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This documentary by Nigel Buesst charts the criminal career of gangster Leslie "Squizzy" Taylor from school days to his eventual demise in in a. In the two-hour season premiere original Underbelly location, Melbourne, makes an appearance when Squizzy Taylor (Justin Rosniak) banishes. Underbelly Season 6 Complete Squizzy WEB x [i_c]. Magnet Download; Torrent Download. MS OFFICE 2014 DOWNLOAD TORRENT Positions would be. Ford sold a screen is relatively. This link gives bottom of the the IP address security solution that all copies or the nowrap parameter:.

It is 86 years since he was shot dead in a duel in Carlton on October 27, , ending a notorious reign on par with today's Carl Williams or Tony Mokbel. He was a pickpocket, bootlegger, witness basher, blackmailer, sneak killer, stool pigeon, perjurer, fire-bomber, jury "squarer" or rigger, burglar and a two-up racketeer.

He was the darling of the s sensationalist press, and papers offered competing stories about the gangland hero. Even his name was disputed. Others used Joseph Leslie Theodore Taylor. Nigel Buesst has been a fixture on the Melbourne film-scene since the mids.

Buesst provides an insight into the beginning of his career - his documentary was his first significant effort at film-making, and it gained both a theatrical release and a sale to television:. JW: I want to go back now to the beginnings of all this. NB: Yes. Then I came back to Melbourne to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at Ripponlea, news department, and then I shifted around here, there and everywhere, making a living, trying to make a film, and ended up making The Rise and Fall of Squizzy Taylor, which went very well in a season at the Carlton Moviehouse.

And on the strength of that, got a job at Swinburne in the film department, where I stayed for 13 years. NB: Let me ask you, have you ever known someone who works at a college who actually makes films? But have any of them ever made films? Answer, so few as to be virtually none. JW: Well, there are people such as yourself who have shuttled between teaching and filmmaking….

NB: Yes, but there comes a time where you have to go out and be a player. Bruce Hodsdon has written an article about the "Carlton ripple" which positions Buesst within the movement, details here. Taylor, as a gangster who roamed all the inner suburbs of Melbourne, notably Richmond and Fitzroy, was perfectly suited as a subject for the Calrton push. Innersense has a short biography and filmography of Buesst here.

There is a similar listing at the St Kilda short film festival, with particular attention to Buesst's early film Bonjour Balwyn , here. That film, ironically featuring another Melbourne suburb and the location of one of Squizzy's worst crimes in its title, is listed at Ozmovies here.

The documentary tells the story of Squizzy Taylor and it's worth summarising some of the key points as it presents them. This account contains spoilers, though the story of Squizzy is well known to anyone with an interest in Australian gangsters.

Perhaps the best line in the film comes when in an attempt to understand Squizzy's hold on Melbourne, the narration suggests that the essence of Taylor legend is that he lived at some time just around the corner from everyone. And it's true that anyone who has lived, worked or played anywhere in the inner suburbs of Melbourne did it close to where Taylor lived, worked, played, committed crimes and helped murder people. According to the film, Taylor was born in , the youngest son of a wheelwright.

He went to school in Richmond where he picked up nickname 'Squizzy', though there's no explanation as to how he obtained the name or what it might mean. By all accounts, he was a bright pupil and kept out of trouble. Later he became known as 'the Turk' because of his dark complexion and shifty black eyes.

On leaving school, Taylor entered the magical world of racing as an apprentice jockey and stable boy - he was suited to the game because he stood 5'2" in his socks. But according to the film, he was too fat and too crooked and too lazy to be a jockey, and he wasn't much better as a stable hand, but as a pickpocket his skills came along nicely.

He roamed Melbourne streets at night with a gang known as the Bourke Street Rats, rifling through the theatre crowds. The gang admired him as a pretty slick fellow, but the police sent him down for the first time, seven days with three spent in solitary confinement. Learning of her sideline in abortions, Taylor told her to pay up or else. Becker refused, told the police, and so she was sentenced to five years in prison.

