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Genes memes and human history pdf torrent

genes memes and human history pdf torrent

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Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Ivan Fomin. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. Please cite the final version of this paper: Fomin, I. Memes, genes, and signs: Semiotics in the conceptual interface of evolutionary biology and memetics.

However the concept of sign, which is the basic concept of semiotics, is not an exclusive notion used to refer to elementary units for the analysis of cultural reality. In social sciences and humanities one can find a whole range of categories that try to grasp and some basic forms in which culture is brought into existence, developed and reproduced.

In this range one can find words like idea, myth, image, symbol, performance, practice etc. One of the newest concepts in this set is that of meme. This term was first introduced in by an evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, who argued that there is a chance that evolution is the general principle that is applicable to all life in the universe.

So genes that are used for evolutionary replication of species on our planet are not unique in this role. There can be evolutionary processes that involve other replicators, but follow the same general pattern. In this context, Dawkins used the word meme to refer to elemental units of cultural replication. As he suggested, any cultural information is composed of memes, in the same way as biotic information is composed of biotic replicators that are genes Dawkins, , p.

At the end of the 20th century the works of Dawkins and of some other researchers and enthusiasts Dennett, ; Lynch, ; Hofstadter, ; Brodie, contributed to a rise in popularity of the concept of memetics study of memes. However the interest and excitement about this concept quite soon started to decline.

An annual called «Journal of Memetics — Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission», that had been issued since , was terminated in Edmonds also added that the evolutionary approaches to communication could still work in other frameworks without appealing to memes. And it is quite obvious that even though a gene-meme analogy was not enough to make a functional research framework, the task of building a conceptual framework for transdisciplinary evolutionary research in social studies is still on the table.

This kind of framework, that can be called evolutionary social semiotics, would require integrating the insights from the theories of general and cultural evolution with existing theories and methods in sociosemiotic studies. Special effort should also be put in building of a working interface between evolutionary semiotics and social studies.

Since even though both semiotics and memetics seek to become meta-methodologies for those disciplines Morris, , p. One of the possible ways to bring memetics beyond its basic projections can be seen in building a conceptual interface between memetics and semiotics. However some products of memetics, probably, should not be neglected. According the framework suggested, all three organons exist in either thick or thin versions.

In this dichotomy thick organons are understood as methodologies that are significantly narrowed and specified for certain subject-matters. These are, for example, linguistic semiotics or institutional morphology. And at the same time those methodologies can be seen as thickened versions of more abstract, thin sets of instruments, like general semiotics or general morphology.

From this perspective the evolutionary social semiotics can be seen as an interface between semiotics and morphology or, to be more precise, as a junction of their thickened versions that are social semiotics and evolutionary social morphology.

Semiotics can be used as the potent conceptual framework that evolutionary morphology of culture has been lacking. Some basic notions of memetics can be explained and operationalized with their semiotic equivalents. At the same time semiotics itself can be enriched with a number of inspiring pragmatic observations from the evolutionary perspective of memetics.

For the interface between semiotics, memetics and genetics to be effective one of the crucial first steps is to build for them a common interdisciplinary dictionary. My attempt to develop this kind of dictionary is represented in the table below. Brodie, R. Seattle: Integral Press. Darwin, C. The origin of species. Dawkins, R. The file will be sent to your Kindle account. It may takes up to minutes before you received it. Please note : you need to verify every book you want to send to your Kindle.

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Susan Blackmore - Genes, Memes \u0026 Other Dangerous Ideas


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Genes versus Memes

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