF novel would be complete without some wonder: Some part of [him] was disappointed that the transit was so dangerous. A massive volcano of molten silicate on the opposite side of the moon was throwing particles so high into space he could see the trail it left in the sky.

In any other circumstance, it would have been beautiful. Like a repeat performance, if you will, albeit a better rehearsed one. A chain is as strong as its weakest link; for example, I really liked Bobbie Draper but Prax annoyed me. This is the second book in what appears to be a nine-book series. As such it serves as a sequel as well as a set up for whatever comes next, which is a bit of an Achilles heel in itself, albeit an expected one.

It does its job commendably; in the end everything comes together nicely. If Leviathan Wakes was a 3. I love that woman. Felt somewhat lukewarm about Holden, to be honest. But his crew is still pretty cool. Overall, though, on this reread the novel was not as close to five stars for me as it was the first time around.

But maybe this time I will actually continue with the rest of the series. I guess we'll find out. While it doesn't quite reach the highs of Leviathan Wakes , it is more reread: Avasarala is still the best. While it doesn't quite reach the highs of Leviathan Wakes , it is more consistent in tone and feels like the overall more polished book.

We get more in-depth characterization of Holden, which was good, and two fantastic new characters in Bobbie and especially Avasarala she's truly great more than make up for the absence of Miller and the somewhat scarse appearances of Fred.

Still not quite five star material, in my opinion, but a very engaging space opera nonetheless. I'd say 4. View all 33 comments. Avasarala and Bobbi are great! They get to be a lot stronger than the show. Love the firefly led into the next book. She was a new character in this volume, as was Bobbi, a Martian Marine , and Prax, a botanist on Ganymede. I loved them. I also want to say that this narrator is fabulous! Highly recommended!

But you must read this series in order to get everything you can out of it. I downloaded this book from my local library. Libraries RULE! View all 6 comments. May 02, Gabrielle rated it really liked it Shelves: speculative-fiction , read-in , ongoing-series , reviewed , sci-fi , own-a-copy , thriller. More like 4 and a half. Now my struggle is figuring out how to fr More like 4 and a half. The Ganymede station is attacked and no one seems to know by whom or what!

On Earth, formidable political animal Chrisjen Avasarala works on preventing a System-wide war, and while her intentions are good, her methods can best be called questionable on certain occasions. She enlists the help of Martian Marine ironic that they use the word "Marine" for soldiers from a desert planet The Earth vs. Mars vs. I am both fascinated and freaked out by this incredible lady, who makes Machiavelli sound like a garden-variety pencil pusher, and who rocks a million colourful saris.

If you liked the first book, keep reading the series! And watch the show! Sep 08, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it really liked it Shelves: science , space , fiction , 21th-century. Caliban's War Expanse, 2 , James S. Corey Caliban's War is a science fiction novel by James S. Corey pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. It is about a conflict in the solar system that involves Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt colonies of people living on asteroids, referred to as "Belters".

It is the second book in The Expanse series. On Ganymede, Mei Meng is kidnapped from her preschool by her doctor. Several hours later, Earth and Martian space marines are attacked and effortlessly killed by a super soldier, with Bobbie Draper, a Martian marine, the only survivor. Earth and Mars begin a shooting war which throws Ganymede into chaos. In the aftermath, Mei's father Praxidike Meng fruitlessly searches for his daughter in the midst of the societal breakdown in the Ganymede colony.

Several months later, the crew of the Rocinante are tasked with delivering emergency aid to Ganymede. Meng spots James Holden during a food riot and asks the crew to help find his daughter. They agree and are able to trace her kidnappers to unused tunnels on the moon.

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