She died in prison, while Taylor continued his career in crime. Headed north with girlfriend Dolly Gray to Bendigo, Squizzy made a good living skimming the locals at the races, but then he was sentenced to two years at Beechworth jail for attempting to lift a punter's gold watch at the Ballarat races….

Dolly Gray went back to house of ill repute in Little Lonsdale street, flourishing centre of vice. On Squizzy's release, Dolly tried to reform him, and is alleged to have brought him a horse and cart so he could go into the second hand business, but he was still restless and unable to apply himself. He went to New Zealand where he copped another six weeks for picking pockets. In , Melbourne was shocked by the murder of Arthur Trotter, a travelling salesman for a large chocolate-making manufacturer, who preferred to sleep with the day's takings under his pillow.

Masked intruders shot him dead and sped off with money. A fingerprint led the police to mount a raid on a dingy lane near Little Lonsdale street, in the city, where they arrested Harold 'Bush' Thompson, a friend of Taylor's. Thompson was acquitted - the police couldn't gather enough evidence - but they always believed that Thompson and Taylor were the killers.

Taylor was a snappy, fancy dresser when he mingled with the race crowds, but this didn't impress the police. They arrested Taylor at Flemington in July as a "suspected person" - which led to a nine month sentence, the maximum for the charge. After his latest experience of jail, Taylor vowed to stay outside, but couldn't resist trouble. In , hire car establishment received a call to pick up a Mr L'Estrange and friend from Cliveden mansions, a respectable address.

No suspicisions were entertained about the call, and William Haines was assigned to the job. He was hailed by two men emerging from the nearby Fitzroy Gardens. Haines drove the pair out into countryside while they explained to the driver that they wanted to grab the fruit pickers' payroll from the E. Haines refused to co-operate. At the Melbourne suburb of North Balwyn - then farm land - the pair shot Haines. But several witnesses had noticed the car and its passengers, one tall, one short.

Within a week, Leslie Taylor and John Williamson were in court, charged with the murder, but no conviction was recorded. Taylor claimed he was having a hair cut in Richmond, near the busy corner of Bridge road and Church street, but it was suggested he picked up the alias of L'Estrange from a solicitor's window as of L'Estrange and Kennedy were still working in Bridge road as conveyancing solicitors.

Taylor next turned his attention to the plundering shops and safes in the suburb of Prahran. In December , Taylor was caught with his hand in another man's pocket, and he got four months. Next came a jewellery robbery at the jewellers Kilpatricks, in Collins street in June The lunchtime snatch netted three thousand pounds from the jeweller's show case. At the acquittal, a nasty brawl broke out between Fitzroy mob and Richmond mob - there was ill feeling about the sharing of the sparklers between the two gangs, and so began a feud.

In the film, journalist Hugh Buggy remembers he was a junior crime reporter in , and remembers Squizzy's squeeze Dolly being stripped of her jewels and furs at Ted Whiting's place, and flung - hopelessly drunk - out the door into the street. Taylor and his mob shot up Whiting's house in Webb street, Fitzroy.

Whiting was hit by a bullet, but survived. The film shows the lanes behind Gertrude street, which were known as "the narrows" and which were then maze of sly grog shops and brothels. It was also the terrain for the feud between the Fitzroy and Richmond mobs which flickered for some 18 months.

Some 8 gangsters were wounded in various exchanges, and the commissioner of police moaned that it was a pity they were such poor shots - if they could only fire straight, they could end the vendetta by killing themselves off. They met in a hotel near the corner of Little Collins and Swanston streets. Nine shots were fired, a typist was wounded in leg, and Henry Stokes, a king of two up in illegal gambling dens, caught a bullet in his thigh.

For health reasons, Stokes and Slater went interstate on holiday, leaving Taylor temporarly the cock of the walk. When disturbed, he led with story that he was drunk, and had been pursued by a killer 'Count', armed with a gun. So it was a relief to Taylor when he frantically pushed on the warehouse door, and it magically opened, and he could hide from the pursuing killer.

The wily Count must have rung the police to say Taylor was robbing the place. Charged with breaking and entering, Taylor was released on bail of three hundred pounds. He forfeited bail and went into hiding, and so began a period of public notoriety.

Taylor became famous as a mystery man who'd gone into 'smoke', and every unsolved crime in Melbourne was laid at his door. He responded by writing letters to the press, and he delighted in the sensation they caused. In , Taylor also became involved in a short feature film using his racing connections as the story angle - the film is now sadly lost. The police were foxed and the public enjoyed it.

Taylor hid for a time in the props department of the Bijou theatre, a vaudeville house in Bourke street, and wrote poems - amongst them the succinct:. For when you're dead, you're dead all over also cited in a card at the start of the feature film version of the Squizzy Taylor story. Taylor also sent photos of himself to newspapers, and lived for a time with his mother in her house in east St Kilda, while others - such as Molly Jarvie, another of Squizzy's girlfriends - got caught up in the ongoing gangland feud.

After being in hiding for over a year, Taylor re-emerged, rang the detectives' office to announce his impending arrival, and hired a chauffeur to drive him around to Russell street, where he gave himself up. This led to a famous front page for the Melbourne Sun-Pictorial , featuring Bill Loughnan, secretary of Builders' Labourers' union, who had put up bail, standing alongside Taylor the feature film version of the story elaborately replicates this moment.

An attempt was made on Taylor's life, when, as he was going up the stairs of of the Bookmakers' Clerks club in Bourke street. The assailant fled, but Taylor was rushed to Melbourne hospital, with a bullet in leg, which led to another famous image of Taylor, on crutches.

The assault was attributed to one ' Browny' Cotter, then living in Gore street, Fitzroy, but Cotter got off. Eugene Gorman later Sir , who is introduced as defending Taylor some 50 years before his interview for the documentary, tells very drily of one classic Taylor defence in relation to the matter of the bond warehouse, a charge he now had to face once he'd come out of hiding.

Gorman relates how Taylor explained that the patter of his enemy's feet provided Taylor with sufficient momentum to carry him, like Mahomet and his ass, up to the third floor of the warehouse, where he was found. Gorman notes that for reasons that he is unable even to guess at, the jury found Taylor not guilty of the charges.

Disappearing witnesses and bribery might have had something to do with it. Without any charges hanging over him, Taylor returned to his old racetrack haunts and old tricks, eager to cement reputation as Melbourne's Napoleon of crime. He was subsequently tossed off Caulfield race track as an 'undesirable'. The indignant Taylor, according to the film, always ready to defend his worthless honour , went back that night and burnt down a grandstand.

The next day Whittier won Caulfield cup, but the members had to stand amongst the smoking ruins to watch the race. Next Taylor developed plans for a big bank snatch on the Commercial bank in Hawthorn, but this required a renewal of old acquaintances to help him with the job.

In , a bungled job in had seen a Taylor associate, one Angus Murray, net fifteen years for trying to make off with five hundred pounds for a bank job in Middle Park a laundry stood at the place of the bank in Taylor arranged for a break out for Murray from Geelong prison.

This involved another associate, Buckley, who had done five years for his part in a spectacular misfire at the Trades hall building. It was thought that the proceeds of the eight hour day picnic were kept at the Trades hall overnight for safekeeping, a mistake which didn't stop a police constable being shot dead. One of the gang hanged, and Buckley was lucky do only five years.

Re-united, on the 8th October , at the Glenferrie railway station, Murray and Buckley approached bank manager Thomas Berryman, who was taking his surplus cash into the city. He was shot in chest, while the pair ran off. It was later alleged that Taylor was hiding just around the corner.

The bandits laid low in Elwood, but Mrs Ashton next door gave game away - she had looked over fence, and seen the three men burning a briefcase. This robbery is also enacted in slightly altered manner in the feature film version of Squizzy's story. Harold Saker who was interviewed for the documentary was one of some detectives who raided the house in the early hours of the morning. They were forced to turn up for the raid in hire cars. Saker went around the back with Dets. Carey and Fowler, prised the door open with a jemmy, and found Taylor in bed with a girl, "well known at time" and "a very beautiful person".

Presumably this was Ida Prender, but Saker remained discreet many decades later. Saker refused to look the other way - he didn't Taylor - the pair got dressed, and the police took them into Russell Street. The victim Berryman positively identified the villains, but was mortally wounded, and after lingering in private hospital for two weeks, he died from his wounds.

At the time of the police raid, Murray had fortuitously been out walking. Taylor was put on a charge of harbouring the two criminals who'd performed the crime. He arranged for two warders to be paid pound each, to look other way at, and for a Port melbourne ship's captain to be paid to take Murray and Buckley away to Patagonia.

But first he had to free Murray. The escape plan, designed to break Murray out of Melbourne gaol almost worked, but not. Instead, five men were charged with conspiring to release Angus Murray. Murray was found guilty of murder, his appeals were turned down, and he was quickly hanged 14th April, There was considerable public sympathy for the condemned man, and a massive protest was organised on the Yarra bank, the day before the execution, attended by some 50, people.

Eugene Gorman says Murray never carried a loaded weapon in his life, and that the fatal shot was undoubtedly fired by Buckley - Gorman says he had little doubt Murray didn't know Buckley was carrying a revolver. At about this time, Melbourne police went out on strike, and the worst elements gathered in the streets of Melbourne for a week of anarchy, with shop keepers forced to board up their windows to protect them from roaming mobs.

It took the police three trials before they could get jury to agree on a harbouring charge, and even then the jury let him off. It was a time of legal battles for Taylor. Frank W. Gilchrist Reviewed in the United States on March 3, It said it would play on North American Bluray players but when I loaded all I got was a message that the format was incorrect.

Hopefully this will come out on Amazon video later. Helpful Report abuse. All the underbelly's are great. The first disc was defective and had screen freeze. It was "new" product. This was rather disappointing given the price. Eeeb Reviewed in the United States on January 2, Help me to understand, why Amazon released a series in its fourth season. I have been a prime member for a long time and it seems as though the quality of customer attention and retention is waning when to it comes to Amazon's delivery.

Just saying. Where are episodes 1 through 3? Totally useless to watch. Tara Reviewed in the United States on October 30, Loved this. The history of two women rival gang leaders The writers did a great job inserting humorous dialogue when you least expected it. The actors and actresses and their costumes and makeup were amazing. There's blood, gore, sex, gorgeous dancing, lots of history and shocker moments. Can't go wrong with this one.

I love watching crime stories and I love period dramas. This was a perfect combination of both. I am watching Squizzy next. Joseph Kohout Jr. Reviewed in the United States on April 16, Watched with friends over the course of 2-sittings. The prior 3 installments in this fantastic series were all well done and "Razor" didn't disappoint.

The "razor" gained prominence as a weapon of choice during this time period, as guns were both costly and offered extensive prison terms if arrested in possession. This is also unique in that females were the major crime bosses. The brothel owner versus the bootlegger. The format is reminiscent of the prior Underbelly series. I think that what makes all the Underbelly Series work is in dispelling both the concept of "the criminal mastermind" and equally "efficient law enforcement" The entire Underbelly Series including "The Long Green Cloud - NZ" should be on everyone's collective short lists of programming to have available for an EOTWAWKI "bug out" shelter!

Actors are charismatic and fine. Scenery and costumes beautifully done. Here's my problem: There is no good v evil. The main characters are all depraved. So there's no one to care about. And that made it boring. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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